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From The TimeSplitters Wiki

In TimeSplitters, the most in-depth mode for the single player is the Story mode.
This mode goes through a number of different missions in many different locales, often with different objectives.
The Story mode is also the only way to unlock a number of characters and certain Arcade Custom maps.


In TimeSplitters, the plot of each mission usually consists of nothing more than "stopping the TimeSplitters." Various "heroes" must complete missions, which usually consist of retrieving an object and taking it back to the spawn point.

TimeSplitters 2

In TimeSplitters 2, Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to the Space Station which is the TimeSplitters' main base of operations during this period. In order to protect the Time Crystals, the TimeSplitters take 9 crystals and hide them through out time. Cortez and Corporal Hart manage to take hold of the Time Portal room and during which, Cortez leaps through the portal into others in order to regain the crystals to take back to The General at their base.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Cortez returns to Earth with the Time Crystals. The TimeSplitters invasion has gotten worse, so The General decides the only way to stop them once and for all is to go back in time and stop the TimeSplitters from ever being created in the first place. With help from Anya and others, Cortez uncovers the mystery of the TimeSplitters and chases their creator Jacob Crow through time in a quest to save humanity.

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