Kayla's Story: Party

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Hi! My name is Kayla. I'm about 5'4" and just recently graduated high school! (Go me!)

I have a slim, tanned, toned body from playing casual sports and jogging on occasion. I have blue eyes and fairly straight, dirty blonde hair that goes down just passed my shoulders and down my front to about my chest. It curls a little near the ends.

I have average B cup breasts and a round firm little butt that can fill out most pants nicely.

My friends invited me to a big party that is going on at another recent grads house. I don't know him specifically, but I do know a lot of the people that will be there. Sounds like it will be a blast and a party not to miss!

But first before I go I need to decide what to wear!

Jean shorts and a T-shirt: Kayla will be more reluctant and feel ashamed for certain actions/situations.

Spring dress: Kayla is more open to what happens and will enjoy herself more.

Miniskirt+Blouse: Kayla will do the seducing and make the first moves.

Kayla wears:

Kayla(Party): Spring Dress

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