Corona Island

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Corona Island
Flag: Flagsvg.png
Nation: AHSCA
State Capital: No Capital City
Leader(s): Ayla Turell
Land Area 727,000 square miles
Governing Parties: National Lesbian Party
AHSCA Communist Party
Socialism Party
Official Language: Esperanto

Corona Island or Korono is the fourth state in the AHSCA chain, lying in at the most southern point. It is a mostly Tribal Grappler culture and is also the poorest and simplest living island in the Chain. Corona is also among the top 10 poor nations of the world. However despite the deep poverty, it is crime free. Corona is a chiefdom state.

Coronan's don't keep calender time or even track hours of the day. They track by sun and that is it. They consider them selves to be timeless from birth to death. They do not keep track of age either. It is the only island that does not track any time.


[edit] History

History information is highly scarce due to Corona's poor population and culture. Most anthropologist agree Corona was likely settled long before the other islands, however this is based purely in circumstantial evidence and some archeological basis.

[edit] Naming


Corona's name came about from sailors who noticed the frequent occurrences of Corona effects especially after storms. The name wasn't technically official and wasn't widely used by the native population or much of the world for years. It's speculated when Corona began interacting with it's neighbors it bean to use the denoted name. It was used for the first time offically by a major country when AHSCA went under the protection pact.

[edit] Pre-War/Protection

Much of the Pre-war and protection time Corona was isolated. Few sailors went there and few stayed behind. While the natives were friendly the hot climate and frequent thunderstorms made it hard for foreigners to reside there.

Corona's chiefdom has been apart of the island for quite some time, and strongly desired to maintain the Chiefdom even when it was unified in the republic. Around 2005 Chief Kino Turell was made the official Chief of the island, with Ayla Turell as his immediate heir apparent. Kino was the first to arm the islanders with modern weaponry.

[edit] Unification War

During the Unification War, Corona saw the bloodiest battles. Invaded by Red Tide, the natives proved to have little advantage even with the modern weaponry due to a lack of combat experience and unfamiliarity with the technology. Ayla and Kino stood and fought against the invasion until it proved they were no match and officially had their island surrender.

Much of the jungles were napalmed during the fighting and Red Tidean soldiers took over most of the residence huts.

When the islands decided to hold the constitutional convention, both Ayla and Kino went at the blessing and discretion of their people. They had to leave and not return until it was over due to the extreme risk of being caught by the foreign occupiers.

During their absence the natives did their best to survive the brutal oppression until the hurricane finally set in.

[edit] Post-War

In the post-war recover began by replanting the jungles. Knowing the traditional seeding method would take years, much of the jungle foliage was flown in and replanted as full. 77% of the trees and other foliage was restored to near-pre-war levels. The rest was left for nature to take it's course. However a major hurricane hit the islands and much of the replanted was taken out again. So the process was done once again this time with hardier and stronger trees grown in very hurricane prone regions. This method proved effective especially when the monsoon set in.

[edit] Climate and Geography


The island lies on the equator and in the Tropic of Capricorn is a north-south geography with a hot and humid fully tropical climate.

Due to it's size the island is the most vulnerable to hurricanes especially when they make landfall. Strong thunderstorms are also common on this island due to it's latitude.

Annually Corona receives more thunderstorms than any other place in the world, and even more than it's neighboring islands. It is also the record holder for annual rainfall of any given place and annual high temperatures.

Monthly Normal High and Low Temperatures For Corona Island
City Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Corona 85/77 85/77 99/89 100/90 100/95 105/95 107/100 108/100 101/95 101/95 100/85 95/88

File:Castle thunder.ogg --- A Storm sound in AHSCA ISLANDS

[edit] Life

Day to day life of Coronans is fairly simple. Most will live their life by fishing or merchantiling. The family is cared for and children are usually left to play while the adults work. Older children and young teens though will often help their parents in child-care or fishing.

[edit] Culture

[edit] Gender Roles

Corona has a patriarch culture in which the Man is the central figure of the family. The man is usually charged with providing food for his wife and children while the woman is charged with caring for the family and the hut. The wife's tasks can include childbearing and raising, as well as keeping the hut clean and in good condition. Often the men will go out for days at a time to fish in open waters and the women will be charged even more with the hut-up keep. As such many of the Corona women are fine carpenters.

[edit] Marriage and Courtship

Marriage and love is considered the basic destiny of all people. Remaining single with no family is often frowned upon.

Corona's courtship is very strict. Traditionally the boy will request permission to court a young lady from the father. With out permission the boy can become subject to a punishment and the daughter can face expulsion and shunning by her family. If a courtship is proving insufficient both will return and break the relationship. Corona's are generally only allowed to court many others when the partners all know of the other courts being held by the courter.

Traditionally it is also the male to ask the female for marriage first, he will present her with a treasure as a symbol of their love and the girl will accept.

The couple is expected to bear children, there is no limit on the family's children, and the average is about 4-5 children per family.

Homosexuality is generally frowned upon by Coronans. Despite this, Corona has the highest Lesbian population in the country. Most hope their children will chose a straight relationship over a homo or bi.

[edit] Dwellings


Coronans reside heavily in beach-hut type of huts. The interiors aren't very big and usually have hammocks for children to share. The parent's will generally reside on the floor.

Some of these huts may be open ended huts for the poor citizens which are really hard to dwell in.

[edit] Dress and Clothing


The Coronas are the simple and light dressers with the hot weather. Men seldom to almost never ware any kind of shirt, and girls are very open too.

Girls generally ware a top cover and cloth to cover their bottoms, some may go free and not cover at all.

[edit] Religion

During the war, the Shinto religion was largely eradicated like on other islands due to the various priests and priestesses opposition to the Red Tidean occupation. Unlike the other islands, the completely secular Red Tidean government had no interest in converting the natives to a new religion, thus something of a religious void was left following after the war.

Like the other islands, Marshism eventually became the major religion in the island of Corona. Many subscribe to the Homosexual, Female, and Primitive Shrine. Because Corona has the highest population of Lesbians it is the Shrine Leader's residence for AHSCA tropics.

[edit] Ethnicity

Coronans are primarily of the Nigren race with some Caucasian. The Caucasian coming from recent immigrants from other islands and in some cases other countries.

Race tensions are usually few and far between but it has happened in both violent and nonviolent ways. There have been instances of discrimination based on non-Nigren populous reported and few have been acted upon.

Some nekos and other anthromimis reside on Corona as well, it hovers just under .05% Elves also make up a small significant minority of the population. A good majorty are Nigren Elves, which is also the highest in the world.

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