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Whether you want to join a clan, are looking to recruit or challeneg one then the Community page
can cater for your needs! With the online mode in Future Perfect playing across the internet was made easier
than before. So whether you're up to a game of Virus in Disco, or a BagTag in Venice check out
the community links below!



Clans are permitted to have one page on the wiki to post their news, recruit new members, tell the community about themselves etc. Below is the list of clans (including clans who don't have a page) who play TimeSplitters.

Note: When adding a page for your clan, name the page after your tag. For example, if your tag was [TEC], the link would be [[TEC]]. If there is already a page in it's place, simply use the clan's name.

Please read the Clan Page FAQ before using them!

Tag Name Platform Blurb/Attributes Recruiting? Page Link
[TEC] The ASS Clan PS2 This is an example of an entry in the list. Yes TEC www.frd.co.uk


Below is a list of forums dedicated to one or more of the TimeSplitters games.

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