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He slips out of me, but holds me close. He pushed himself up and flips us over so I’m now lying on the reclined seat on my back and he’s above me. He moves up so his semi flaccid cock is just inches from my face.

“Can’t let me leave all dirty like this you know.” He said moving his cock to my lips.

I open my mouth and take him in. I lick my tongue all around his shaft and head getting as much of our mixed cum off as I can, swallowing it. The salty taste of our juices and sucking this stranger off is making me a little horny again as I reach down and start playing with my pussy.

I must have been doing a good job as he started to get hard again as I sucked on him. He started to move his hips pushing deep into my mouth, causing me to gag a little. Saliva was starting to drip down my mouth to my chin as he tried to push his entire length into my throat.

He pulled away and slid back down between my legs where my pussy was dripping from his previous load and my own juices. He grabbed my legs and raised them up pushing them as far back towards me as he could.

He lined his cock up.

Where does he enter?

Kayla(Party): Pussy

Kayla(Party): Ass

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