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[edit] Welcome

(The Contents of this Wiki are Completely Fictional from a fictional game hosted via NationStates)

The United Island States of AHSCA Wiki V.2. following the demise of ScribbleWiki I'm moving here.

[edit] About

This wiki is dedicated to everything for AHSCA, only I and my friends may post things here. Any requests for me to make modifications should be sent to me.

This Wiki is not endorsed by (which you should go if you want to start your own NationStates related Wiki. For all other Wiki styles please search for various Wiki Engins) nor NationStates, Jolt Forums, Max Berry, or anything or anyone else for that matter. I hope you enjoy reading, I welcome comments and suggestions and signs that you are so caring.

I am trying my best to be as balanced as I can and certainly don't wish or intend to defame any NS nations or any real life people that run them. All content expect those marked by OOC (out of character) are RPing and In-character contents and do not necessarily represent my views.

[edit] Content

The United Island States of AHSCA (In Character info page) | People (Characters) | The War For Unification (AHSCA POV) | AHSCA Constitution | AHSCA Deceleration of Independence|National Lesbian Party|National Islander Party|Aurora Island|Hoshino Island|Stillestando (Truce) Island|Corona Island|Animalpolis Island |Passchendaele Island

  • For Visitors: Please Sign my Guest Page and tell me what you think
  • Note: This Wiki is NOT censored. While it bears no graphic content it does contain animated pictures of nudity.
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