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The Second Moderator Elections was an event that occurred mid-to-end November 2004. Like the first elections before it, it was meant to find two moderators for All of All. Red Giant and Carmen won.

Propaganda was the best part of the election



Reain and Trevlac, the previous All of All mods, were both inactive and blaming them for the problems in All of All was the latest trend among staff and general population alike. Reain seemed to realize this and gracefully retired. Trevlac, though not being allowed on the computer, stubbornly refused to quit and promised activity eventually, but Sai fired him anyway and opened up the second spot.

The Elections

The actual election process was almost comically drawn out however. First a nominee needed to announce they wanted the job and get at least one person to support them. This removed at least half the candidates that couldn’t get a supporter. Next the six finalists needed to answer a few questions about their future policies and how to fix the All of All’s current situation. And then there was the final showdown to see who would get the job. During the elections, several propaganda images were made, supporting or questioning a member's candidacy. Though these images were mostly in good fun, some did take offense to them. Nevertheless, they were one of the more notable things about the election, as can be seen by the two images in this article.

More propaganda


By the finals it became clear that it was a race between Red Giant and Carmen. MrMister had some third party support but threw it behind Carmen and dropped out. The final tally was taken in a Charas poll which, we know now, let people vote more than once and even vote if not signed in. So the results were bunk and the vote redone by people manually posting their votes. Members were actively keeping up with who was winning throughout the whole thread, and a few people were disqualified because they registered in between or didn’t follow obscure rules or something. In the end Red Giant won by a very small margin.

But! But! There is that second spot open from firing Trevlac! Originally the (unofficial) plan was for the winner to pick the second mod, but because of the closeness of the vote Sai awarded it to Carmen. So both popular candidates won and everyone was happy. Yay!

Lasting Impact

The elections essentially ended most of the major problems with Charas by themselves. The entire staff, Alex included, worked together on the event and most everyone enjoyed the fun. There were a few unimportant problems but they were mostly droned out by a renewed wave of optimism. However, both Red and Carmen were fired from the job - the former due to inactivity, and the latter because of an event known as the Charas Judgement.

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