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[edit] Elisha Kettell, the Vancouver Air Privateer

Elisha Kettell served under Captain Ned Canning on the Steel Breeze, operating out of Vancouver. He is currently a crew member on the APF Boheme. Kettell is tall and lean, blue eyed, with blond hair unkempt. Has a brooding, observent air. Kettell is considered the responsible and level-headed crew member on board. When not on a mission he dresses simply and cleanly, with a waistcoat, shirt and trousers. His most distinguishable features are his mechanical, steam-powered limbs. He lost his left leg, right foot, left forearm and the last two fingers on his right hand to a cannon-blast, and the resulting shrapnel, and they have been replaced with their current steel versions. In a recent mission, Elisha's lungs were damaged due to the insidious Viktor H. Erebus. When he fights, he dons a respirator which is linked to a generator under the duster he dons for combat and attatched to a gas-helmet he wears. The generator also hooks up to his mechanical limbs, increasing their power. His weapons of choice is his rifle, which he his a crack shot with. He can also easily dispatch foes without loading the rifle, using the bayonet to deadly effect. If disarmed, he can use his metal arm to subdue most opponents in hand to hand combat.

[edit] On the APF Bohème

While on a mission to London to purchase parts for the Breeze, Kettell found his passenger ship destroyed and himself mixed up in the plots surrounding the Boheme airship. After sharing adventures in China and Italy with the crew, Kettell finally reunited with his crew in York and helped them defeat the Black Ships of the Secret Service. When the Steel Breeze left for Oslo, Elisha opted to remain with and aid the Bohème.

In a recent fight against the Russian Agent, Viktor H. Erebus, Elisha suffered crippling damage to his lungs. He now wears a respirator over his mouth whenever partaking in exerting activities. The generator that runs the respirator has also been hooked up to his mechanical limbs, giving them the power to literally punch through walls.

The adventures since then have taken Elisha across the Americas and now back to Europe.

Elisha's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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