XBW Total Chaos (Season 4)

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XBW Total Chaos (Season 4)
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Season Season 4 (2006)
Venue Backyard residence
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Total Chaos chronology
Total Chaos (Season 3)

XBW Total Chaos (Season 4) is a backyard wrestling supercard event produced by XBW Wrestling, which took place on episode 7 in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006. The event was the second annual Total Chaos and marked the first time dating back to season 1 that the XBW Tag Team Championship was ever implemented and contested since.

The main match featured on the card is between Ryan Stevens and Shawn Hartless for the XBW Championship. Matches on the undercard include Psycho X versus Reaper for the XBW Maryland Championship, Heavy D versus Jesse James versus Chris Phoenix in a Triple Threat match and The Family versus Armageddon for the XBW Tag Team Championship.



The primary feud heading into Total Chaos was between Ryan Stevens and Shawn Hartless, over the XBW Championship. At In Memory Of, Deathwarrent regained his ownership status from Jesse James, who was to be the alleged bait opponent of Stevens at the event for the XBW Title. In his own surprises, Deathwarrent switched the opponent to a returning Shawn Hartless to face Stevens in a Ladder match, where despite interference from Jesse James, Hartless proceeded to controversially win after a championship shuffle. On episode 4 Revolution Deathwarrent proudly rewarded Hartless a black title in favor over the previous white one synonymous with Stevens and said to be a “disgrace” by Deathwarrent. Before Hartless could deliver a speech, an incensed Stevens interrupted claiming that Hartless “got lucky”, leading to a main event tag match after a clash of egos ensuing between Stevens, Hartless, Reaper and Psycho X, which Hartless won by pinning Stevens during partnership with Psycho X against Stevens and Reaper. One episode later, Hartless stated that he came to the favor of the fans in dethroning Stevens of the title. Later in the event, Stevens addressed Hartless and declared his craving for an instantaneous rematch, but received a match with War “on the road” to competing for the title which Deathwarrent officiated and War won much to the pleasure of Hartless. On episode 6 Revolution, Stevens and Hartless finalized the agreement for a rematch in a contract signing on The Hart Attack segment.

Another feud heading into Total Chaos was between Jesse James, Chris Phoenix and Heavy D. At In Memory Of, Phoenix competed with Psycho X for the XBW Maryland Championship with Jesse James as referee. Near the end of the bout while Phoenix had the apparent win, Heavy D interfered dropping Phoenix with a Jackhammer, thereafter, prompting Phoenix to regardless hold James culpable for a disqualification victory which prevented him from attaining the title. On episode 4 Revolution James and Phoenix fought in a one-on-one match and as Phoenix looked for a Burn Out to end the match, Heavy D appeared and later Speared both after a short argument between the two. James angered over the intervention on part of Heavy D and Phoenix for his fit at In Memory Of. Phoenix remained depreciative of the Money Maker he received following the match there, but James told him it was due to him starting the fight. Phoenix enlightened him that they would subsequently finish the altercation. On the next episode, Phoenix and James competed in a Tag match against Kavian and Bob Hollywood. Fighting to get a pinfall over Kavian to claim victory, Phoenix ended up giving James a Burn Out which led to a backstage brawl. Deathwarrent immediately stopped the tumultuous disturbance and scheduled a match between Heavy D, James and Phoenix for Total Chaos on the policy that if either opponents physically assaulted one another again, they would be suspended without “pay”.

A third feud heading into Total Chaos was between Psycho X and Reaper, over the XBW Maryland Championship. On episode 4 Revolution Psycho X referenced a victory over Reaper and one specifically of his nature being in a Hardcore match in season 3 which eliminated his chance of advancing to Kings of Carnage. With Reaper in a championship dilemma with the Maryland and XBW Title after winning the Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal that entitles championship opportunity of choice, Reaper later darted after Psycho X and began savagely assaulting him with a chain, fuelling Psycho X in pursuit of Reaper and eventually to defend the title at Total Chaos without Reaper cashing in his title opportunity. Psycho X concluded on unhappy grounds that he was being treated prematurely despite his respects.


The first match was between The Family and Armageddon for the vacant XBW Tag Team Championship. Deathwarrent and Kavian began the match as Armageddon achieved early success. Deathwarrent shortly tags in Reaper who continues the reign of control until Kavian turns the tables on a delayed flying splash by Reaper. Quickly however, Reaper gains back control and tags in Deathwarrent, who ends up shoving Kavian into Bob Hollywood for a legal tag. Deathwarrent finished off with Hollywood and tagged back in Reaper who got low-blowed by Hollywood which went undetected by referee Johnny Monroe and allowed Hollywood time to ware Reaper down. Hollywood soon tagged back in Kavian, and after Reaper took back authority of the match, Armageddon was able to connect with the Judgment Call to get the pin. After the match, fellow Family member Stahn McCloud came to the aide of the group, but was physically booted from The Family.

Backstage in a post-match celebration, Armageddon stumble across AppleJackz seated in Deathwarrent’s bedroom office. Considering Deathwarrent was full of bliss over the recent Tag Title victory, AppleJackz won over his reinstatement from Deathwarrent after having been “fired” by Jesse James in his interim ownership. After displaying some funny business wearing Deathwarrent’s clothing, he was admonished to return in his own. Reaper, however, was unhappy about him rehire due to history with him. Deathwarrent told him not to worry on the comfort that as tag champions changes would be made.

The next match was between Heavy D, Chris Phoenix and Jesse James in a Triple Threat match. Before Jesse James came out, Heavy D pursued and attacked Phoenix. James bided his time to intervene until Phoenix was down, whereas, he immediately got on the offensive. Phoenix and James eventually formed a team on Heavy D and mostly took turns laying waste before attempting pinfalls which were broken up by each other. In the end, James and Phoenix are counted out while off their feet as Heavy D stands as the winner. In the aftermath, Phoenix and James brawl out of location blaming one another for the loss.

Psycho X is seen backstage speaking about his match with Reaper for the XBW Maryland Championship. War approaches Psycho X to underestimate Reaper while showing ego when referring to the XBW Maryland Title as his which Psycho X holds. War lastly wishes him good luck.

The penultimate match was between Reaper and Psycho X for the XBW Maryland Championship. The match incepted with quick mutual offense and lock ups which transitioned in favor of Psycho X’s lightweight tactics and Reaper’s powerhouse nature. The match continued to flow in the same way as Psycho X dazzled with impressive aerial assaults while Reaper mainly dominated Psycho X’s lightweight figure with a distinct weight advantage and power maneuvers. Despite the competitive mismatch, both traded counters throughout the match which spilled away from the mat. Reaper tried to utilize a chair but was admonished by the referee. Psycho X used much aerial tactics to keep Reaper down, but after a failed Crossbody that Reaper turned into a Violent Mood Swing, Reaper picked up a pinfall victory.

The main event was between Ryan Stevens and Shawn Hartless for the XBW Championship. A strike competition spanned a majority of the match as Stevens unleashed his series of suplexes on Hartless. Hartless tried to come to his self-defense, but was being outdone by Stevens who also looked to injure his elbow in a submission hold. Hartless attempted to end the match as quick as possible with a flying leg drop as Stevens frustrated over trying to gain the win, and more so after a under executed Angel’s Wings. In throwing away his opportunity, Stevens wielded a chair across the face of Hartless and got disqualified. After the match, Reaper came out to observe and Deathwarrent in panic over Hartless’ condition, requests for a camera cut.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Armageddon defeated The Family via pinfall Singles match for vacant XBW Tag Team Championship 15:16
2 Heavy D defeated Chris Phoenix and Jesse James via countout Singles match 12:21
3 Reaper defeated Psycho X (c) via pinfall Singles match for XBW Maryland Championship 14:37
4 Shawn Hartless (c) defeated Ryan Stevens via disqualification Singles match for XBW Championship 09:56


Main: XBW Mayhem (Season 4)

Ryan Stevens began frivolously feuding with AppleJackz, who was reinstated by XBW owner Deathwarrent despite being “fired” in the interim ownership term of Jesse James, which came as displeasing to Stevens. Thus, he agreed to face Applejackz provided he lost a Fatal Four Way Contender’s Elimination match to face for the XBW Championship which Chris Phoenix won and was taken insignificantly by the champion, Shawn Hartless.

After winning the XBW Maryland Title at Total Chaos, Reaper was unceremoniously met with rematch clauses issued by War and Psycho X creating a Triple Threat match for Mayhem. Jesse James sought to take back XBW ownership from Deathwarrent and challenged to an Ownership match at Mayhem. The Family achieved a shot at the XBW Tag Team Titles after winning a contender’s match against DNX, but entered a Battle Royal scheduled at Mayhem.


Total Chaos was a critical success for XBW Wrestling online and garnered more new fans on the forum. Many raved over the match involving Reaper and Psycho X calling it a “5 star” match. XBW superstars were also accosted online by an article writer and invited to conduct an article interview on the event which went declined.

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