TPBYWA World Heavyweight Championship

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TPBYWA World Heavyweight Championship
kcbazq.jpg Design used June 21, 2011 - December 18, 2011.
Last champion Skull Jr.
Date won October 1, 2011
Promotion Total Hardcore Wrestling
Community/Organization The Promise's Backyard Wrestling Association
Date introduced June 21, 2011
Most reigns Sean Steel
Skull Jr. (Tied - 1)
First champion Sean Steel
Longest reign Sean Steel (102 days)
Shortest reign Skull Jr. (78 Days)

The Promise's Backyard Wrestling Association (TPBYWA) World Heavyweight Championship was a backyard wrestling World Heavyweight Championship as recognized by The Promise's Backyard Wrestling Association. The belt was first awarded to Sean Steel of Higher Passion Wrestling.


On May 21, 2011, Sean Steel, James Blackwell, and "Big Daddy" Paul Steel challenged National Backyard Wrestling Alliance stars Skull Jr. and whoever the NBYWA World Heavyweight Champion was to come to HPW's next show "Dirty Black Summer". Skull responded, insisting HPW come to his supershows NBYWA 4 and NBYWA 5 instead. Sean Steel, on June 21, declined the offer and claimed the NBYWA World Title since his challenge went unaccepted. The next day, Skull denied any title change since Steel had no authority in NBYWA and asserted RPK was still the champion, so the title Steel carries around is known as the TPBYWA World Title. On July 2, Steel made an outlandish promo against Skull and was suspended 30 days because of it. Steel founded the TPBYWA because of that, to speak his mind freely about the situation. Skull was awarded the NBYWA World Title on July 3. For the next month, Steel, Skull, and James Blackwell argued until Skull confirmed his and RPK's appearance for the HPW shows "Homecoming" and "Hell-O-Ween". At "Homecoming", a triple threat Street Fight was booked for Steel, Blackwell, and Skull that saw the TPBYWA and NBYWA World Titles be unified. The match was the first in backyard wrestling history to be competed for two communities' World Championships. On September 3, Steel won, after which Skull was beat down by the Masters of the Backyard (MOB). On October 1, Skull beat Steel in a rematch, which was originally scheduled only as an NBYWA World Title match. However, Skull felt any victory over Steel wouldn't be "complete" without the TPBYWA World Title on the line and he challenged Steel for it. Steel, wondering why Skull would challenge for a "made-up" title, accepted. Skull promised Steel after the match that he'd decide the fate of both titles a week later. On December 18, Skull finally made his decision, to drop and defunct the TPBYWA Title. TPBYWA folded the same day.

Title History

# Wrestler: Reign: Date: Event: Notes:
Sean Steel
June 21, 2011
Steel claimed the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship after a challenge to the champion at the time, RPK, wasn't accepted. Since this reign is not official, the belt is known as the TPBYWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Skull Jr.
October 1, 2011
HPW/NBYWA 7: Hell-O-Ween
Originally only for the NBYWA World Championship, Steel accepted a challenge by Skull to put the TPBYWA World Championship on the line as well. Defunct on December 18, 2011.
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