Kayla(Party): Arrival

From Create Your Own Story

The party is at a classmates house. His family is pretty rich and they have a large house and a lot of land.

The house is 2 stories with a basement and an attic. All the lights are on downstairs where the party is happening and the upstairs is dark. The front lawn is packed with cars from people that have already arrived. I parked out by the road so I didn't get blocked in in case I want to leave early. There are a couple people outside with cups in their hand, probably filled with beer.

I don't see any of my friends yet so I walk forward and step inside. Loud music immediately hits my ears from one of the neighboring rooms. People are scattered everywhere, but there is a decent amount of room to maneuver around everyone. I look around trying to decide what to do.

What does Kayla do?

Kayla(Party): Dance

Kayla(Party): Go down to the basement

Kayla(Party): Move out back

Kayla(Party): Scope out the kitchen

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