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To the reader/other editors

I started Kayla's Story: Party on another site and decided to move it here to reach more people. I am new to this format so please be patient. I am also uneasy about moving it here out of fear of my story and layout being ruined.

I have most of the story planned out on paper, it's just a matter of finding time to type it out. The story will involve options for a little bit of everything including monster/hentai type sex, 1v1, DP, Gang bangs, Lesbian, incest, and many more.

I personally will be avoiding pregnancy and vore, If you're into that kind of thing please just make a new option and leave what I have worked on.

Please do not do any editing aside from spelling or grammar corrections. If you feel you can improve on some of the descriptions feel free.

Final note: It's Kayla's Story because I have multiple stories planned for Kayla and her getting screwed. If this goes well I will put them all here.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)

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