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[edit] General description

Small mousy girl about five two with large round glasses that frame curious brown eyes. Her shoulder length wavy brown hair is often half tamed back in to a messy bun stuck with pens and other things like a very useful porcupine. Her clothes are similarly utilitarian in grays and navy with more pockets than you would think a person would need. The most interesting piece is the utili-bussel of her own design with enough pockets and holsters to replace most tool boxes without looking too out of place even if she dose clank at times. Emmaline is never entirely sure what is hidden in some of the less frequently used pockets. She has a habit of picking up anything she finds might come in handy, stashing it away in some pocket and promptly forgetting all about it.

She is quiet most of the time but can get fiery if provoked. Is never seen without her steel goggles with violet tented glass either on her head or around her neck. Emma is also often seen with earrings that look like odd horns that wrap around the back of her ears ending with a flower like flare. She claims they are a communication device connecting her with Professor George Lewistine a scientific maverick and inventor who has gotten himself stuck in a realm in the aether far removed from our own. Most people are quite sure she is mad but her work is excellent and her prices fair so they don't talk of her state of mind much. Emma is a lefty and Lewsistine is a righty so it is not odd at all to see her scribbling away with both hands on two different subjects.

Emma was granted the power to speak in tongues, not human tongues but that of the bright ones, the between wyrms and metal it self. She is lacking control and has much to learn but she is working on it.

[edit] Chasing a dream

Emma grew up in the poorer sections of Boston with her older bothers Tomas, Walter, Nicolas and Mathew and sisters Rachel and Henrietta. Her father Edgar worked in the train yards and her mother Eleanore made silk flowers to add to their meager funds. When she was very young her parents took her to a vaudeville show that changed her life forever. She spent as much time as she dared hanging around the stage and becoming something like a pet of the actors there. Infatuated with acting she booked passage to London just after her 16th birthday to chance her dream.

[edit] George and the accident

Emma answered an add in the paper about an assistant to a Professor George Lewestine and was hired on the spot. She was ecstatic to find work so easily in a foreign city. Unfortunately she later found out part of her job was suffering the indignation of being shot at, zapped and nearly exploded on a regular basis when the Professor's inventions failed to live up to expectations. After two performances she decided to learn what she could about science if only to have some sort of idea what the professor kept going on about.

She was an apt pupil and Lewistine was amazed that someone could bare to listen to his babble so he taught her all he knew. Between the two of them there were fewer utter failures on stage and the mayhem was more controlled. There first joint invention a generator capable of pulling energy from the aether was having a wonderful unveiling when everything went wrong. The machine exploded putting her in the hospital and making him vanish to parts unknown.

After she got out of the hospital the theater refused to take her back. Spending her last bit of money on a lodging house Emma fell in to a fit full sleep. She woke to find her hands moving all on their own fashioning tiny silver tubes. When she put them on she could hear Lewistine talking to her clear as day. And so stared a rather tumultuous partnership.

[edit] The Eastern Star

Things were moving smoothly until they decided to take a commission to improve the engine speed of a merchant vessel called The Eastern Star. The captain had them board the ship to give an estimate and to talk of the work to be done over dinner. Emma eat rich food and was persuaded to try a little wine and she was soon asleep.

When she woke they were in the air far from her home. The had an emergency delivery in France to take care of and it was too late to send her back. Capt.Hieronymus Black and crew were sweeter than honey and promised she could be home as soon as their business was done. The captain apologized profusely and offered her and afternoon in Paris to make up for the surprise journey.

Emma accepted she had all ways wanted to see Paris and the captain was such a gentleman. They found a book with the notes of a French scientist detailing his discoveries in the Aether. She was ecstatic with this Lewistine could yet be pulled from the aether and given his body back. The captain offered her the chance to work on his ship and her new discovery at the same time without any extra expense. She took the offer and spent the next five months working as hard as she could. The captain stayed by her side and charmed her thoroughly.

Lewistine woke her up late one night and showed her the captain was not the man she thought he was. He was going to use her invention to put another man bodily in to the aether to act as a most devastating spy. Her sweet captain was some kind of criminal. Heartbroken and frightened she destroyed the machine, stole all the notes on it she could find and took the life balloon as far from the ship as it's construction would allow. It only took him a week to start the chase and she has been running ever since.

[edit] Safe on the Bohème

Emmaline's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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