Aurora Island

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Aurora Island
Nation: AHSCA
State Capital: No Capital City, the island is the capital of the chain
Leader(s): Shino Villa
Land Area 98,386 square miles
Governing Parties: United Islander Party
National Lesbian Party

Aurora island is the capital of the whole AHSCA Chain. While not nearly as big as Animalpolis it was deemed the capital during the war, as a tribute to Shino Nano. It could very well be the only olace that acts as both a capital and a state. It consists of one unified village community, known as Aurora Village.

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[edit] Climate

Aurora's temperatures in the summer time will often reach the low hundreds, with 11.2 inches of rain weekly. In winter time however the temperatures will stay in the mid 90's. However Winter is usually the time more thunderstorms occur with the monsoon season and hurricane season in the northern hemisphere. Aurora is very subjected to Hurricanes, especially when hurricanes are a Trail Island Hurricane.

The average strength is believed to be a Category 3 or less, but every other year or so a strong one will strike the islands. Lighting is a common hazard during the monsoon season. Nights are usually pleasantly warm year round, in summer they dip to the low 80's, in winter the low 70's.

[edit] Culture

Aurora is considered by far the most modernized culture of the islands as well as the most developed.

[edit] Language

Aurora's language is the universal English Language combined with a few island dialects.

[edit] Dress

With the constant hot weather it's no surprise that many people chose to go nude. However many common clothes are shared with this and the other islands. Sun dresses are more common. Leotards such as the one Shino wears often are a popular trend more than the two part cloth or loins seen on other islands. Dresses, overalls, and many modern cloths are seen to. Public nudity is a widely embraced and accepted custom, few pay attention to it.

Some also favor the classical Kimono more so than the other

[edit] Dating and Courtship

Dating and courtship can begin at any age with parental consent usually for younger teens and adults. It usually begins with someone seeking a suitor and then choosing them as their proper courting mate. When this occurs they will begin living in the same hut together most likely and may begin with sexual relations.

When Marriage is announced, the female is given a physical test. On marriage night, she will emerge naked to begin her tests. First she will walk acorss a long line of hot coals, then she will lift several heavy stones and she must balance these stones perfectly. This is followed by the dumping of hot and cold water. When the test is completed she will be given a small bath of perfumed herbs with pleasantly mild water and will be allowed to embrace her new husband. The rest of the night is spent doing sexual intercourse.

These will occur in almost any weather conditions, and it is always the female who does this challenge. If she fails any challenge the ceremony won't be completed until she begins the tasks over again from the start.

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