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The Cold Ones are a mysterious race of creatures coming from outside of the Earth. They appear to have been on Earth for a very long time, but only recently made a reapearances on the world, rising to destroy humanity. This assault was thwarted by the crew of the Boheme and the Cold One prescence in the home dimension is limited.


[edit] History

The Cold Ones manifested on Earth a long time ago. They are known to have battle another race of creatures and lost, being trapped somewhere on Earth. When they reemerged, their power was weak and they had a limited amount of troops. They are believed to be working on a portal in St. Petersburg, for which to summon an army from beyond. To allow their technology to work, they require a uniquely designed set of schematics. They managed to fabricate one with a captured human, but these plans were lost and the Cold Ones currently search for them.

The Cold Ones have an intense hatred of humans, channeled from their queen. Their oft repeated battle phrase being first uttered by her.

your pitiful race is almost ended we wil drink the blood of your mightiest warriors on the battlefield swallow your fairest maidens whole and living murder the old enslave the young smash your cities and cast your thoughts to the void...

[edit] The Queen

The leader of the Cold Ones has always been refered to as "The Queen". The exact appearance of powers of this entity is unknown. It is known that it occupies an area in or below the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and at one time manifested itself in the form of the Tsarina. Recent evidence points towards a rapid shift out of this form.

[edit] The Tsar, the Spider King

Not the true husband to the Queen, the Tsar is her majordomo, being the most powerful Cold One to still maintain a human form, that of the Tsar of Russia. His actions have pushed Russia into a brutal war with Britain and he mercilessly sends hordes of Russians to their deaths.

[edit] Cold Ones

The basic soldier in the cold one army. Vaguely humanoid, they are comprised of many shifting tentacles bound together, with long claws and beady eyes. They tend to come in darker shades of blue. When not physically powerful, they are fast, vicious and resilient to damage. The only way to effectively destroy them is through heat. They have the ability to "replace" and disguise themselves as humans, only noticeable through their lack of body heat. Some are also able to secrete venom from special thin whip like tentacles. This venom causes full body paralysis in moments allowing their pray to be easily finished off. Recent experiments have allowed immature Cold Ones to take the form of cats, for the purpose of spying.

[edit] Brutes

A variation of cold one designed as a heavy soldier. They are big, muscular, with bony claws and thick skeletal armour. They are a lighter blue and have round jawless mouths surrounded by tentacles. They are generally less intelligent than the average Cold One.

[edit] Captains

These are the product of experimentation on a cold one. The body gains considerable growth potential, but loses all effective mobility, while intelligence increases. These are often placed on Russian Airships to act as a commander and coordinator - and even if the airship is destroyed, the Captain can often grab and crush the enemy airship, bringing it down as well. They resemble a many tentacled octopus, but with features of the cold ones.

Hell Galleons - Usually the captains go to battle in control of one of these ships, controling all functions of it. These ships are dark and ornate, covered in occult symbols, with many hooks and side-guns. Their designs tend to go for shorter, compact and armoured. They are designed to be used by both Russians and Cold Ones and to engage the enemy in close combat.

[edit] Arbiters

Large, crustacean shaped cold ones roughly the size of modern day tanks. Arbiters are designed for destroying armored vehicles by taking advantage of their own abilities of speed despite their heavily armored exteriors. Their powerful claws have the potential to slice through armor plating, and their tentacles make quick work of any survivors. If somehow the creature is hit hard enough, it sheds its armor and becomes significantly faster, but subject to heat-death due to sudden changes in themperature.

[edit] Between Wyrms

Intelligent, cruel and cunning creatures from parts unknown, even to the Cold Ones. They vagueley resemble flying leeches, are eyeless and have leathery wings. Their outer skin has a resistance to most aether and energy-based attacks. They have a long powerful tongue for dragging in prey and many smaller barbed ones around the mouth for sucking the blood of enemies. These outer tentacles are also good for boring through most materials. As well, the digestive system of wyrms is opposite that of most life-forms, digesting inorganic substances first and taking longer to digest organic substances, an adaptation to help them dispose of material ingested while boring. From observed habits, they seem to prefer to capture and eat females of various midsized mammalian species, using males as a source of blood. Examples of prey include sheep, cattle and humans. Old memories of them may have lead to cultural myths of dragons capturing princesses and slaying knights. This cultural memory seems to indicate them as being at least minutely active even when there was no evidence of Cold Ones.

They seem to have been around for so long as they appear to have been the first creation of the Cold One Queen. They often act as support to Cold One's in battle, acting as airships alongside regular ones, carrying Cold Ones to enemy ships. They fear their Queen almost as much as they adore her and will do anything in there power to follow her commands, having acted as her prescence on earth throughout the ages.

[edit] Russians

Although the Cold Ones remain a secret to many Russians, there are many cults that have banded together and learned of and accepted their new masters. Lead by a charismatic preacher,Father Niyazov (also the Second Commodore), they believe that the Cold Ones are here to break down the corrupt world, leading to an age of excess and happiness. They wear yellow uniforms with symbols drawn in red and black. Among there ranks are many masters of dark magic as well, known as magus. They have access to many vehicles, sometimes ones availible to the Russian Army.

These include -

Centaur Walker - A quadrepedal walker, this vehicle is actually not often used by the Russian Army, being seen most often with the Occultists. They have metallic tentacles and guns around the head, frontal claws and are fairly compact, often being carried on airships as well as ground fighting, with hooks designed to stick the walker onto unstable airship decks. It is believed to have been adapted from a scrapped Russian Army design for a medical transport.

Spayder Digger - A smaller, single pilot model of digging machine used by the Russians. A cylindrical cockpit rests on four legs. On front are two small arms for handling and fighting. On the back are two large flexible arms with the drilling aparatus.

Omarsmerti Digger - A large, heavily crewed model of drilling machine, vaguely shaped like a lobster. There are two large digging claws held in front. The cockpit is in the front, followed by a long, multi-legged body, fitted with multiple cannons.

Blackflies - Small scouting drones that are used to hunt enemy airships. Equiped with recording equipment, wing and sharp claws and driven by a small piece of Cold One biology.

Khan Walkers - Lighter, faster, four legged walkers adept at climbing rough terrain. They are outfitted with a lighter swivel cannon on top, one that is designed to shoot at enemy airships.

Russian Airships -The cultists have access to most airship models used by the Russian Army.

[edit] Commodores

Commodores are humans that have accepted the full potential of the gifts of the Cold Ones. In fact, they are often only human in form and barely even that. They are distinguished by red skin markings accross their bodies. They act as a communicator between Cold Ones and the Occultists and are the elite of the Tsar's personal guard. The Tsar dubbed himself the First Commodore, servent of the Queen and arranged for twelve humans to be given the gifts of the Cold Ones.

First Commodore - Tsar Alexander II, the King of Spiders (Deceased)

The Tsar of Russia has for some time been a Cold One, the real Tsar being replaced in secret years ago. He is the direct will of the Queen on the Russian people. As the First Commodore, he is unique in that he is the only full Cold One - while the others are humans trying to be demons, he is a demon trying to be human. He is a brilliant tactical mind and seems quite affable in person - this masks a cruel loyalty. He fell in the final battle of St. Petersberg, betrayed by Brian O'Landry.

Second Commodore - Father Niyazov, Head Priest of St. Petersburg (Deceased)

The first convert to the role of Commodore and the inspiration to the Tsar that humans could be bent to his will. Due to an incident he does not reveal, Father Niyazov rejected the church in his youth, but continued to work in it for the status. He was interested in the occult and managed to discover the Cold One conspiracy on his own, after which he begged to be the mouth of the new gods on this earth.

Father Niyazov was the official head of all Occultist forces wielded by the Tsar. He fell in the final battle of St. Petersberg, slain by Patrick O'Landry who led the charge against his church.

Third Commodore - Viktor H. Erebus, Pure Human, against Humanity

While a true threat in his own right, Viktor Erebus has, for the time, allied himself with the Cold Ones to further his eventual goal of the extinction of the human race. He is unique in being the only commodore to have no Cold One biology, believing they are unnessecary. It is true, that even without demon parts, he is perhaps the smartest man in Russia and one of the strongest. His loyalty to the other commodores is in question, however. He disappeared during the siege of St. Petersburg, his laboratory destroyed by Eleanor Townsend and Elisha Kettell.

Fourth Commodore - Madame Cheng, Manipulator of Minds (Deceased)

Madame Cheng's origin is unknown, but she was known well in eastern Russia as influencial in most anything, rising to positions of power with ease. She agreed to join with the Tsar to satisfy her lust for power over the imbeciles she believes the rest of the human race is comprised of. She is marked by a fierce and cruel temper.

Madame Cheng had the power to control minds. She was driven off by the crew of the Boheme after learning her powers didn't work on constructs. She returned during an ambush against the Boheme, trying to crash the airship into the ground. However, she was confronted by the crew and destroyed by Emma's heat ray.

Fifth Commodore - Shai, Corrupted Construct (Defeated and Purified)

Once a construct of the Bright Ones, Shai was crippled after the battle between her masters and the Cold Ones. She was taken by the Cold Ones to see if their corruption could be turned on non-biological beings. Their experiment was a twisted success, turning what was once one of their greatest enemies into a perfect soldier.

Shai had all the powers of a Bright One construct, including flight, enhanced strenght and durability and various self-weapons. As well, she had the fearsome regenerative capabilities of a Cold One, mixed with their malicious intent. However, upon being purified by Abraham Inksmith in London, Shai shrugged off the Cold One influence, showing at least that the mental hold Cold Ones have can be broken.

Sixth Commodore - Abbot, Master of Roles and Faces (Deceased)

Where Abbot was born is unknown, as is most of his past beyond when he joined with the Tsar. He is believed to have been a remarkable actor, albeit one who used his abilities for illegal activities. This caused a constant state of changing identities and he lied his way through Europe, leaving misery and loss in his wake. His activities and arrogance obviously did not escape the Tsar, who hired the so-called ultimate actor as his own.

Abbot could take on the form of any person he wished. He also had the power to quickly learn and master a variety of skills at a remarkable pace. Abbot failed in his attempt to protect the Cold One lab in London, being tricked by Patrick O'Landry. He was then killed when Elisha attached a heat rune to his body, incinerating him.

Seventh Commodore - Elijah, the Mystery (Deceased)

The Seventh Commodore Project was started in Alaska and has been moved to a secret lab in Mongolia. Elijah was actually a clone, a recreation of Elisha Kettell. However, he had none of the physical damage that Elisha had endured, his Cold One physiology and constant training giving him excellent combat skills. He was created from samples taken from the snows of Unalaska and raised in a labratory in Mongolia. He was born at the age of fifteen. The years following were nearly constant battle - the Russians allowed him to hunt the native nomadic tribes of the area and roam free in Siberia. Elijah was influenced by his surroundings, often dressed in the garmants of an Asiatic Warlord and using his spear to deadly effect.

Elijah was in more than perfect physical condition, with excellent reflexes and strength. Elijah was killed in single combat in Shanghai by his nemesis, Elisha Kettell, who he had been obsessed with and was determined to kill to prove his superiority. Elisha killed the commodore by driving a heat round into his heart, incinerating his vital organ. Elijah was also the carrier of a parasite, intended to make Elisha the Seventh Commodore should Elijah fail. Either way, the Russians would emerge with a master warrior.

Eighth Commodore - Aiman Tiamat, Seductive Beauty, Queen of Wyrms. (Deceased)

Was born somewhere in south Russia, the daughter of a member of the low aristocracy in Russia, closely loyal to the Tsar. Aiaman was a self-concious girl, being devoid of the good looks of her sister. She considered suicide after the man she secretly loved became engaged to her sister. After a chance meeting with Madame Cheng, Aiman gained the power to take what she wanted and destroy any rival.

She had the power to attract and control men, who would fawn blindly over her. She also kept a mansion near a breeding ground of wyrms, using them as personal transport or as a means to dispose of other women who attempted to cross her. Aiman was killed in Paris by the efforts of a girl she had tried to kill earlier and the crew of the Boheme.

Ninth Commodore - Brian O'Landry, Blood Mage (Deceased)

The twisted brother of Patrick, Brian was recruited by the Tsar mainly so this force would be on his side and not against it. Brian focused more on his own missions, being eventually struck down by his own brother, who used what good was in Brian to construct Cain. Brian has since been reborn, now more heartless then ever and with more power, though with greater instability. However, Brian failed to acheive the power he strove for, finally being stopped by Cain and Angel in the battle for St. Petersberg.

Brian is a powerful blood mage, able to power himself through and control blood. He is profincient in summoning demons and powering himself with the blood of his enemies.

Tenth Commodore - Cadens Haytham, Influential and Ruthless Businessman (Deceased)

Cadens Haytham was dangerous even before becoming a commodore. While being a powerful businessman, he also kept his finger close on the criminal pulse of London. With money, he could accomplish anything. He sold out his country for the promises of power the Tsar laid forth. One of the conditions of the deal was that his young soldier son be admitted to the ranks of commodore.

Cadens has connections and followers in almost every city. When present, he can set his officers in that city into action, quickly mobilizing criminal and even law enforcement forces. He also was not weak in combat, often fighting hand to hand with his compliment of brutes, making use of Aether Absorbers to deflect ranged attacks. He was killed in Shanghai when Jaisen Dreyfuss stabbed him with a sabre at close range, destroying his Aborbers. The resulting feedback incinerated Cadens.

Eleventh Commodore - Pzemysł, The Clown (Depowered)

Pzemysł was born in western Russia. He is around fifty years old and wears a unique set of clown makeup as well as older styled garments. His origins are cloudy, but his motivation for becoming a Commodore is the promise of immortality. While cunning, he is also cowardly and will retreat until he feels he is at the advantage.

Pzemysł has the power to cast illusions to confuse the enemy. He also keeps a swarm of Blackflies near, letting them tear the enemy to pieces for him. He was driven off by the crew of the Boheme twice, but managed to steal the hybrid plans from George. After a third failure, Brian O'Landry absorbed his Cold One enhancements, leaving him powerless and mortal.

Twelfth Commodore - Tobias Kostyantyn, Troubled Alchemist

Tobias was the son of a respected Russian chemist. However, his mother and father were killed under mysterious circumstances, along with many other Russian scientists who had gone to study a mysterious site in Siberia. Tobias's only relative was Viktor Erebus. Erebus generally neglected his nephew, who learned to care for himself. He copied the potions Viktor made and Viktor agreed he would pay him as an assistant. Tobias' world was shattered when his lover, Morana, was struck with a deadly illness. He begged his uncle for help, saying he would do anything. Viktor agreed to work on a cure as a side project if Tobias would test the project the Tsar wished Viktor to complete - the insertion of Cold One biology into humans.

Tobias is skilled in many forms of science, especially chemistry. He has many substances he uses for various circumstances, kept in vials on his person.

Thirteenth Commodore - Giles Haytham, Young Ambitious Officer (Deceased)

Giles Haytham was the son of Cadens Haytham. He was very close to his father and was often spoiled in his youth. Giles enjoyed nothing more than violence and joined up in the army at the first chance. Due to his personality, he was not given promotions as swiftly as he wished, which infuriated him. This encouraged his shift to the Russian side, where he was given the neat uniform and power he believed he deserved.

Giles was a powerful combatent compared to most humans, though decidedly the weakest commodore. His agressive tactics often shocked his enemies into submission, making him used to quick, easy battles. Giles was killed by Cain in an airship battle after seriously underestimating the construct's power.

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