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Join Date June 20, 2008
Status Exemplar
Position Agrees with Archem 1000%
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Much like his username would imply, Uberpwn_w00t is pretty cool guy. eh fights aleins and doesn't afraid of anything. Uberpwn_w00t is a member of the Charas Project forums who registered on the 20th of June, in the year 2008, at exactly 12:19:44 AM. However, this is not entirely accurate. Uberpwn previously had two accounts, both of which were short-lived. He explains this in his intro post in the Test & Welcome Board.

History of Uberpwn, and previous accounts

The name

Uberpwn first used the name 'Uberpwn' in the online multiplayer first-person shooter Sauerbraten. Shortly after joining Sauerbraten, he joined the famed w00t clan, for which he was required to tag his name with the word 'w00t'. Thus, Uberpwn-w00t was spawned. The name stuck, and he now uses it for numerous other online games, websites and forums.

The discovery

Young Uberpwn discovered Charas Project in the early 2000's, roughly 2003 or 2004. He was intrigued and fascinated, and immediately delved into it's many wonderful resources. If RPG Maker sparked his interest for making games, you could definitely say that Charas Project turned it into a fire. It wasn't until 2005 that young Uberpwn found the Charas Forums. Naturally, he was in love all over again. He began to lurk around as a "guest" and get a taste of the community. Eventually, on April 29, 2005, 03:52:50 PM, he created his first account on the forum: alsokay.


alsokay was the first, and oldest, of two short-lived accounts made by Uberpwn, previous to his current account. It didn't last very long at all, and it's post count stopped at 10 before it became inactive. The reason for leaving was most likely that he was scared away by Meiscool, who has a notorious reputation for chasing away new members. Uberpwn was young and fragile at the time, as such, he was deeply hurt inside whenever he received any small amount of criticism or insult. Long story short, the account was abandoned, and was only used a few times afterwards (not for posting) until eventually the password was forgotten.


The next account Uberpwn made was Shamefeeder. He registered the account on June 15, 2006, 10:22:51 PM. This account was made simply because he missed Charas. He missed the thriving community, and all of its members, and all of its drama. He wanted to press rewind and start all over again with Charas, but his low post count of 18 obviously shows that it didn't happen. The likely cause of this was his life outside of the internet. He was going through a change to a new school, a recent change to a new house, and more importantly, a change to an iMac computer. With the constant barrage of busywork that his new school was bestowing upon him, he simply couldn't be bothered to maintain an active status on the forum. It didn't help that with his change to a Mac, and the lack of RPG Maker ports to Mac OS, he was starting to lose interest in making games all together. He drifted away from Charas Project once more, and that was the last anybody heard of him, until his triumphant return in 2008.

Uberpwn now

Uberpwn is now an active member of the forum, under his new account name Uberpwn_w00t. He made some mention of his previous accounts in his intro post in the Test & Welcome Board. Uberpwn was simply tickled pink to return to a warm welcome, and all the old members he remembered from 2005. Since his return, he has become a fairly well known and well respected member, and quickly befriended other well known members, such as Archem, Dominicy and lucas_irineu.


Uberpwn hasn't been involved in much yet. He participated in the Forum Ranks & Icons Semi-Contest, in which Bluhman arose victorious. (His ranks and icons are being used as we speak). He signed up for the First Charas Sprite-Off, but was disqualified in the second round. Uberpwn is currently the lead guitarist, and Spanish vocalist of Soundgasm. He also ran for moderator and mayor positions, but was unsuccessful with both.

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