Eleanor Jane Townsend-Armistead

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Name : Eleanor Jane Townsend-Armistead; prefers to go by "Ella". Age : Nineteen Nationality (place of birth) : The East End of London Physical appearance : Eleanor is a slight, small creature. She is very thin and not over five feet tall, with pale skin and large brown eyes. She has a small, crescent-moon shaped scar on her right temple. Her curly, honey-blonde hair is usually found tied up in a simple ponytail with a ribbon or hanging in a braid down her back. Her daily attire usually consists of a simple white blouse, vest, and skirt, with sturdy lace-up boots. Ella always carries around a notebook and pencil. Profession / job title: Ella is currently studying to become a doctor. Biography : Eleanor was born in a house in the East End of London, eldest child of Max and Nancy Townsend. When she was five years old, her parents died of yellow fever, and Ella was cast out into the streets. For eight years she survived by begging, stealing, and pilfering. She was sly, sneaky, and forever on the run.

When she was twelve, she met well-known London physician Dr. Jeremiah Armistead, who took pity on the poor girl. Armistead forged a friendship with Ella despite her suspicions and objections, helping her out of scrapes here and there and vouching for her character. Ella began to take a liking to the doctor, and he adopted her when she was thirteen. Upon the doctor's death when Ella was seventeen, she decided that she would become a doctor, to honour her "father" and follow in his footsteps.

Although Ella has left her life of crime behind her, her personality remains unchanged. She is sarcastic, snarky, and clever, and will always speak her mind, regardless of the consequences.

Ella's current activities can be found in Steam London

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