National Backyard Wrestling Alliance

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National Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Acronym NBYWA
Established January 22, 2009
Creator Skull Jr.
Key People Skull Jr. (Overseer)
Jake Xinn (Councilor & Graphic Designer)
Sunomi (Councilor)
RPK (Councilor)
Type of site Website
Federations under banner 17
Hall of Fame Federations 12
Current status Active
External links NBYWA Website

National Backyard Wrestling Alliance (NBYWA) is a small backyard wrestling community founded by Skull Jr. on January 22, 2009. Despite having the term "national", NBYWA has not yet assembled a national gathering (it has federations in three of the five regions of the United States, two in the United Kingdom, one in Mexico, and one in Spain). It was in conflict with William Parker's National Backyard Wrestling Alliance (NBWA) over the name, to which NBYWA started to brand itself "The REAL NBYWA" and "The REAL National Backyard Wrestling Alliance" until the other community closed it's doors on September 21, 2011. It was also a rival to The Promise's Backyard Wrestling Association.



Before NBYWA

The history of NBYWA can be considered to have started in July 2007, when Skull Jr.'s BYW federation Total Hardcore Wrestling (THW) went to the internet with it's own website. Without having a camera to take video of the events, THW wasn't taken too seriously (though there is known pictures of events out that are being searched for). This, and the fact that four of it's seven wrestlers wanted to retire, were huge factors in THW's closing on July 12, 2008 (it was revived on July 14, 2011 and promptly joined NBYWA immediately). After talking to Jake Adams of WZW about a possible match, Skull Jr. advertised it on the GBYWN forums, causing a short verbal feud with popular wrestlers, claiming that he wasn't legitimate enough to wrestle Adams by not showcasing his own matches. After the feud ended, Skull Jr. had an abysmal match with RPK of HCW on November 29, 2008, which he was criticized more for. A good match versus RPK and AC occurred on January 10, 2009, which was completely ignored. Soon afterwards, Skull Jr. announced the re-development of the GBYWN video game, which had previously gone into development hell. Through space restrictions, the game would've only been able to have a roster of 8 wrestlers, and 16 to 32-bit graphics. This was criticized by the popular wrestlers, leaving Skull Jr. frustrated with Cam, who wasn't punishing them for their comments, which were against the forum's rules. This led Skull to believe that GBYWN was biased towards popular federations (a belief that he no longer has). He announced he would quit using GBYWN's forum on January 21, 2009.


5x1i4y.jpg NBYWA alternate logo since February 2009. Made by Jake Xinn of ACW.

NBYWA was founded on January 22, 2009 by Skull Jr. The reason for the creation the site was starting a community where smaller Federations and wrestlers could escape the pressure of being judged and ridiculed by the bigger ones. On January 24, 2009, Skull Jr. asked Jake Xinn of Absolute Championship Wrestling for help and was made the Assistant Manager of the site. They took back and revived the defunct GBYWN Michigan Heavyweight Championship and re-named it the NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship. So far the community has had many federations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Hall of Fame

NBYWA learned of the closing of it's federation Indiana Championship Wrestling on March 23, 2010, two days after the closing happened. To honor the fed, Skull Jr. made the NBYWA Hall of Fame, a new page dedicated to honoring the fallen federations of the community. ICW was moved from the "Federations" list to the "Hall of Fame" list on March 23, 2010. In April 2010, NBYWA became BYWpedia's Monthly Featured Article. NBYWA thanked BYWpedia for it on their site.


NBYWA held it's first five supershows in Michigan, something Skull Jr. was seeing as a problem. After negotiating with Higher Passion Wrestling, it was announced that NBYWA 6 and 7 would for the first time be held out-of-state, in Ohio. The shows were a success, seeing the THW, NBYWA, and TPBYWA World Titles change hands at least once (a third show in-between NBYWA 6 and 7, "HPW Homecoming" saw the first time two community World Championships were unified in backyard wrestling history), along with the culmination of a feud that took place throughout the summer of 2011 pitting Skull against one of HPW's top stars, Sean Steel. A short time later, Skull became friendly with the Midwest Wrestling Alliance, and on November 3, 2011, Skull's brother Sunomi became the co-Business Manager of NBYWA.


"The NBYWA Reform" was enacted on February 9, 2012, as a means to improve and expand the NBYWA. The first act of this was introducing a new logo and slogan, "Bring It Out Back!". More changes are to come in the coming months.


Hall of Fame

Class of 2010

  • Ultimate British Wrestling (closed April 2010, added on July 5, 2010).
  • V For Victory (closed October 17, 2010, added on October 18, 2010).
  • Extreme Hardcore Wrestling South-East (closed 2010, added on November 30, 2010).
  • Intensity Wrestling All-Stars (closed 2010, added on November 30, 2010).
  • National Wrestling Organization (closed 2010, added on November 30, 2010).

Class of 2011

Class of 2012

Class of 2013

  • CR3 Wrestling (closed January 16, 2013, added on January 17, 2013).


Championship Current champion(s) Date Won Defeated Event Notes
NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship
Skull Jr.
September 16, 2012
Skull Jr. defeated RPK by forfeit.
NBYWA World Tag Team Championship
Moustapha Akkad & Kooleville Kid
September 1, 2012
James Blackwell & Cody Douglas
HPW Labor Day Bash
Defeated Blackwell and Douglas.
NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship
The Kutz
December 7, 2012
Skull Jr. awarded Kutz the championship.
NBYWA World Hardcore Championship
October 25, 2011
NBYWA vacated the title after ESBW attempted to re-name the belt the "ESBW Hardcore Championship".

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