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I pulled over and he quickly approached the passenger side.

“Think you could help a guy out?” He smiled as he asked. His teeth were surprisingly white against his tan face.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Just into town, I just need to pick some stuff up from the car shop for my car.”

So he’s not homeless, that’s good.

“Sure. It’s a small detour, I can help you.

He smiles and opens the passenger side and gets in.

“Thanks!” He said. We chatted harmlessly for a couple minutes about himself and where he lives and his crap car.

“Where’s a pretty little thing like you heading all by yourself?” His eyes roaming my body as he asked.

“Just to a friend’s party.”

“Sounds like fun. I bet a girl like you gets all the boys begging to come to their parties.” As he said that he brought a hand over and rested it on my thigh and massaged it lightly.

“Not really…” I said, blushing a little. His hands felt rough. I just tried my best to focus on the road. There were a lot of side roads and some abandoned buildings so I didn’t want to miss a turn.

After another minute his hand got braver, slowly moving up my thigh and under the hem of my dress. His hand slowly pushed up past it and was now covered as he pushed down between my legs, finding my bikini bottoms. He rough hands gently massaged my legs as he purposefully let his hand rub against the fabric covering my pussy. My breathing started to increase and my face was turning redder as my body started to react and my lower lips started to get wet.

I was started having trouble focusing on driving as his hand moved from my thigh right against my bikini bottoms and he started to push the fabric inside of me with his finger. I let out a soft moan as I missed turn and started to go over the center line.

“Maybe we should pull over. I’m not sure you’re in any condition to be driving right now. Over there, there’s a parking lot.” He nodded to the left. I pulled into the lot and parked behind the building. As I put the car into park and turned off the engine he reached over and grabbed my hair. Forcing my head to his and kissed me deeply.

I was getting so turned on by this stranger’s touch I welcomed his kiss and met his tongue with mine as he pushed it into my mouth. His fingers were working their way around my bottoms and I spread my legs a little to give him better access. He pushed my bottoms aside and jammed a finger right my now soaking pussy.

“MMmmm.” I moaned into his mouth as we continued to French kiss. Slowly he worked a finger inside of me, pumping in and out slightly. I reached one of my hands over to his crotch and felt his bulge in his pants. I worked his zipper open and dug my hand in to free his toy which was already fairly hard. I started working slowly stroking it slightly on the head of it, feeling it grow by the moment right in my hand.

He broke our kiss and reached around me with and under my sides with his hands. He started to lift me up and pull me towards him. Knowing what he wanted I helped maneuver myself over to his seat. I was straddling him while facing him in the passenger seat of my car. As I lowered onto him I felt his now fully erect cock press against my pussy lips. My body shivered in anticipation of having an older stranger inside of me. Slowly he pulled me down and my wet lips easily slipped around him.

“OOooo…” I moaned as he filled me.

I started riding him as he started to buck up into me. On one of his bucks had my head nudge the roof of my car.

“Oops.” He said. He reached down and reclined his seat pulling me forward as he started working in and out of me again. My still concealed chest just inches from his face now. Not wanting to miss the opportunity he reached up and slid the straps off my shoulders and pulled my dress down with the bikini letting my breasts bounce free. He took one in his mouth sucking hard driving me over the edge. My body shook as my orgasm rippled through me causing my pussy to squeeze the strangers cock. I heard him moan around my tit as he bucked hard up into me shooting his load into me.

We both sat there panting for a minute, him still inside of me as sweat dripped off me and onto him.

Does the stranger leave?

Kayla(Party): Not yet

Kayla(Party): He leaves

Kayla(Party): He drives

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