Ronus' Championship Wrestling

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Ronus' Championship Wrestling
Acronym RCW
Established 2007
Key people Shawn Selby (RCW owner)
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location De Pere, Wisconsin
Formerly De Pere Underground Entertainment
External links RCW YouTube

Ronus' Championship Wrestling (RCW) is a backyard wrestling federation which came about in 2007 and is presided by Shawn Selby.



Ronus' Championship Wrestling was founded in April 10, 2007 by Shawn Selby as just a small group looking to wrestling for some leisure time enjoyment. The federation took another direction on May 24, 2008 becoming De Pere Underground Entertainment. Later, operations were brought to a halt on September 19, 2009. However, RCW was brought back on November 15, 2009 and had its first episode of RCW Rulz on November 18. Thereafter, RCW agreed upon a talent exchange with Neighborhood Wrestling Federation which allows NWF wrestlers to partake in RCW events. RCW died off as a federation in May 2010 and has been struggling to return since then.

RCW Roster

  • Conrad
  • DarkFire
  • Green Xtreme
  • J-Roach
  • Marvel
  • Pablo Pootang
  • Private Ryan
  • Reckreon
  • Scorpio
  • Semi
  • Shawn Jovi Selby
  • She-Man
  • Si
  • Sudzo
  • Superbeast
  • Supergeek

Current champions

  • NWF World Backyard Champion*


  • RCW Champion*

Shawn Jovi

  • Northeast Wisconsin Champion*


  • NWF Tag Team Champions*


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