Animalpolis Island

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Animalpolis Island
Nation: AHSCA
State Capital: No Capital City
Leader(s): Haruhi Suzumiya
Land Area 295,158 square miles
Governing Parties:
United Islander Party
Nekos for a Greater AHSCA

Animalpolis Island is the fifth and final state in the AHSCA chain, and is almost entirely populated with anthromimis. It was established to be a remote and far reaching safe-haven for persecuted anthros around the world. It was also there to establish a population center of similar kinds. Animalpolis was the last member to be admitted the union and has the second highest local economy and the largest land span of the four islands.


[edit] History

The History of this island is still unknown. This is do to the islands little connection with the outside world. The earliest known activity was in the mid 90's when passing sailors saw bonfires on the beaches, and people moving about.

[edit] Species Present

Most the inhabitants of the island are considered type-A Hybrids. Thoes that display animal traights.

The island has a surpuls of neko reining in at 70%

  • 10% are of wolf (or ookami)
  • 10% Are Kitsune
  • 1% Are Type-B Hybrid, having only traits of an Animal but no physical showings.
  • 5% are Inu or dog like
  • 5% are some other species

Other species include normal humans such as Asians and human animesapiens, along with a small population of elves. Most of these aren't documented by any statistics or demography surveys as Animalpolis was intended for Anthromimis, and only Anthromimis.

As such the the minority populations (spare the elven people) tend to face discrimination from the other islanders. The reverse discrimination has become a problem and no immediate solutions appear to be present.

[edit] Climate

Animalpolis runs from north to south at the equator making it a tropical climate. Hot temperatures year round with a heavy annual rainfall.

Animalpolis sees a fair share of thunderstorms and hurricanes however not nearly as many as it's lower neighbor Corona Island. Floods are common after heavy rainfall.

[edit] Government

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[edit] International Views

Thoes that are aware of it, are usually desired to protect it, or expolit it. Some are fearing that Animalpolis could become a harbor for terrorists after the crimes comitted in the proximiaty of it.

[edit] Issues Concerning Animalpolis

[edit] Weapons Stockpiling

There are allegations they are stockpiling weapons maybe even nuclear armaments. It is a known fact AP is stocked up with numerous black market armes sales

[edit] Alleged Crimes Comitted on it's Soil

On a December night a small child was found dead with his mother nowhere to be found. The leader has accused the mysterious Knights of the Templar to be behind the abduction/murder. As of now no one has been charged with the crime but the leader and the people are convinced it was done by international trespassers due to the extensive crimes being comitted on neighboring island Truce

[edit] Advancement to Statehood

Animalpolis beacame part of the United Island States of it's neighbors.

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