AHSCA Deceleration of Independence

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The AHSCA Deceleration of Independence and Self Determination is the official document of the UIS declaring theme selves independent of any foreign occupier and from their former protectorate state of Kanami.

[edit] History

The document was drafted in January following a major hurricane during The War for Unification, and the onset of the monsoon which had brought a temporary cease-fire in the region. The activity's of the congress had to be done in the utmost most secrecy s there were still troops posted on the island.

Leaders of the islands along with their most wise of delegates met up in a secret are which is now the Congressional building today to discuss the possibility of forming a sovereign union, even if it meant them being killed. The islanders knew the obstacles that likely stood in their way including the enemies which would likely come back. However they hopped by declaring independence and showing the world that a bunch of rag tag islands could form together in a peaceful union.

[edit] Delegation

The delegation was heavily divided. A good section felt that declaring independence was futile as the islands were very poor, and their combined GDP's didn't even match a typical third-world country. In addition most felt that the retaliation would be swift and they would be killed. With Shino still in captivity, no one was quite sure

On the flip side, people felt that the world may side with islands that were aspiring to be a nation they would gain more allies to help them. In addition they may eventually move up the international ladder.

If there was one thing they agreed on, it was unlikely Stevid, IndependentHitmen and RedTide2 would recognize any of them, and it could mean their deaths. After another week of debating, the Delegates voted and agreed to write and sign it. It was the ultimate feeling that even if they died, the would die as free people.

The deceleration was drafted signed and released by the islands to the world stage.

[edit] Reaction

Very few nations outside of the big allies of Kanami gave AHSCA recognition. Naturally Hotdogs2 refused to recognize AHSCA and Aunesia followed, despite originally recognizing them.

Cookesland, and Brydog were the only other countries to give recognition. RedTide had indeed retaliated by capturing Kino Turell

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