Helena Thomas

From Brass Goggles

Age : 22 Nationality (place of birth) : The skies over South America Physical appearance : Tall and descriptively strong tan young woman. Who prefers overalls to skirts but has developed Emma's habit of adding pockets to everything. She has sharp hazel eyes and brown hair cropped short as to not get in her way. Has scars across her torso from the shipwreck that took her father's sight and her mother's arm. She has long thin delicate looking fingers that can manhandle almost any engine in to behaving.

Profession / job title (if any) Assistant to the Head of the aether studies lab in the IAL (International Aether leauge.)

Biography : (optional) Child of pirates who were forced to go strait after their ship was shot from the sky and they had a near brush with death. John Lewastine hired her and was impressed with her near photographic memory and excellent head for numbers. After many years of loyal service he closed his business but he made sure she had a good job waiting for her.

Helena has discovered in the past year working with Miss Lighion that she has the ability to direct the flow of aethric energy simply by drawing alterations on paper, Placing it over the affected area and speaking the drawn connections in to realty. But it only works as long as the paper is attached.

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