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Formerly the merciless blood magus Brian O'Landry,who was nearly killed after being by his brother during an attempt to kill the ship's medic Jennifer for use of her blood. Patrick attempted to use the most difficult and dangerous power available to him and his Technomancy abilities. By moving a fraction of his conciousness to a makeshift mechanical Aetherium powered body Cain was born. Cain is a construct built from the more innocent and well-meaning fraction of Brian O'landry's conciousness, Patrick took great pains to leave behind every spell and dark art behind.

[edit] The fusion

During an attack by Amon, Cain was impaled by the demon's tail, leaving a hole bareley missing his Aetherium core. During the attack, he was called to a mystical piece of ancient technology he had retrieved earlier from a recent mission to a tomb constructed by the bright ones. A fragment of the mechanism embedded itself in his chest, granting him abilities of super-human strength and agility. As well as the ability to summon blades and projectiles of white energy. This energy is believed to be of the same family as Patrick's Technomancy and its incarnation as white fire.

Cain has recently taken in an ancient construct he lovingly calls Angel. He has become very devoted to educating and protecting her, despite her constant innocence embarassing him. Cain also appears to be able to openly communicate with Scraps, Patrick's mechanical dog and the ship's mascot.

Cain's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London

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