Kayla(Party): Pussy

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With one swift thrust he pushed his entire length into my drenched pussy. His quick movement made my eye’s roll to the back of my head as he started pumping into me.

“Oh god, oh fuck, Unnggh.” Moans of pleasure were escaping my mouth as he put his entire weight behind every thrust against my tiny frame. He placed his hand on my legs pressing them further against my body no longer really caring about my well being. I was just his toy now to be used for his pleasure as he quickly pulled his entire length out before jamming it back into me. My seat was creaking and I’m sure my car was shaking from how hard he was pounding into me. Sweat was beading up on his forehead and dripping down landing on my tits as the jiggled with every powerful thrust.

My body was loving being treated this way. I loved being at his mercy as the stranger continued to plow into me.

“Take it you little whore!” He growled. I looked into his eyes and they stared back at me. He pace slowed slightly, but the strength behind them seemed to increase somehow. Finally he went rigid and held his cock inside of me getting as deep as he could as he shot his second load into me. My body erupted in another orgasm as my pussy tried to milk as much cum out of him as I could.

We both took a minute without moving, sweating and panting as he stayed inside of me slowly going limp.

Finally done?

Kayla(Party): He leaves

Kayla(Party): He drives

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