TKO Wrestling

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TKO Wrestling
Acronym TKO
Established 2009
Key people Haze
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Ring
Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
External links TKO Website
TKO YouTube

TKO Wrestling (TKO) is a backyard wrestling federation which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was opened in 2009.

Haze, Radar, and Armani were responsible for the federation starting off.


Originally, members of TKO Wrestling performed wrestling within the bedroom of an indoor home with names such as Five Iron Knight (Haze), Radar and Armani. After viewing several videos from the federations, Alpha Semi Pro Wrestling, In Your House Wrestling Alliance and 2KW, an agreement was settled on constructing a ring. On July 18, 2009, they held their first event titled, Summerversary, noted for where Radar became the first TKO Champion. TKO also claims that their first events were not so successful. They were, however, contacted by ASPW.

On August 8 at TKO Extreme Consequences, ASPW wrestlers began appearing at TKO events confirming their relationship.

On August 22 at As Daylight Dies, the first supershow was held. Haze defeated Nick Cain in the inaugural interpromotional match. Debuts henceforth included RJ Marks, Thomas Young and The Reaper as well as more.

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