From Brass Goggles

An sentient construct made by The bright ones in the first war against The cold ones over twelve thousand years ago. She looks like a masterfully carved marble sculpture lithe and beautiful with blue eyes and white\\blond fuzz for hair. She runs on a distilled photosynthesis using tea as a catalyst but can east and get energy from almost anything. Angel was the only one to survive the final battle and that was only because her spinal cord had been slashed and she was crippled and left to die. She was found by Cain, another construct like herself who freed her from her prison of vines. Unable to speak words she responds in song and clings to Cain. She makes it out of the temple and Patrick uses his tecnomancy to heal her and she walks again. She knows almost nothing of the world and acts very much like a child. Cain is teaching her English and all about life outside the temple. So far she has discovered she likes sweet things, bubbles and snow.

Angel's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London

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