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TimeSplitters (Game)

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Released 26th October 2000
Platforms PS2 Only
Publisher Eidos
Characters/Maps 64/18
Modes Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch
Capture the Bag
Last Stand
Max Players 4 (Multitap)

Europe and North America's Version of the Box Art

TimeSplitters is the first game in the TimeSplitters trilogy, released as an exclusive launch title for the PS2 on 26 October 2000 and receiving ratings of Teen from ESRB and 15+ from ELSPA. The game contains the Mapmaker, nine Story missions, four-player arcade, over 50 characters and a Challenge mode which unlocks the game's features.


Story Mode

The Story mode missions in TimeSplitters usually consist of finding an object and bringing it to the starting point. Every mission can unlock six awards based on the difficulty the mission is completed on and how fast the mission is completed.

TimeSplitters' story mode is the least in-depth of the series and does not seemed to be linked to the main TimeSplitters story. However, with respect to Occam's Razor, we can link TS1's story to the main plot of the series. Each of the heroes in TS1 have their own missions, in doing these missions they may unintentionally be contributing to the TimeSplitters War; perhaps the items collected were some kind of anomalie of time. The TimeSplitters themselves were included in the story missions after the items needed to complete the mission were recovered. The story mode could link in with the other games in that the characters have some link with the later games, the TimeSplitters having being sent to kill the player character of the level to prevent them being stopped, for example, Captain Ash, who may be being hunted down to prevent him causing any more of a hassle to their 'work'. This was probably thought up as an excuse for the 'random' gameplay of this game much later, to tie it together.

Arcade Mode

In Arcade Mode, human players and bots face off in one of the 5 scenarios listed below The game allows for up to 4 human-controlled characters and 10 bots. Story and Challenge Mode unlock characters and cheats to use in Arcade.


Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is unlocked after beating the Spaceways Story level. It has many missions with an high difficulty level. The objectives range from fighting off TimeSplitters on a spaceship to battling for a bag of bones in a graveyard. Challenge Mode unlocks more characters and cheats for use in Arcade.

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