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The The United Island States of
Aurora Hoshino Stillestando Corona Animalpolis
Flag of AHSCA
National motto: Peace of the United
National anthem:
Region Xanadou
Capital Aurora Island
Largest City Aurora Village
Population0 50,496,000
Suffrage 2008 (SI)
Official Language Esperanto
Grand Leader
Shino Villa
Deceleration of Independence (And Self Determination)
March 9, 2007
ISO Nation Code None
Currency Island Credit(Nation
Time Zone
 • Summer (DST
No Sense of Time
Internet TLD None
Calling Code None
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Black Bird
Tropical Daisy
World Assembly Status

Not a member

PDAS rating F
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The United Island States of AHSCA is a small chain of islands lying in the south seas of anime.


[edit] History

[edit] Origins

It isn't known who settled or when these islands were settled. There are many theories as to the islands origins.

[edit] Ancient Break Offs

This theory states that the islands may have been around since the B.C. eras. From where it isn't known. There are those that present theories that the islands were a result of Pangea. Some theorize they were once part of the Kanami nation but broke away long before it's settlement. Others have suggested they could have been part of The North Hanover Islands Dependency Chain. Still it isn't known exactly which is the true.

[edit] Underwater Seismic Activity

The most common and likely theorym that the islands were formed by underwater volcanoes. However non of the AHSCA peaks are seismically active or have erupted (which would account for the often poor soil) which has some scientist baffled.

[edit] Settlement

Early settlement is still unknown other than the history of Animalpolis which is believed to be settled by fleeing anthromimi Hybrids most notably the Nekos. However it is likely the islands were settled from various shipwrecked sailors from the northern areas (Which would explain why not all have naturally tanned skin), but empirical evidence suggest migration from near by islands also helped contribute, which would explain the native race of Corona Island.

Modern history has shown settlements have comed from migration of sailors and other fishermen who chose to use the islands as there, islands such as Hoshino were widley settled by exiled or stranded people.

However the islands have long lacked any formal government until very recently which makes some to belive they may have been settled within the last 5-10 years. Because of most of the primitive nature of the islands, record keeping has been poor to non-existent.

[edit] Occupation Eras

StillestÃndo was the most notable for the communist occupation that lasted for over a decade. Acting as a Soviet Satellites before they left at some point. During the occupation eras the satellites were primary there as military outposts and not civilian rule. The lives of people were generally uninterested with. Those that pledged loyalty to the Motherland were drafted and given arms and trained. Once the occupation ended much equipment was left behind as well as insurgents still loyal to the motherland hopping for a revival. The islands were also very separated from each other. Neither of them really interacted much until the end of occupation.

Hoshino was occupied as a commonwealth of Aurora Island.

[edit] Pre-Protection/Major War Eras

Although the islands have lacked very formal government they have all had some formal structure. Aurora was likely some sort of monarchy or feudalistic system (A Grand Duchy to be more exact) the most notable being Shino Villa, who was appointed Grand Duchess, following her parents death.

Hoshino Island was likely a military coalition, Stillestando (Truce) was a monarchy, Animalpolis was a semi-commonwealth colony. (However it is still likened to an Autocracy) It was at this time they began intertrading with each other. Still the islands kept mostly to themselves.

[edit] Aurora

(See also: Aurora Island)

Aurora was doing fairly well for its self. Although it was a Grand Duchy it was very much becoming a direct democracy. The low population the the closeness of people made this pretty achiveable.

[edit] Hoshino

(Hoshino Island)

Hoshino was doing also fairly good. However it suffered from poor soil and frequent bad weather. Some insurgents left over still caused problems. Besides mild civil tension Hoshino did all right.

[edit] Stillestando

(Stillestando Island)

Stillestando (or Truce Island) still had many problems with civil unrest and bloody violence. Communist rebels still loyal tried multiple times to stage a coup against the king on several occasions. The efforts were unsuccessful and costly. Many civilians were killed in the crossfire and much of the beaches were being littered with artillery.

[edit] Corona

(Corona Island) Corona was doing well. Virtually no civil tension existed and the society was that of a near utopia. Corona was rulled more like small villages with a master chief. It was at this time that Kino Turell was becoming chief.

[edit] Animalpolis


Animalpolis remained undesturbed from the outside and was of course a heaven for those that were the strange minority. This was the point when the leader of Animalpolis agreed to talk to the international community about the nature of this strange and mysterious island. He let a news crew film details about the island but it seemed to do little good for the island, as the documentry was paid little mind and wrote it off.

[edit] Protection Agreement

As civil tension died out, it seemed more strangers were nearing the coast lines. This had many people in the region nervous. One night a small group of Communist rebels spotted a ship nearing the coast. They had thought their brothers had returned, and attempted another coup. Fortunately it was quickly squashed with no other injuries. On Aurora Shino was officially made Duchess and she began to take a strong role in Government. Shino was fearing the strangers but was unsure what to do with it. During a routine fishing trip Shino was caught in a major storm and washed up on Kanami shores. She was rescued and taken to a hospital and treated. It was soon found out she was infact a Duchess of an island to the south. Kanami took Shino's status seriously and immediately moved her into a secured hospital. When she came too, Shino was able to get a meeting with Prime Minister, Elenore Romney and asked talked to her regarding the islands. Shino asked Romeny if Kanami would be a Protector state to the islands.

Shino went to great lengths to convince her island neighbors to agree to this, and they did, some with much hesitancy. Kanami's agreement gave the island autonomy and didn't interfere with their personal business. So long as they upheld their end of the bargain by preventing oppressive regimes from invading the other islands, or becoming overly oppressive against basic values of democratic societies.

Eventually the islands began to make pacts to become independent states, Kanami also agreed to help them see through to their independence.

[edit] War

(Main Article: The War For Unification )

The protection didn't last long. After a bitter first war with Stevid AHSCA became subject to more regional peacekeepers. This made the natives nervous, fearing these strange GDI peacekeepers would invade upon them. While the islands remained relatively undisturbed there were still several incidents with strange trespasses. Jets would ocassionaly fly over the islands and ships would come close to get a look at these mythical islands. This made people increasingly nervous, which lead to Kanami appeals to remove GDI personnel from the region. GDI refused which lead to more and more arguing which ultimately led to the islands being invaded. Independent Hitmen landed on Aurora and took Shino prisoner. Shino peacefully protested the invasion demanding an explanation. She was given none and taken to a military prision. Shino recalls her time in the prison as a horrorific experience.

   It was a hellish cold dungeon feel. Where I wasn't sure. I was stripped naked and put into a cell to basically freeze. I was frightened for my life each time. I could tell the guards didn't like me but for reasons I wasn't sure. I was never sure if I was going to live or if I was going to be killed.

By the time she was actually taken to a prison in IH Shino maintans that she was treated better. However some have argued Shino is simply covering up her own truth to protect the islands. According to Shino however, she wasn't stripped or harassed but she still felt scared that she would be a POW for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile Stevid took Hoshino and Truce Island, while RedTide 2 took Corona. Stevid and RT2 began setting up their selected military operations and rooting out infidel militia. Many citizens were also forced to quarter soldiers.

On Truce several war crimes were being committed on a daily basis by the Stevid Knights Templar. Shinto priests were being hung for practicing their religion, and speaking out against the Knights.

As the Truce island militias found themselves beaten by the juggernaut of the Stevid armada, Corona came under the brutal occupation of the Union of Red Tide, hundreds were reported to be shot on the spot and a number of villages were 'liquidated'. Meanwhile Red Tide set it's sights on Animalpolis but found heavy resistance against the stealthy population and a confusing underground maze of caverns. It wasn't long before Aurora was in the sights of these nations, but it eventually went over to Independent Hitmen, a relative mercy.

A counter attack by local island militias was planned, but a large hurricane put the damper on any operations by any side. As the forces began to rebound and ready to return, a cease fire was declared, and AHSCA citizens were planning to form themselves as a union. The AHSCA Constitutional Convention was held shortly and AHSCA declared it's independence from any foreign forces including their former protectors.

Independant Hitman and Stevid initially reacted with mild hostility, but eventually agreed to withdraw. Red Tides reaction was much more aggressive: it first demanded that the Coronan representative turn himself in or it would massacre the island populace. When he gave into their demand, the Red Tideans attempted to formally annex Corona and began preparations to build a permanent military base and port. The Union of Red Tide finally backed down and withdrew after strenuous negotiations that involved the sale (although some say ransom) of Corona back to AHSCA, with the Republic of Kanami paying.

By the time the war was over over 100,000 people were killed. Women and children amongst them. AHSCA has still long demanded justice but has felt the world has turned it's back on them.

The former Lord Yasha, of Animalpolis has felt strongly of this and has spoken about it.

   Everyone is either seeking money, or is friendly with the GDI. Were just 5 small islands and no one gives a rats ass about us.

In the aftermath of the war AHSCA began pulling its self back together, as bodies were cremated, forests replanted, and AHSCA beginning basic Government operations.

[edit] Culture


Island culture varies from island to island, other than the language and mild customs. However much of the island culture does fall along the same common lines and values.

[edit] Clothing

Because of the high temperatures year round nudity is very much tolerated if not encouraged. This can be especially evident in the southern villages of Animalpolis which temperatures can soar to 107° F (41° C) which entire villages will commonly go nude. This isn't as common as on the other islands as they are slightly farther north. Bikinis and other swim ware can be found in a wide variety of places and on all islands.

Aurora is known have more formal and complete clothing, whereas Corona has very basic and primitive clothing.

Other islands have shown no set style exists but Hoshino has shown to favor mostly modesty in it's dress and appearance.

Coronanas are widely known for still wearing loin cloths among other clothing.

[edit] Dating and Courtship

On Aurora and Corona a common custom when dating is to practice Courtship. Unlike traditional courtship however, a girl might ask a to Court a boy. It's quite common that girls might ask boys probably more so than in any other country that practices courtship in it's culture. On other islands many dates.

It's also custom to officially begin sexual relations with your courting partner. Dates and marriages have been broken off as a result of poor sexual performance, which is why it's so important to the islanders to get a sense of how the person is.

Having children is a custom that follows marriage, not having children brings about much stigma.

Homosexuality is permitted and commonly practiced amongst islanders. While it is an open custom, it brings some stigmatization can come from people who believe it's a sick and disgusting practice. Usually these people hold it as a personal belief and not as a religious belief. Corona Island has the highest lesbian population and is the foundation of the National Lesbian Party.

[edit] Hygiene


Cleanliness is considered a vital thing. Some will have small baths inside their huts others will wash in the rain, or go to a hotspring in the jungle forests. It's pretty rare for anyone to not take a bath at days end. Some may even bathe 3-4 times a day. Some have attributed this to the Shinto masses which believe in cleanliness. But it's also likely modern habits taught by recovery teams to keep diseases and sicknesses minimal. With the extreme poverty of the region but and the growing dependence on tourism to sustain the economy, hygiene is a daily requirement in AHSCA now.

Much of the water has natural fluoride which keeps their oral health excellent. The wells established in the post-war recovery also have been treated with fluoride.

[edit] Religion

A vast majority follow the indegenous faith of Madokamisim and Yuekamisim. A religion based on the cycles of time of day and night worshiping around the Sun or Moon.

[edit] Education

Education is considered optional in AHSCA as most parents virtually see no purpose for it. Consequently the literacy rate is pretty low, less than 1% of the population is literate. There is no government mandate of education, nor government sponsored education. People usually do it out of good will and charity.

[edit] Government

The Government of the islands is still rather fragile. Although it reflects a republic it still has practicing monarchy.

Each Island is granted it's personal sovereignty unless overruled by the Grand Leader. The Grand Leader is the presider of all the islands and can create a federal law by his/her self.

A new legislative body has been formed by the Grand Duchess Shino and has been active for well over a year. Individuals are allowed to gather into political parties and all islanders are allowed to vote for the party they see best fit to represent them. As of 2008 the current leading party is the National Lesbian Party the first democratically elected party into the AHSCA congress.

[edit] International Relations

Naturally as a result of the major war and the fact many alliances have turned them down, the islands are quite distrustful of other countries. International Relations are still fragile and AHSCA still seems to be wanting a low profile to prevent a second conquest by GDI. Shino knows pure isolation may not work, but she her self knows the results of being to well known. The islanders do not want a second protectorate pact after the failed first one.

Over the short time in it's statehood AHSCA has began to expand it's relationship sphere. Opening a major embassy complex on a nearby island allowing most nations to open an office. It also started relations with Mokastana after Shino wedded to George Villa from the country. Most of it's relations have included Shino and George being able to visit and the establishment of a military instilation on Aurora Island.

Among other friends with military ties include the nation of Imperial, whom has a base on Stillestando Island.

The elven communist island of Carnelian Island of which culturally and socially AHSCA has a strong common relationship with. Both are among the poorer nations of the world, both live extremely simplistically (the usual island bamboo and grass huts) and both are in alike climates. AHSCA and Carnelian have discussed several pacts to keep the ties strong with each other.

As for it's former protector state, AHSCA is actively wanting to mend relations with Kanami and participate with them. Certain people in the Congress oppose believing AHSCA will once again become a puppeted protected state.

[edit] Climate

AHSCA climate is Tropical Based. It lies primarily on the equator thus receives adequate sunlight. However it also receives an abundance of thunderstorms year round, and double that during AHSCA's winter months are it's driest but it's summer months see the monsoon season. Corona receives most moisture and more storms than all the other islands, it's also the hottest island with a daily average of 100 with +60% humidity. It dips further south than most of it's neighbors which is why it receives the most heat.

Hoshino is slightly more temperate feeling but still retains the tropical climate of the islands.

Animalpolis is very mixed up and receives diffrent styles of weather in diffrent locations.

From the months of Late October-February the monsoon season begins. With it comes a frequency of storms and rough seas. These storms are often very long lasting, very strong, and dump endless amounts of rain on the islands. Lighting is also at it's peak. AHSCA doesn't see many hurricanes during this period but still can receive a few.

[edit] Natural Hazards

[edit] Hurricanes

The biggest natural hazard the islands face are hurricanes. Because many villagers still live in small huts they are at constant mercy of the weather. Hurricanes kill an average of 1,000-5,000 people a year, because of lack of adequate shelter and storm surge. AHSCA is guaranteed at least five hurricanes a year most of these are moderate but at least one of the five will be at a devastating.

AHSCA ranks Hurricanes by damage, not by windspeed like most others.

  • Light (SSHS Equivalent: Category 1)
  • Moderate (SSHSEquivalent: Category 2)
  • Intense ((SSHS Equivalent: Category 3-4)
  • Devastating (SSHS Equivalent: Category 5)

[edit] Lightning


Lightning also proves to be a major hazard. It's estimated more people die from lightning than hurricanes but this isn't certain. Because of the frequent time often spent in or near water even during thunder storms, there is a sever risk of people being struck or electrocuted.

[edit] Tsunamis

Tsunamis while rare have been considered significant hazards. The waters near and around AHSCA are volcanically active there is significant risk for tsunamis. The last known Tsunami killed over 500,000 people on Aurora.

[edit] Economy

AHSCA's economy is slowly forming. AHSCA doesn't recognize or subsidize for private enterprise as many islanders see no real need too because they are raising a family and gathering food.

While flea markets exist and are quite common. The economy primarily relies on it's natural fishing and trading with other nations.

Upon the writing of the constitution a universal Island Credit was adopted. The Currency is used actively and distributed evenly each year to all the islanders. The islanders may use this to buy food and other items with the currency as well as pay taxes.

The overall economic conditions rank AHSCA as a third-world nation. It's economy was recently re-ranked down to Imploded status as its GDP per capita status dropped $70.51. It's likely to drop further making AHSCA one of the poorest countries in the world. However few of the leaders feel concern.
We've always been poor, and we probably always will. Just how things work.
Says Shino Villa.

While there are those that seek to develop AHSCA's economy, few have a desire to do it. Coronans are generally opposed to any modern development as are most of Animalpolis islanders. Others are indifferent.

[edit] Food


The most common food for the islanders is obviously fish. Usually at diffrent points during the day, at high tide fish will be mass near the shores, more so than usual circumstances. This makes for quick and bountiful gatherings for the end of the day supper. Fish is also pretty surplussed when there is an approaching storm. In this event fish also come during both high and low tied.

Other foods include many types of citrus fruits, both sweet and sourer. Mangoes, bananas, peaches, and pineapple are regularly found on all the islands. They grow on the large palm trees scattered through the interior of the island and some grow on small plants. Berries are also quite common, but are best following the monsoon seasons.

Rice while not quite as a common as the fruit or fish also may make up an islander's diet. Many islanders will enjoy a bowl full of steamed or polished white rice. Some may fry and create brown rice.

[edit] OOC Info

  • This describes AHSCA oocly, it was formed as an NPC character during a Kanami-Stevid RP.
  • Characters are all anime based characters.
  • Castle Thunder is the thunder claps I like to use for stormy weather in RPing. It just has a classic interesting feel to it. Other nations that do this include:
    • Motokata
    • Carnelian Island
    • Ang Philippines
    • Eeri
    • Ilha de Serenidade
    • Kurona
  • ooc population: in the billions, but I RP smaller numbers for more realistic settings.
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