Kayla(Party): Drives herself

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I couldn't arrange any carpools with such short notice on the party, so I grab my keys and head out to my car.

My car is tiny little used Escort wagon. My parents could afford more, but encourage us to pay for our own things so it's what I got. I start the car and head out. The party is about 30 minutes away and mostly on back roads from what I saw. I hope I can find it ok.

About 10 minutes into my drive I see someone on the side of the road. It's still early afternoon on a Saturday and it looks like he wants a ride.

He’s definitely older, wearing a plaid button down shirt and some jeans with holes in them. He’s about 5’9” and has short dark hair and a rugged looking beard and a backpack slung over one shoulder.

I know I shouldn't, but the bright day is causing me to lower my guard a little.

Does Kayla pick him up?

Kayla(Party): She does

Kayla)Party): She Doesn't

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