Passchendaele Island

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Passchendaele Island is a tropical island about 2500 nautical miles North East of Aurora. The island was previously an unorganized territory of natives but has since become territory of Imperial with leased access to AHSCA for sustained agricultural development, as well as instant response for Hurricane relief.


[edit] Geography

The Island spans about 26,410 square miles (68,401 s/km) and sits 2500 nautical miles north east of AHSCA and the equator. Most of the island is flat with only a few small mountains at the north east corner of the island. Much of the island remains covered with wild jungle land and now recently new farm land and small rebuilt villages.

[edit] Climate

Passchendaele’s sub-tropical marine climate varies little seasonally, with an average annual temperature of 27 °C (80.6 °F), varying from about 26 °C (78.8 °F) in January to 29 °C (84.2 °F) in July.

Compared to AHSCA Passchendaele does see an abundunce of rainfall with about 58.53 inches annually with 74 days of thunderstorms. Most rain is brought by the prevailing southerly and easterly winds of the region falls on the AHSCA Islands of the Lesser Antilles, leaving Passchendaele with a moderately wet climate. Passchendaele sits just within the hurricane belt and will average one to two storms a year. About 2% average to be stronger than Category 2.

[edit] History

Most early records were destroyed during a widespread genocidal conflict on the Island so little is known prior to the conflict. Troops of 1st ,8th and 10th Infantry Divisions with the mix navy fleet and air force from Imperial seized the island to restore order. Nations like AHSCA and Motokata, assisted in stabilizing the Island and after much of the heavy fighting had ended including restoring the scared landscape. Still there remains pockets of terrorist activity which rely on frequent sweeps to maintain peace and order.

After the conflict subsided Senators from AHSCA approached Imperial Commanders about cultivating the island for farming. Imperial agreed to give access to AHSCA island residents and other civilian participants with the hope to reduce food prices for citizen and increase the culinary diet of islanders. The Island remains primarily under Imperial control today.

[edit] Farming Projects

Modest built homes were put in by AHSCA islanders for farmers to buy or rent out. Most who have come to farm have come for a perminant basis. To maintain healthy soil The Farming Association of Eeri had meetings with AHSCA senators and future farmers to educate on crop rotation and proper use of fertilizer and other chemicals.

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