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Josh Dreamer
Ring name Josh Dreamer
Psycho X
Height 5'9
Weight 150 lbs.
Born Unknown
Resides Baltimore, Maryland
Debut Unknown

Josh Dreamer, formerly Psycho X, is an American backyard wrestler competing in Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance. He also competed in XBW Philadelphia, Backyard Championship Wrestling Xtreme gaining reigns as a BCWX Rage Champion and BCWX Tag Team Champion, Maryland Underground Wrestling becoming an MUW International Champion, MUW United States Champion and MUW Tag Team Champion, and is best known for his tenure in XBW Wrestling, where he was a former XBW Maryland Champion, 6-time XBW Hardcore Champion, and XBW Champion.


Backyard wrestling tenure

XBW Wrestling

Season 3 (2005)

Josh Dreamer in a photo taken in season 3.

In 2005 on episode 20, season 3 Revolution, Josh Dreamer as Psycho X appeared in XBW Wrestling attacking Deathwarrent briefly chased off by storyline owner, War. His gimmick was originally suppose to be a long-haired crazed avenger of Psycho, who was allegedly and repeatedly admitted to the Psychiatric Ward. The "Psycho" moniker was also borrowed within his name. At the Breaking Limits supercard, Venom was on a phone call backstage with who shortly made a live-in-person appearance to be Psycho X, who stumbled across newcomer Heavy D, leading to the consolidation of The Asylum. After failing to win an XBW Hardcore Championship invitational during the event, Psycho X challenged XBW Champion Ryan Stevens at the same event to a non-title match, ending up getting an upset victory with the assist of Deathwarrent, who was pursuing to dethrone Stevens of his title. There on out, Psycho X's psychotic nature phased away as he became a potential for the high flying division.

Dreamer went on to defeat Asylum member, Venom for the Hardcore Championship for an interim period on episode 24 Revolution shortly before it was regained moments later due to 24/7 ruling. He soon advanced to the semi-finals of the Kings of Carnage Tournament but lost to an advancing War, compensating it later by winning a contender's match for the XBW Maryland Championship. A short association with Tommy Gunn came about while darting after XBW interim owner Jesse James and the XBW Maryland Title. At Final Revolution, Psycho had returned from the Psychiatric Ward to "teach him how to take pain" in a match which Psycho X lost. In the same event, he however, won the XBW Maryland Title from Tommy Gunn with the biase officiating by Jesse James. By the end of the season, Psycho X was voted "Rookie of the Year" in the XBW Year End Awards, and following a brief existence, Asylum fell to shambles after Venom left XBW leaving Psycho X and Heavy D to form team DNX.

Season 4 (2006-2007)

Psycho X soon teamed with Psycho before learning of his departure from XBW, who was exhausted with life in the "psyche wards", leaving Psycho X as his apprentice. As DNX had a chance in an XBW Tag Team Championship Tournament, XBW owner Deathwarrent kept Heavy D away from the arena due to his ongoing conflicts with Jesse James and Chris Phoenix, forcing Psycho X to direct accusation on a seemingly advantageous Deathwarrent and have to select a partner in War which led to no advance. During this period, Psycho X began feuding with Reaper, resulting in loss of his title at Total Chaos.

Josh Dreamer after winning the 4th annual Kings of Carnage Tournament.

Psycho X later teamed with Heavy D for the first and last time in DNX, coming up short in a XBW Tag Team Championship contender's match against The Family, as eventually subsequent, Heavy D quietly left XBW. Psycho had shortly unceremoniously returned to strip Psycho X of the "Psycho" name for disgracing him, which left him known as only "X". They also settled the altercation in a one-on-one match on Revolution. The disownment fuelled X to adapt (also at his choice out of storyline) a new personality by trimming his hair and transitioning into a fierce combatant known as Josh Dreamer, showcasing his stiff strikes coupled with his lightweight ability. Attempts at regaining the XBW Maryland Title went unavailing and also pursuits after the XBW Tag Team Championship with Jerico Drum suffered the same fate. Two reigns with the Hardcore Title, however, were gained during the time.

After years since Jackass Championship Wrestling fell into alleged "Chapter 11 bankruptcy", they reemerged to continue where they left off in season 2. Dreamer showed his allegiance in defending XBW alongside Chris Phoenix, Deathwarrent and Bob Hollywood. He also won three more Hardcore Title reigns in a string of momentary title switches. At Kings of Carnage, Venom (last seen in season 3 apart of the group once known as The Asylum) had made a brief return to officiate the Kings of Carnage match, where Dreamer proceeded to win the third annual Kings of Carnage Tournament, after which, he was assaulted by former groupmate Venom with a Snake Bite, who admonished Dreamer not to use his "Snake Bite" move again resulting in Dreamer only renaming his version to The Dreamcatcher. A feud did not occur since Venom ceased to stay.

The Kings of Carnage Tournament win rewarded Dreamer a shot at the XBW Championship held by The Reaper, who had defected to JCW. In endeavoring to keep the title to that side of the battle lines, Dreamer was repeatedly targeted without any assistance by personnel of XBW, injected in a feud with Reaper, who had conflict that lied between himself and Deathwarrent as well. Moreover, at Decadence, Dreamer captured the XBW Title in a Triple Threat match with Reaper and Deathwarrent voted "Match of the Year" by online fans in the XBW Year End Awards. Later, after a feud with Stevens, he lost the title at Valencrimes.

Season 5 (2007-2008)

Instead of using his rematch clause against Stevens for a title match, Dreamer exchanged with Deathwarrent for an opportunity at an alternative title which was agreed upon since Deathwarrent was unpermitted to face Stevens in accordance to a deal between the two. Dreamer, War and Reaper all anticipated the announcement that XBW commishioner Shawn Hartless was resurrecting the XBW Internet Championship and competed at Total Chaos in a Triple Threat match won by Reaper.

Note: The release of final XBW tapings are still in delay with many episodes ceasing to be completed. Dreamer now actively wrestles for Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance.

Maryland Underground Wrestling (2008)

Josh Dreamer (double champion) with H.I.V as MUW Tag Team Champions

For the majority of 2008, Dreamer competed in Maryland Underground Wrestling achieving reigns each with the MUW International Championship, MUW United States Championship and the MUW Tag Team Championship with H.I.V, which they held to set the longest run as tag champions. After a huge dispute between members in MUW, Dreamer followed along with others to Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance.

Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (2009-present)

In 2009, Dreamer premiered in Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance during its initial event Warfare on February 1, where he competed against his tag team partner from Maryland Underground Wrestling, H.I.V and lost. Shortly, his attempts at pursuing the BEWA Championship came to no avail.

On the March 1 edition of Warfare, Dreamer introduced his new interview segment called Dreamstreet. Subsequently in the show, he lost a Reverse Triple Threat contender's match for BEWA Intercontinental Championship. Matters later shifted for Dreamer as he became prevalent as the 2009 Brawl For All Winner and moved forward to face the BEWA World Heavyweight Champion H.I.V at BEWA Legacy 2009 on May 17 to become the champion.

XBW Reunion Show (2009)

On March 2, 2009, it was announced on the XBW Wrestling website that Josh Dreamer is booked and will participate in the final XBW event against an opponent that will be revealed at the show.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Dreamcatcher (Jumping cutter)
    • X-Slam - (Olympic slam) - used as his finisher as Psycho X
    • Moonsault
    • Shooting Star Press
    • 450 Splash
    • Frog Splash
    • Flying Elbow Drop
    • Lungblower
    • Backcracker
  • Signature taunts
    • Runs out raising arms - used as Psycho X
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Entrance theme
    • "Take It All" by TRUSTcompany / Remix with WWE's Triple H King of Kings theme

Championships and accomplishments

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