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TimeSplitters is a FPS (First-Person Shooter) known for its cartoon-styled graphics and wacky sense of humor. The games are developed by Free Radical Design and have been published by Eidos and EA.


Main Games

usts1boxsmallmz1.jpg TimeSplitters
ts2boxpp0.jpg TimeSplitters 2
tsfpboxzo0.jpg TimeSplitters: Future Perfect


The premise of the TimeSplitters series is the struggle of the human race to survive an onslaught of the TimeSplitters, a mysterious race that attacks humanity at various points in history. The entire span of the war is known as the TimeSplitter War. The hero of the series is Sergeant Cortez, a Space Marine sent back in time to retrieve the Time Crystals, the source of the TimeSpitters' power, along with his sidekick Corporal Hart.

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Cortez returns to Earth with the Time Crystals he retrieved in TimeSplitters 2. The General sends Cortez on another mission back in time to destroy the Time Crystals and stop the TimeSplitters from ever existing. With the help of Anya, Cortez discovers the mastermind behind the TimeSplitters, Jacob Crow, and his mission to rule the world. With help from numerous partners, Cortez must chase Crow's various incarnations throughout time to stop his devious plan once and for all.

Story mode is the mission-based mode that allows players to unfold the story behind the TimeSplitters.

Unofficial/Unreleased Games

ts4unknowngifnw0.png TimeSplitters 4
tsasa7.jpg TimeSplitters Advance
tsgok7.jpg TimeSplitters Gold
tsmayhemsf0.png TimeSplitters Mayhem

There was also an aborted attempt to bring TimeSplitters to the Gameboy Advance called tentatively named "TimeSplitters Advance". TimeSplitters 4 was officially announced mid 2007.

Unofficially, a 2D top-down shooter based on Future Perfect called TimeSplitters Gold was developed for PC by TeamSplitters. That game has been discontinued in its original form and re-dubbed "My TimeSplitters" by its new developer, llamaliker. Recently, another new TimeSplitters game called TimeSplitters Mayhem was announced for beta release December 31st by Skulldust Studios.

Arcade League

Arcade League is the objective-based challenge mode that unlocks a majority of TimeSplitters 2's and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect's characters and other extras. TimeSplitters does not have an Arcade League mode.

Some examples of Arcade League challenges in TimeSplitters 2 include:

  • Men in Grey - Men in Grey is an Assault match in the Training Ground map. To win, you must make your way past autoguns and enemies and destroy the enemies' computers.
  • Dead Fraction - Dead Fraction is a parody of the Red Faction series.

And in Future Perfect:


The Challenges are similar to Arcade League challenges, but their objectives are often zanier and more humorous than those in Arcade League. All three games feature a Challenge mode.

Some examples of Challenges include:

  • TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground - Another unique challenge. Here you'll get command of 2 auto-guns found in the Subway stage. The left half of the controller is used to make the left gun move and shoot, the right half is used for the right gun. Your objective is to kill as many Berserker Splitters as possible without letting both auto-guns become destroyed.

Arcade Custom

Arcade Custom is the primary multiplayer mode for the TimeSplitters games. There are many maps, characters, and modes that can be unlocked for Arcade Custom mode.


The TimeSplitters games are well-known for their techno and electronica-based soundtracks. The music for TimeSplittters and TimeSplitters 2 were composed almost exclusively by Graeme Norgate, Free Radical Design's chief music man. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect's soundtrack was composed by Graeme Norgate and Danish musician Christian Marcussen. UK-based electronica group Goteki has also contributed tracks to TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, such as "Who's the Mummy - Temple."

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