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Atom Smasher

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The Atomsmasher

In the Atom Smasher level, Harry Tipper has to disable the bombs before time runs out...and defeat Khallos.



1972 ATOM SMASHER - Khallos Island

Mr Khallos has been trying to take over the world again.

His secret island base houses a state of the art atom smasher. Who knows what his terror organisation could do with the unleased power of subatomic particles? Does Khallos even know himself?

Only the most suave and daring international playboy could escape from Khallos' clutches and foil his twisted plans - Special Agent Harry Tipper is such a man...

Be careful though! This crime genius is so evil that he would blow up his own island and particle accelerator rather then be brought to justice.

Primary Objectives

  • Defuse the four bombs (All)
  • Eliminate Khallos (All)
  • Activate the reactor (All)
  • Retrieve the Time Crystal (All)
  • Minimise scientist casualties (Normal/Hard)
  • Escape through the Time Portal (All)

Secondary Objectives

  • Minimise scientist casualties (Easy)



Used with permission from SuperNova

Easy Strategy

Wasn't that FMV sequence an obvious rip-off of Goldfinger, an all-time classic Bond movie from the '60s? Anyway, you start off in a room with a laser buzzing around. Whatever you do DON'T MOVE! Wait until it shoots the door switch to open the door then exit. Get the temporal uplink and turn around. You'll see a console behind you. Activate it; you'll see through three cameras, all of which you should deactivate. (NOTE: Thanks to David Rainey, as he told me that the third camera is in fact an autogun. You can shoot with it by pressing the Fire button, and you should wait until you have eliminated three guards. This will make it much easier to get a gun, and will prevent you from getting hurt. Be sure to turn it off however, as otherwise it will shoot at you later. David Rainey has also given me a strategy to save time: press the button to open the door first then do the shooting to shave some seconds off the time). Then go over to the door and activate the switch on the right.

Go through the door and then round the next two corners. You'll see a guard up ahead: sneak up on him and punch him to get his guns. Carry on walking and another guard will appear, so shoot him too. Get his gun and go over to the doorway up ahead. Stand next to the scientist and he'll say "I'll take care of that bomb for you." You can trust him to do it, so turn around and go back to where you first sneaked up on the guard. However, and this applies to all scientists in the mission, he will not react if there are enemies nearby. When you get back to the first area, walk down to the right and go through the door under the autogun (ignore it; it won't shoot as long as you deactivated it earlier).

You'll come to an area full of crates. Hug the left wall and presently you'll come to a guard standing behind some crates. Pop him one in the head and get his ammunition. Further down the corridor are more three more guards. One has 2x silenced pistols, so watch it. At the end of the winding corridor is a door that opens onto a large room with some weird equipment in it. On the far left corner is a bomb - go over to it and look behind you. There are three guards down there, so make quick work of them with your newly-acquired pistols. When there are no guards left go over to the scientist in the room and get him to deactivate the bomb. Go down the corridor where you killed all the guards and another will pop out up ahead. Send him to join his friends. The timer should now be at about 6:00-5:30; walk into the room for a checkpoint.

Look up immediately and kill the guard shooting you from the right. Then turn right and turn the wheel stuck on the pipe there. Go under the ramp for some remote mines. Now turn back up the ramp and in the middle section take the fire extinguisher and ammunition. Climb a small flight of steps and take out your extinguisher. Aim at both fires and put them out, making sure that you keep your distance. It's stupid to loose life just because you can't be careful.

When the fires are put out the door behind you will open, so go through it. Walk forwards and aim up a little. There is a henchman on top of a box, so shoot him before he snipes you. Then get closer to the box and it will fly open. Immediately shoot the guard inside then enter. Collect his ammo and the armour here. When you're well equipped, leave the box and look left. Shoot the S47-wielding guard there and run down the corridor.

Two more guards will pop out at you, and a further three await further along. I suggest using up the last of your pistol ammo here then changing to your Soviet S47. You should have about 100 ammo for it. Turn around and get some grenades out of a box behind you then go to where the third and fourth henchmen appeared. Go through the door on the right and you'll find a wheel to turn there. Then exit and enter the room on the left a little further down.

Inside, turn around and shoot some guards who will attack you. Kill them then activate the power console on the far wall. You'll see a red room with a magnet and a bomb on the floor. Use the C-stick to move the magnet above the bomb then use Z to pick it up. Move the bomb to above the tray thing on the right and drop it in. Now you only have to deactivate one more bomb. You should have about six minutes remaining now; if you don't, you need to hurry up (not that it's a problem - in Normal and Hard the time limits are much harder but the missions are still beatable).

Exit the room and go left down the corridor, killing another guard along the way. You'll come to a curve with an autogun. There's an easy way to do this: take out your remote mines, throw one in the vicinity of the gun and detonate it with the Alternate Fire button. Walk past its limp form and be sure to have your Soviet out. There are five guards here, including one on top of a box who will snipe you. Two others pop out at the same time from between two boxes, so use your Soviet to take them down. Collect a fire extinguisher from one of the columns here and run down the last stretch of corridor to a blazing fire. Using your extinguisher, carefully put out the flames and the door will open onto the last big section.

In this large room look left and up. Use your sniper rifle to take out the sniper on the pipes there then run down to beneath his body. Turn right and you'll come to a busy area full of boxes; go to the far left and there is and empty box containing armour which you will no doubt need. Stay here and two enemies will attack you. When they're dead go over to the bomb on the right wall and look into the box on your left. Some scientists are there; get them to deactivate the last bomb and finish an objective for you. Press a switch on the wall and the big door will open, so go through it. You'll be greeted by a guard and two of his friends round the next corner. Get the armour here then venture onto these walkways. Khallos will appear and say a load of bullsh*t - just ignore him and grenade/gun him to death. Collect his tasty 2x Soviets and the time crystal. Unfortunately, some S47-wielding Scourge Splitters will appear. Lob grenades at them, and activate the four levers to activate the reactor. The time portal will appear, so have fun kicking Scourge Splitter ass for a while then finish the mission.

Normal/Hard Strategy

This is one killer of a mission. In Normal it's difficult and in Hard it's near damn impossible. In fact, from here on all missions are difficult, but this one's the worst. Don't be discouraged if at first you can't do it. If you can finish this, you can do anything else the game throws at you (even the really hard Arcade challenges).

Go up to the locked door and run forward into it so that as soon as it opens you can run through it. Grab the uplink on the floor and press the switch to open the door. Run back while it's openening and turn off the three cameras. (Although in Easy and Normal there is a gun here, it doesn't appear in Hard).

The door will be open now so run down the first corridor and take a left. Get the gun behind the crates, switch back to fists and punch the guy by the door in the back. Flick the switch to open the door then head back and go left down the corridor. Turn around and shoot the yellow dude at the other end of the passage in the back. Keep going and dodge the next guy's bullets as you pump him full of lead. Talk to the scientist to defuse the first bomb. This adds precious seconds to your timer.

Head back to the door you opened earlier and you'll appear in a wide corridor with crates everywhere. Near the entrance on the left is a guard facing away from you. Head shot him, get his ammo and strafe round the next corner. Several guys are hidden down this next section, including a Dark Henchman with 2x Pistols. Strafe and shoot, strafe and shoot, strafe and shoot until they die. (The repetition there was deliberate, used to emphasise the point). Open the door at the other end of the corridor. You're in the room with the second bomb... but there's no scientist! Noooo!! You're gonna die!! It's over!!!

Only joking. Actually in Hard mode the scientist is further on. So look left down the corridor then strafe to safety as several bullets whiz past where you just were. Two banana coloured men will attack you, so kill them and use the time-old strafe technique to kill the two guys behind crates. There is an autogun at the end of the corridor. Go as close to it as you dare then blow it up with your guns. Head down the corridor and shoot the guys who run down the stairs to kill you. Go to the entrance to the room and look up-left. Dodge back as a sniper shoots at where you just were then kill him in the moment of respite. Enter the room and you'll get a checkpoint.

Now run to the column with a wheel on it and turn it. Go beneath the stairs and get the remote mines there then run up and get the fire extinguisher on the wall. Hopefully you're around the 1 minute mark on the timer right now. Get your fire extinguisher out and put out the immolated scientist (don't bother with the second, but don't let him burn you). He rushes off to defuse the bomb. Put out the two fires _carefully_ to open the fire door.

Look up as they open and you'll see a sniper on top of a crate, Shoot him quick and run towards the crate. Keep running when it opens and immediately start shooting at the guard inside. He tries to chuck a grenade at you, but as long as you keep running it'll miss. Get the armour in here along with his ammo then switch to Soviet. Get out of the crate and kill the first guy down the side of the second crate. The crate opens to reveal another victim. There are three more guys who appear as you move down the corridor. Only use three or four bullets on each - that's all it takes if you're accurate.

Run round the corner and ready your pistols. Look up and strafe round until a crate comes into view. Shoot at the guy on top of it before he can do the same to you. Get out your S47 and strafe into the area defined by columns protruding from the walls. A guard is on the left, and two others rush to greet you as you advance through the area. When the coast is clear get your mines out. See that crate opposite? It has an autogun on it. Get as close as you can and throw the mine near to the gun. Detonate it to blow it up.

Now you can move as you please in this place. Put a mine onto the floor next to the side of the first crate (with the guy standing on it). Step back a bit then detonate when the door flies open to kill the two guards within. Look round with you S47 and mow down the two to three guards who come rushing up. Now go back to the first door you came to, on the right near the crate with the guys inside. Go in and turn the wheel at the far end.

At this point you probably only have about fifty seconds left. Don't worry - that's all you need. Run into the room opposite and go to the console. Activate it and you'll see a moving bomb. Use strafe left/right (usually assigned to the Control stick or C-stick) to move the magnet and press the trigger button to activate it. Move the magnet above the bomb, going at the same speed, then hold fire to pick it up. It's tricky and takes practice, but aim to do it by second or third try as failing wastes a lot of time. When you have the bomb lift it above the box on the right and release it into it by pressing fire.

Exit out again and head in the direction you haven't been in yet. Get your mines out and throw one onto the autogun down the passage and blow it up. Get your pistols out then move into range of a sniper on a crate up ahead. Immediately dodge back then, after he shoots and misses, kill him. Use your S47 to kill the next guard behind a jutting pillar and collect the fire extinguisher on it. Get your remote mines ready and go between the two crates. There are autoguns on the left and the right. Destroy them with your mines then place a mine on the floor in front of each crate (the same side as the autoguns). Run backwards towards the end of the corridor and detonate the mines when the doors open. A priceless scene of men trying to learn how to fly.

Get out your replenished extinguisher and put out the fire around the pillar at the end of the corridor. Keep your distance to avoid unnecessary damage. Take out your pistols and aim up when the door starts to open. At the top left side of the doorway is a sniper on a pipe. Kill him and keep your pistols out. Go into the new room and look up. Turn left and kill the sniper above you on another pipe. Go right around the next corner and you'll arrive in a large area full of crates.

Aim up at the platform on the left of the room and kill the sniper there. Look across the room to another platform and you'll see another guard there. Enter the room and go to the left side. Enter the hollow crate and get the armour after dealing with a patrolling henchman. There are three other henchman in the room. Kill them all then go to the crate nearest to the door. There are scientists inside. Get them to disarm the bomb and open the door while they do it.

The new area is blocked on the right by lasers. Go left and turn the corner. Are guard is facing the opposite direction from you - easy kill. The room you come to has a ramp on the side and three guards. Down the first with your Soviet, dodge back then take out the two others. Run up the ramp and get the last scientist to disarm the last bomb. Now that ****ing timer will finally stop. Open the fire door in front of you and get your sniper rifle out. Aim straight down the left pipe and shoot the guy at the end in the head. Kill the other guy here, on the right. Drop to the floor, beneath the right hand pipe, and move towards where it bends. There is one last guy here, so kill him with your pistols and go back upstairs.

Head along the right pipe with steam coming out at certain intervals. Wait until the steam comes out then move on. Outside the door at the other end is a switch on the left - activate it to turn on the sprinkler system. Enter and walk down the first section then turn the corner and get out your mines. At the end of the corridor is an autogun. Blow it up. Enter this control centre and activate the console to turn off all the lasers. Go back to the crate room and take a right this time. You may want to backtrack and collect any ammo/armour you missed.

As you approach the corner of the corridor three Dark Henchmen attack you. Kick their asses once and for all then get the armour (save it for later if possible). Now get your mines out. You should have 8-12 left. Around this corner lay a minefield big enough to blow up a million tanks. Place all your mines on the floor, not too near to each other, but not so far apart that the mines won't do combined damage. Keep the mines out and back away. AS SOON AS you see Khallos' ugly face appear detonate the mines, killing him instantly.

Go up to the Time Crystal and get ready for the hardest part of the level. (I got the following strategy from another FAQ at GameFAQs, so this wasn't my idea). As soon as the Reaper and Scourge Splitters spawn leg it back to the ramp. Run halfway up it and check back to make sure the Scourges are following. As soon as they get just over halfway up jump down from the fire door and get to the reactor area. Pull the far right switch, then proceed to the next one (watch out for Reaper Splitters). By now the Scourges will be back, and will proceed to hurt you very badly. Don't shoot back, as more just spawn. Pull the last switch and leg it to the Time Portal. You hopefully had enough health left to make it.


  • The opening cutscene is a reference to the James Bond film "Goldfinger."
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