Epic Backyard Wrestling Association

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Epic Backyard Wrestling Association
Acronym EBWA
Established May 29, 2010
Creators The Chip, Danny Aftershock
Type of site YouTube
Championships 2
Roster Members 9
Current status Active
External links EBWA YouTubeEBWA Facebook

Epic Backyard Wrestling Association (EBWA) is an up-and-coming teen backyard wrestling federation located in Maryland. As of September 24, 2011, EBWA are the newest members to National Backyard Wrestling Alliance . EBWA currently consists of 9 members (including General Manager a.k.a. Bio Beast). They wrestle fluently and are not wannabes, cause I said so!



On May 29, 2010, Danny Aftershock, The Chip and Blaze (left after founding) founded Epic Backyard Wrestling Association. On the first show, Young Blood became the first EBWA Champion after winning a 5 Pack Challenge and Kid Love became the first Extreme Rules Champion by defeating The Chip. After a few months, The Chip and Danny Aftershock defeated Kid Love and Young Blood for their titles in a Double Title Tag Match at a live show, with The Chip winning the EBWA Championship from Young Blood and Aftershock winning the Extreme Rules Championship from Kid Love, after Aftershock got the pin on Young Blood. On March 18, 2011, EBWA had there first successful taping, with a match featuring then EBWA Champion, The Chip, then Extreme Rules Champion, Danny Aftershock and Kid Love, in an Elimination Match, where The Chip won by tapping both Kid Love and Danny Aftershock out to the Millennium Meltdown. The next show, Demon Hunter made his on-screen debut against Kid Love in a losing effort due to the ref being knocked out while Kid Love was tapping out. The next show, Demon Hunter and Kid Love got into a backstage brawl after their match, which resulted in them having to be broken up by the roster. Also, Jonathan Andrews made his debut against Danny Aftershock, which Aftershock won via the Aftershock DDT. In a bonus match after the show, L.I.G., then Angels Wings, debuted against The Chip in a losing effort. The next show, Young Blood made his on-screen debut, in a losing effort against Jonathan Andrews via DQ. After the match, him and Jason Zepeda assaulted Andrews. In the following weeks, The Chip relinquished the EBWA Championship and left EBWA to focus on more important matters, thus ending the longest EBWA Championship reign in the history of the business. A few weeks after, Epics, the first ever EBWA PPV,was successfully filmed, all though Danny Aftershock was not able to defend the title against Demon Hunter, due to injury. The event featured Jonathan Andrews v.s. Young Blood in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, which Young Blood won via the RKO and a Shooting Star Press, and a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the vacant EBWA Championship, which Kid Love won by eliminating Jonathan Andrews with a Low Blow. Aftershock came out and announced that he had someone to defend his newly gained EBWA Championship against to avenge his cheating against Andrews. The Chip then returned and used his rematch clause against Kid Love to regain the title in a No DQ match.

Road to End Of The Road

After Epics, EBWA held their first ever SuperShow (which was uploaded after the 6/17/11 Show all though it was taped before it), which debuted their ring (for PPVs/SuperShows). It featured Jonathan Andrews defeating Kid Love with a roll-up, The Chip vs Danny Aftershock, in their second Submission Match after the first Submission Match was a No Contest due to Kid Love, where The Chip defeated Aftershock with a Millennium Meltdown, and a Triple Threat Match with Jonathan Andrews, The Chip and Kid Love,which was a rematch from their first Triple Threat in a bonus match, in which Kid Love won by using a Spear on Chip, dropkicking Andrews out of the ring and pinning Chip. The first normal show after Epics marked the beginning of the Road to End Of The Road (parodied from WWE's "Road To WrestleMania" due to it being the most important PPV of the year), the show starts off with Kid Love invoking his rematch clause on The Chip, with the same No DQ stipulation for Chip's return title defeat against Love at Epics, with Chip coming out victorious, thus retaining the title with a Killswitch and a Paydirt. After the match, Kid Love showed face turn signs by shaking Chip's hand. The next match featured the debut of Bio Beast, AND the return of Angel's Wings (now L.I.G.), against Jonathan Andrews, in which was a Number 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match for the EBWA Championship at Call of Chaos, which ended up in a draw, due to the use of a chain on Jonathan Andrews from L.I.G., thus putting Andrews in the title match AND Young Blood in the title match (due to the fact that L.I.G. was competing under his name). The main event featured Danny Aftershock against Demon Hunter for the Extreme Rules Championship (due to Aftershock not being able to defend at Epics), in the classic Extreme Rules stipulation that goes for every Extreme Rules Championship defense, where Demon Hunter won the title by reversing the Aftershock DDT in to a One Way Ticket to Hell after Danny Aftershock reversed the first attempt into the Aftershock DDT, thus effectively ending the longest Extreme Rules Championship reign in EBWA history, and starting Demon Hunter's first title reign in the company. After the match, Demon Hunter hit his other finisher, The Chokeslam, on Aftershock, but Kid Love hit him with a 2-by-4 and chased him off, solidifying Love's face turn and continuing his feud with Demon Hunter. Love raised Aftershock's hand, but Aftershock was still uncertain of Love's face turn due to his past ways. The next show featured Kid Love v.s. Demon Hunter, in which Love won via roll-up. After the match, Demon Hunter hit him with the Extreme Rules Championship. The Chip went against Jonathan Andrews in a Falls Count Anywhere, due to the the fact that he would have to defend his title against him and Young Blood at Call of Chaos, where Chip lost to Jonathan Andrews again via a Crucifix Roll Up (first time was in a Long Lost Match which can be viewed on YouTube). The next show, which was the last show before Call Of Chaos, resulted in Kid Love beating the returning Young Blood by Count Out, since Young Blood fled before Kid Love could hit a Skull Crushing Finale. After the match, Young Blood was interviewed, stating that the reason he left was because he had a soccer tournament coming up and didn't want to waste time on Kid Love. This meant that Young Blood would not be able to compete in the TLC Match for the EBWA Championship at Call of Chaos. The next match, pitted a rematch with Jonathan Andrews against Danny Aftershock, who was quickly named the new #1 Contender for the EBWA Championship at Call of Chaos by the new unannounced General Manager, with The Chip as Special Guest Referee, since they would all be competing at the PPV. After a Go To Aftershock (Go To Sleep), a Hurricane 2.0 and a Double A Spinebuster on Andrews, Danny Aftershock got the pin on Jonathan, but The Chip was pretending to be distracted. Aftershock, angry by Chip's actions, pushed Chip, Chip then hit him with a Sky High (which was legal since he was Special Guest Referee) and then laid Jonathan Andrews on Aftershock for a 3 Count. After the match, Chip mocked Aftershock and Andrews celebrated his first win over Aftershock. The main event was The Chip vs Demon Hunter for the first time ever. Towards the end of the match, The Chip had Demon Hunter in a Millennium Meltdown, until Aftershock hit a Knee Trembler on Chip and beat down on him, due to him screwing him over in the match before. Aftershock put Chip in the Maryland Cloverleaf, until Jonathan Andrews came out and hit him with a Trouble In Paradise on the back of Aftershock's head. Demon Hunter went for a Chokeslam on Andrews, but Kid Love hit him over before he could nail Andrews. Love did a Code Red (Spinning Side Slam Reverse STO) on Andrews, but The Chip came from behind and did a Headscissors Takedown, followed up by a Paydirt. Hunter then hit a One Way Ticket on Chip, and left, leaving everyone on the ground knocked out. After this show came the second ever EBWA PPV: Call of Chaos. The pre-show match featured EBWA Champion, The Chip and Kid Love against Extreme Rules Champion, Demon Hunter and Danny Aftershock (the two had a breif stare-down before the match due to the fact that Hunter beat Aftershock for the Extreme Rules Championship). The match was won by Kid Love and The Chip by using the original "Hart Attack" and a Skull Crushing Finale from Kid Love on Demon Hunter. After the match, Danny Aftershock and The Chip promoed off about their match with Jonathan Andrews later in the show, which was interrupted by Jonathan Andrews. After the promo, they went backstage. Next came the Extreme Rules Championship match, which featured, Extreme Rules Champion, Demon Hunter against Kid Love for the title in a Monster's Ball Match. During the match, Kid Love hit Demon Hunter with a Chokeslam, which is Demon Hunter's signature, and then the lights went off. There was a chair shot and then Kid Love shouting in pain. The lights went back on and Kid Love and Demon Hunter were both laid out. Hunter then got back up and Chokeslammed Love and got a pin to retain the Extreme Rules Champion. For the main event featuring Jonathan Andrews v.s. Danny Aftershock v.s. EBWA Champion, The Chip in a Ladder Match for the EBWA Championship, The Chip came out victorious by catching the title as it fell out of Danny Aftershock's hands as he was being pushed by Jonathan Andrews. On 7/21/11, Jonathan Andrews and Demon Hunter began the show in a Number #1 Contender's Match for the EBWA Championship the next show because of his "screwjob" title defense at Call of Chaos, where Jonathan Andrews was victorious because Demon Hunter refused to stop hammering down on Andrews. After the match, Hunter assaulted Andrews. Later, Jonathan Andrews was confronted by Kid Love about his loss at Call Of Chaos, asking him if he hit him with a chair in his Extreme Rules title match because he lost a non-title match against Danny Aftershock on May 6th, 2011 (Kid Love apparently got confused), but then he left in anger. In the main event, it was Kid Love v.s. The Chip in one last match, where Kid Love came out victorious with a Lightning Spiral. After the match, Kid Love requested a handshake from The Chip, where The Chip slapped his hand and walked off. After the show, Kid Love confronted Demon Hunter about their match at Call of Chaos. Demon Hunter denied him cheating against Kid Love and claiming that he worked alone in the company. Out of nowhere, the cameraman was knocked over and Kid Love and Demon Hunter were assaulted by someone who was only visible by his shoes (who is assumed to be the person who cheated against Kid Love at Call of Chaos. At 8/2/11, before his match against Kid Love to determine whether he had to defend the Extreme Rules Championship against Kid Love at End of the Road or if he didn't have to defend the title at End of the Road, Demon Hunter was assaulted by the same man who attacked him and Kid Love on 7/21/11 along with the cameraman, so the man was only visible by his feet. All though he was assaulted by the unknown man, Exteme Rules Champion, Demon Hunter still faced Kid Love, in a losing effort as Love beat him with a Lighting Spiral. For the main event, EBWA Champion, The Chip went against Jonathan Andrews for the EBWA title. Jonathan Andrews won his first championship in EBWA by defeating The Chip via Roll-Up. After the match, The Chip cracked under the pressure and Big Booted Andrews.

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