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As an encyclopedia, the TimeSplitters Wiki must be written in a certain way. Throughout the wiki the following guidelines should be met to insure a formal and universal sense:

  • A formal tone

This ensures a professional wiki is made. If you see an article with this banner at the top, then the article does not have a formal tone!

  • Correct spelling

Spelling is rather obvious, as well as grammar.

  • Avoid using first person

Since multiple people usually contribute to every page avoid using words like "I", "me" and other words that denote one person when describing something.

  • Use of Infoboxes

The Infobox system is a good way of displaying information. The main article itself will expand on this information.

  • Proof where appropriate

Don't make stuff up, unless you specifically say "it is probable" or "he was likely to", etc. Back up any opinion with solid facts."

  • Linkage

Make sure to link the words in articles whenever possible. For example, mentioning Cortez in an article, there should be a link to his page.

How to Edit

Starting a new article

If you wish to start an article, simply click on it's red link and then begin.

  • Syntax - How to make the appearance of text, links and images change.
  • Infoboxes - How to implement Infoboxes in your articles.
  • Categorising - How to categorize your articles, important!
  • Foot Menus - How to implement a Foot Menu in an article

User Pages

  • Stickies - How to implement user stickies into your user page.

Chat Format

  • Chat Format - The correct format to use when leaving a comment on a user's talk page or in TS Chat.
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