Hoshino Island

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Hoshino Island
Nation: AHSCA
State Capital: None
Leader(s): Marco Hoshino Aya Hoshino
Land Area 98,386 square miles
Governing Parties: National Lesbian Party
United Islander Party

Hoshino Island is the second island in the island chain and sits approx. 50 miles from Aurora Island. Hoshino's name comes from it's founder Ayako Hoshino X an exiled king from a presently unknown island state. Besides Aurora it also has the most stable and wealthy economy in the chain, but overall is comparably poor compared to the rest of the world.


[edit] History

[edit] Founding

Ayako Hoshino X was a wealthy and powerful king of an island province somewhere near AHSCA. It is presently unknown as to which as his family left very sketchy evidence as to their detailed history outside of their bloodline.

While out at sea with his family searching for new land their ship was caught in a sudden violent storm. The ship was blown wildly offcourse and marooned on an uncharted tropical island. With no natives Hoshino decided to settle the island for his family.

For the first 5 years the family continued by inbreeding. Siblings were forced to marry each other as well as engage in a bigamist relation with their cousins.

However the family was growing hostile with being constantly forced to intermarry with each other and threatened to overthrow their father and leave him stranded. To prevent this Hoshino agreed to let them explore the outer lying areas.

Soon more immigrants were being brought to the island with promise of new land and riches to await them. The population tripled in size over the decade.

[edit] Imperial Actions

Hoshino island in the early 1800's began an imperial quest towards its island neighbors. King Hoshino XV officially declared that the nearby island as his own. Aurora Island became New Hoshino and the occupation lasted until 1845.

[edit] Pre-War

In the pre-war times, Hoshino remained fairly isolationist even to its neighbors. The Monarch system remained in place.

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