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Join Date March 15, 2005
Status A-OK, chief.
Position Any you want, baby.
Birthday Month, day, year.
Gender Female
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Oops! Did you mean Not Bluhman?

Oops! Did you mean Lucas_irineu?

Oops! Did you mean That Giant Crater in the Middle of Arizona?

"Make love to me." -Red Giant

"I'm voting for that loser Ed, just for shits and giggles." -X_marks_the_ed


Early membership

Why X_marks_the_ed joined

Ed originally joined because no one around him, not even his friends, seemed interested in RPG programming. In a search for other people like him, he stumbled upon Charas, which had used several times before for resource creation and gathering. He joined the forums to get to know other RPG Maker users.

Current times

Contributions to Charas

Ed has contributed a few resources for the nearly empty front-style faceset sectionofthe generator. His most recent submissions being recolors of the coat. Other than that, he's dead weight.

Activity on the forums

The easiest way to summarize Ed is to call him a thing, not a person. Ed loves to hang around the unmod board... er... nowhere really, as he is constantly a victim of boredom. He still changes his avatar often, but less often than in the past. If his avatar changes nowadays, the new one is more likely to be relevant to his previous one, or of a recent topic.

Ed is still not a sage and probably never will be. He'll probably leave one post before sagehood simply because he can.


Signature duel!

Although he did not start the signature, Ed started the fad itself. The original "duel" signature started with Ppl_mage's tiny animation of a thug performing flips with a knife to catch it and loop again. Shortly after, Bluhman took the animation and placed it next to a Chisoku animation, both facing each other. Ppl_mage retaliated with adding the Chisoku animation and two more thugs on the original thug's side with the caption "bring it on!" This is where the signature stayed for a week.

The fad started when Ed took notice to the animations and decided to take a small crack at it. His intentions were merely to recieve a small chuckle and then remove it, leaving Bluhman and Ppl_mage to do whatever they wanted to do with them from there. Ed removed one of the thugs on the side to fit a same-sized image of his current avatar, Jack, leaning over Chisoku's shoulder with the caption "Wahtcha doin'?"

Shortly after lilsniffs3 noticed Ed's version of the signature, he took it upon himself to expand it further and remove another thug and placing his own character behind Jack with the caption "Hey guys!" Ed noticed this and retaliated by slaying lilsniffs3 in the vending machine. He no longer recalls why.

Lucas_irineu decided to join in by removing the original thug and replacing it with Pleseant, a Pokemon of his own design facing Chisoku and Jack with the caption "Get ready for a beat up."

The Real Ed

Imprisoned Ideas


The Romantic Side



-Ed changes his avatar just about every week.

-Ed is known for absolutely nothing.

-Ed's original avatar was that of the priest in the RM2k RTP faceset.

-X_marks_the_ed actually did not derive from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. X_marks_the_ed is a derivitive of x marks the spot and Edward Omin, his alter ego.

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