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Red Fox
Join Date March 2004
Status Active
Position Member
Birthday september 8th, 1989
Gender Male
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Red Fox have been a member of charas since 2004 but only been active about 25% of that time. He has an average of 186 post per year. When Red Fox is not at charas he's probably making sprites. He is also one of the few active swedes on the forum.




Red Fox joined charas march 2004 after been leeching resources from charas mainpage for some time. When Red Fox joined charas he could barley speek english and had a hard time making himself understood. But thats have all been worked out now after some hard work in school.


For a couple of years Red Fox was inactive. Why? Well Red Fox can't remember; but most likely he tried to get himself a life. But after he saw his fault in this he returned to charas to once again live his life like a mindless drone of the computer age.

Charas Chain Game

Charas chain game is probably the only thing Red Fox contributed to the forum. It's a game where the members of the forum joins togheter and create a chapter each for the game. The first chain game is now finished and can be downloaded here. But it didn't get that popular. So far it's only received one review by lilsniffs3 whos overall score was:
"Overall: 4(1/2)/5

Other quates about the game is:
"Not interested, for some reason :"
"So far it actually seems horribly average. I just beat chapter 2."
and "What about Japan then?"

Red Fox totally stole this idea from Gaming world.

The Inventory Fad

Red Fox actually started a fad on the charas forum. The fad was an inventory in the signature where various member gave the member with the inventory an item wich he then added to his inventory. Red Fox used a simply text based inventory but other member who followed the fad started using pictures of inventories from various games such as Diablo and Pokemon.

Red Fox started his inventory after X_marks_the_ed said to him "I like you, boy. Here, take this! Recieved Old Rod!". So Red Fox made an inventory and added the Old Rod to it. Soon other members followed and gave him more items. When Red Fox stopped his Inventory he had received a total of 14 items. When Red Fox quit his inventory it consisted of:

Old Rod (Given by: X_marks_the_ed)
Blue Crystal (Given by: Gemini)
Sages Mitre (Given by: Gemini)
STD Sword (Given by: Bluhman)
LGT Bow (Given by: Bluhman)
6x Internets (Given by: X_marks_the_ed)
Book of Koridai (Given by: X_marks_the_ed)
Little Gray Kitten (Given:by:Uberpwn_w00t)
Clone of Myself (Given by: Archem2)
Bag of Holding Shit (Given by: X_marks_the_ed)
Log ride (Given by: Archem2)
Another little Gray Kitten (Given by: lucas_irineu)
"You're An Arse" Hat (Given by: Dragonium)
Piece of Candy (Given by: lucas_irineu)


Appleman started out as a simple sprite Red Fox made for a competition at another community. Red Fox grew attached to the sprite and started using it as his avatar and has now become the symbol of Red Fox.
Over the time it's been Red Fox avatar he developed a backstory for it and soon it had become a fully fleshed out character.
Heres some quick facts about Appleman:
Jack Brunner aka Appleman
Titles: Unemployed
Job/Class: Wrestler
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affinity: Neutral Good
Weapon: Unarmed
Magic: None
Other Info: There's a big ****ing apple on his head.


A big headed asian man.


Inspired by InsaneJP's tutorial about creating charsets he decided to give it a try and he loved it. Over the years he has became better and better. Some of Red Fox charsets is in the Complete Resources.

Red Fox's trademarks.

Big Heads

Big Heads is Red Fox most popular charsets. It characters with an unnatural big head and a small body. So far Red Fox have released a male template for these charsets and a "beta" template for the females. These can also be found at Complete Resources.


Over the years Red Fox been doing charsets he's got some trademarks. These trademarks is:

- The usage of the color red. Almost all of his charset has some degree of the color red in them.

- "Spiky" armors.

Random Sprites

Red Fox makes normal sprites too. If he likes the outcome it's usally ends up as his avatar. Wich is the reason for his constant avatar changing.


Red Fox first post was in the Resources section were he posted a monster he had ripped.

Red Fox's nickname was "inspired" from Darkfox.

Red Fox worship the Fallout games as gods.

Red Fox is from Sweden and thus he dances around a giant pole resembling a penis once every summer.

Red Fox thinks pirates would win in the eternal struggle between ninjas and pirates.

Red Fox's greatest dream in life is to grew a beard.

Red Fox's favourite colors is red and purple.

Red Fox reached his 1000 post July 13 2008 at 03:46:04 PM (Forum time).

What is Red Fox doing now?

(2008) Right now Red Fox is in Charas Sprite Off hoping to kick some ass with his spriting skills.

(2009) Being cool.

His fall

Along with fellow Divine Apple members, Drace and Dominicy, Red Fox spammed the forums in August 2009, and were banned as a result. They now are probably thinking how "cool" they are.

He was also brootally hacked

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