Jock Lough-Malley

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Name : Jock Lough-Malley

Age : 30

Nationality (place of birth) : Docklands, London, England

Physical appearance : Heavyset-looking; muscular and big-boned, but not the cut and corded look of a bodybuilder; 6 ft tall; Dark Brown collar-length hair; golden eyes, very much like those of a wolf; Lantern jaw and large hands which, coupled with his large build, often erroneously convince people that he's a big, dumb, brutish fellow (he's not; a bit bluff at times, but mostly congenial, and surreptitiously very intelligent). Large feet, always wears boots, whether the old Marauder uniform buckle boots or Wellingtons, rising to near-knee-height; wears all dark colors, save for the standard RTAF striped vest, and standard military-style sash around his waist; usually has peppermill pistol (sometimes a huge Colt Walker converted .45 caliber revolver as well, with lanyard looped over his neck) stuck into it, may once have been white (has a clean white one in his duffel bag, along with a full-dress Marauders C.P.O.'s uniform and Air Officer's Saber) usually Marauder black uniform pants with buff stripe on outseams of legs; leather apron; tool belt (when working on machinery or smithing) with all sorts of tools in it, from huge-headed mallets to brass hammers, to wrench sets; ;suspenders;standard striped vest (but only when not working on machinery) Large, long-bladed Bowie knife hangs from left suspender; Uniform peaked officer's cap no scrambled eggs but does have gold braid headband or Tam O'Shanter cap when not in uniform; goggles either on head over hat, over his eyes, or hanging from his neck; when in cold conditions, wears either standard Marauder high-collar greatcoat or dark cowhide high-collared greatcoat, with shearling lining; has gasmask and respirator with air bottle and hand pump, for use when machining parts (also adaptable to harsh-atmosphere use); heavy leather fingerless, guarded gloves[/size]

Profession : Basically, an Engineer of the lower officer type; was de facto Chief Engineer of the St. Elmo, in all except title. Originally an Ironmonger and Blacksmith and a specialist in the field of Triple-to-Sextuple-Expansion Steam Engines, during his service on the St. Elmo he added to that the following specialties: -all types of Aether-fired steam engines -aether-powered electronics -aetherphone care, installation, and maintenance -Aether-sympathetic harmonics (the technology behind the Elmo's Aether Sphere scanner unit and display) -Gunsmithing, including pistol, rifle, gatling (all types), and shotgun; repeating heavy projectile ordnance; energy weapons; designed and built the repeating deck guns on the St. Elmo's observation deck, in the ship's machine shop.

Jock is willing to do just about anything on the Boheme; He doesnt shrink from Gunplay or even most supernatural dangers, and has common sense (and though he tries to hide it, intelligence) enough to make it through almost anything else.

Weapons: long-barrelled peppermill pistol;Bowie Knife;44-caliber Colt Walker cap-and-ball pistol, converted to .45 cal. cartridge revolver; .70-caliber 'personal gatling" with 3 full ring clips(approx 250 rounds total), one loaded with explosive rounds, brought over from the St. Elmo, with three boxes of spent reloadable cartridges and makings and rudimentary tools for reloading; Standard naval boarding cutlass; any long, heavy wrench. Proficient with all of the above, and most things that come to hand.

Actual RTAF Rank: Chief Petty Officer(CPO) Biography : Although Records on the St. Elmo show him as having been born in the Provincia de Tejas (later the Republic of Texas), he was actually born in the Docklands district of London, England, where the Port of London district began to meet the tenements of Eastcheap.

Not much is known of Lough-Malley before he joined the Marauders a scant four years prior to their "ascension" to Airship Technology; When originally queried, he answered with something to the effect of, "'s not a pretty story, so ye might wish ye hadna ask'd." They didn't any further. It has been rumored that it had something to do with the supernatural, since no one else on the St. Elmo had not been touched by such in some manner. It is thought that he showed early signs of engineering ability when he began to work in his uncle's blacksmithing shop, and it has long been rumored that his hands put off white sparks when he works on machinery, but there has always been some other, perfectly plausible explanation-- and he hopes there always will be.

One small bit of information, besides the blacksmith shop, can be determined positively: He earned at least some of his money before joining the mercenaries by playing a fiddle in several of the local docklands drinking and public houses, and when attending the Marauder Academy at the time of his final promotion before joining the St. Elmo, was a member of the musical institution S.S. One-Eyed Jill -- not an airship, but a string band, which played all of the academy's functions at which there was to be music and/or dancing, and was traditionally comprised of musically-talented underclassmen.

He started out as a Junior Machinist's mate on the sidewheel frigate Fanthorpe, working his away up to Chief Mechanic before it was sunk by French gunboats off Gibraltar two years later. Over the years, from steamships to airships and to the groundbreaking St. Elmo, he was promoted and broken more than 12 times, the most recent before he was recruited for the Republic of Texas Air Fleet liaison crew to accompany J.S. Dreyfuss. He had managed to become a lieutenant, but was broken for drunkenness and insubordination (actually trumped-up, false charges) back down to CPO, which is where he was recruited from for the St. Elmo, a monster-hunting and fast-response Secret Service Airship commanded by RTAF Commodore J.S. Dreyfuss.

He is currently mainly concerned getting along with and taking care of his crewmates on the APF Boheme, and especially his crewmates from the St. Elmo, Lt. J.G. Nadya Zarate and Lt. Hiram Myers. He figures that if Dreyfuss or Miss Emma trusts or trusted somebody, that person is trustworthy. Period.

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