Skull Jr.

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Skull Jr.
SkullJrJerseySmall.jpg With the THW World Heavyweight Championship belt.
Ring name(s) Skull Jr.
Height 6'2
Born May 10, 1994
Detroit, Michigan
Resides New Baltimore, Michigan
Debut May 12, 2001

Skull Jr. is an American backyard wrestler born on May 10, 1994. He is best known for his appearances in Hybrid Championship Wrestling. He created Total Hardcore Wrestling in 2006, and the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance in 2009.



Independent BackYard Wrestling (2001)

Skull Jr. started his long backyard wrestling career with the ring name Anonymous on May 12, 2001 in the three-wrestler roster Independent BackYard Wrestling that he, his brothers The Ninja (later known as Snipe), and Jackhammer (later known as Sunomi) created. IBYWF featured triple threat matches between the three every-other-week for ten shows until September 15, 2001, when they decided to close IBYWF out of respect for the victims of 9/11. IBYWF had no Championships or even a name for their events.

"Old Federation" (2001-2006)

Debut And Early Days (2001-2002)

On December 1, 2001, The Ninja announced to his two brothers that he wanted to start another fed, which the other two agreed to. Gathering a roster of their friends quickly, the what is now known as "Old Federation", debuted with their first event on December 25, 2001, with a battle royal to determine the first Heavyweight Champion. Anonymous won the match, but lost the belt to The Ninja on December 31, only for the Title to be vacated the next day. The Old Fed began doing events on a weekly basis on January 5, 2002, also doing a monthly events on a selected Friday. Anonymous became the first Old Federation Hardcore Champion on March 2, 2002, and kept the belt until September 27.

Heel Turn (2002)

In the first instance of a scripted storyline in the Old Fed, Anonymous turned heel by beating down Jackhammer after he lost the 2002 Ultimate Tournament Finals to him. He would interfere in Jackhammer's matches afterwards, and kept this attitude until The Ninja started beating down Jackhammer after Anonymous successfully defended the Hardcore Title against them in the main event of the Independence Day 2 event on July 5, 2002. Anonymous rushed in and helped Jackhammer, turning face once more. The rest of the Summer turned out just fine for Anonymous, managing to keep his gold.

Losing The Hardcore Title, Gaining The Undisputed Title, And Going Daily (2002)

Anonymous lost the Hardcore Title on September 27, 2002. He spent his time between then and late October trying to get it back, but ultimately failing. On October 28, 2002, the Undisputed Championship was introduced, and Anonymous won the belt after winning a triple threat match between him and his two brothers. Jackhammer eventually became the #1 contender to the Title and a match was booked between him and Anonymous to take place at the first Old Federation Daily Event on November 24, 2002, a match in which Anonymous would lose the Championship. Afterwards, Anonymous was rendered to being an upper-to-midcard talent.

Hardcore Champion Again And New Year (2002-2003)

Anonymous won back the Hardcore Title on December 20, 2002 at the first "Final Battle". He was also awarded the vacant Old Fed Heavyweight Championship on December 26, due to winning the first three Titles of the federation before anyone else. This was the first instance of a Champion winning another Title in the Old Fed. Jackhammer lost the Undisputed Championship to The Ninja the same day, and a rematch was scheduled to take place on December 28, at the last event of the year. Anonymous interfered on Jackhammer's behalf and helped him win back the Undisputed Title. They beat down The Ninja and joined forces, promising to be the Old Fed's toughest combination. This didn't work out though, as the Old Fed began canceling events, starting in January. February canceled all but three events and March only held one. On March 30, 2003, Anonymous and his brothers announced to the rest of the roster that the Old Fed was going to take a hiatus for an unspecified amount of time, and that all three belts were declared vacant.

Return And New Owner (2003)

The Old Fed returned to action on June 20, 2003, and Anonymous won the vacated Hardcore Title. He won back the Undisputed Championship on June 26, 2003, losing it to The Ninja on June 30. On July 19, 2003, The Ninja retired from backyarding after successfully defending the Undisputed Championship against his two brothers, and the next day gave the federation to Anonymous. On July 20, Anonymous was defeated by Jackhammer for the vacant Undisputed Championship. The way Anonymous ran the federation was recepted better by the roster than how The Ninja did. Anonymous won the vacant Heavyweight Championship on July 23, 2003, and lost the Hardcore Title on July 31.

Summer, Fall, And New Year (2003-2004)

Anonymous spent the rest of the Summer trying both to gain the Undisputed Championship and retain his Heavyweight Title. On September 17, 2003, Anonymous and Dylan, owner of the other fed he was working with at the time, Elmwood Kids' Wrestling Federation Services (EKWFS), made an agreement to where Anonymous could defend any EKWFS Title he had at Old Fed shows, and defend any Old Fed Title he had at EKWFS shows. Anonymous defended the EKWFS Intercontinental Championship (which he had won the same day that the deal was made) three times in the Old Fed and won, and defended the EKWFS World Championship (which he had won on December 11, 2003) four times in the Old Fed and won. On September 26, 2003, he lost the Heavyweight Title and won it back the next day. Through the next few months, Anonymous chased after the Hardcore and Undisputed Titles, winning the Hardcore Championship two times between then and December 4, and failing to capture the Undisputed Championship. Anonymous lost the Hardcore Championship on December 10. On December 29, 2003, Jackhammer ran his own supercard, titled "Jackhammer Presents: Backyard Wrestling" in which he and Anonymous retained their Old Fed Undisputed and Heavyweight Titles, respectfully. On December 31, at the "New Year's Eve" event, Anonymous was defeated by Jackhammer in a match for the Undisputed Title. Anonymous feuded with Jackhammer through the beginning of 2004. On January 21, Anonymous announced that EKWFS closed, and that for the next month, he would carry the two belts he had with them around, out of respect. Throughout that month, the feud had phased away, but jolted back on February 21, when Jackhammer threw down the two belts. Jackhammer then turned heel, and screwed Anonymous out of the Heavyweight Title on February 24. Anonymous won the belt back two days later.

Undisputed Champion Again (2004)

The tension between the two brothers escalated for the next month. On March 17, 2004 at the "St. Patrick's Day" event, Jackhammer defeated Anonymous to retain the Undisputed Championship. But on March 20 in the rematch, Anonymous captured his third Undisputed Title by defeating Jackhammer. Anonymous welcomed all challenges during his reign, which ended on April 24, when Jackhammer defeated him at "Karma". It was after his defeat that Jackhammer publicly announced his new federation, rWc (Real Wrestling Championship).

New Titles And Summer (2004)

Anonymous became the first Old Fed Intercontinental Champion on May 9, 2004, and the first Old Fed United States Champion on June 5, 2004. He lost the Titles on June 10 and July 31, 2004, respectively. Anonymous brought The Ninja back to the Old Fed on June 25, 2004, where he defeated Jackhammer to win the Undisputed Title and changed his name to Snipe. On July 5, 2004, Anonymous lost the Heavyweight Title. The belt remained vacant until July 10, 2005. He continued to wrestle, rarely with a belt, until August 2, 2004, when he decided put the Old Fed on a hiatus, though not as long as the one from a year earlier.

Return And Name Change (2004)

The Old Fed returned on August 17, 2004 with it's "Summer Splash" event, where Anonymous changed his name to Skull Jr., Jackhammer had already by then changed his name to Sunomi. He became the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title at "Summer Splash", and won the belt for the second time two days later. Skull Jr. and Sunomi agreed to unify the rWc and Old Fed Intercontinental Titles on August 21, which Skull Jr. won. On August 22, he lost the Intercontinental Title to Snipe, and the belt was eventually vacated on September 10.

Fall, World Champion, And Feud With rWc (2004)

Skull Jr. won the 2004 Ultimate Tournament on September 11, winning the opportunity to challenge for any Title he wanted. He cashed the shot in later that night by challenging Sunomi, the winner of the other tournament for the rWc Championship. Skull Jr. won the Title, and lost it two weeks later back to Sunomi. By this time, the Undisputed Championship was barely being defended by it's holder, Snipe, leaving the Old Fed technically without a top-class Title. Skull Jr. changed this by creating the Old Fed World Championship on September 17. He won his first of 16 reigns as Champion on that day, but lost the belt the next day, and regained the day afterwards. He lost the Title again on October 1. He entered into the 16-man tournament for the Title at "Powerhouse". He won the vacant Intercontinental Title in Round 1 (losing it on November 20), and defeated the defending Champion for the World Title in the Finals. In November 2004, Skull Jr. and Sunomi held a 5-week-long string of Old Fed VS rWc events on Wednesdays to see who would get control of the losing fed's Saturday event for two weeks afterwards. Each of the five Wednesday shows featured a card of five matches between the same wrestlers each show. The Old Fed slumped to a 1-12 deficit, but came back through half of the third show and the last two shows to tie the score up, 12-12. Unfortunately, Skull Jr. lost the main event of the fifth event to Sunomi, who retained the rWc Championship. In the same month on November 16, Skull Jr. won the United States Title over Snipe (an Old Fed supporter), who wanted a rematch. Sunomi quickly won a #1 contender's match and soon enough, a triple threat main event No Lights Match was booked between the three for the US Title at the "Thanksgiving 2004" supercard, which Snipe ultimately won. On December 11, Skull Jr. won the right to a rematch by successfully defending his World Title against Sunomi with both hands tied behind his back. Skull Jr. won the rWc Championship from Sunomi later that night at rWc's weekly event, "Saturday Night Anarchy". After the event, Sunomi re-named rWc to HWL (Hardcore Wrestling League). On December 17, Skull Jr. and Sunomi worked out a deal to do joint-booking for Old Fed events, effectively ending "Anarchy"'s run. At the last "Anarchy" on December 18, Skull Jr. lost his rWc Championship (re-named HWL Heavyweight Championship) to Sunomi. This led to a big brawl of the Old Fed supporters and HWL supporters that went on for about 20 minutes before being broken up.

Joint-Booking And Feud With Snipe (2004-2005)

The first joint-booked event was the 2004 edition of "Final Battle" on December 21, where Skull Jr. and Sunomi unified the HWL Heavyweight & Old Fed World Championships. After a 1:32:56 match between the two, Sunomi won and took both belts. The next day, Skull Jr. wanted his rematch. Sunomi offered to wrestle the next day for the two belts, but if he could beat Skull in the main event that night, he wouldn't have to defend the HWL Heavyweight Title. Skull Jr. agreed, and Sunomi won the match. On December 23, Skull Jr. gained back the World Title. On December 31 at "New Year's Eve", Skull Jr. both won the Hardcore Title and retained the World Title. On January 14, 2005, the HWL/Old Fed set up two events on one day, seeing Skull Jr. lose and win back the World Title in the same day. In February, after Snipe regained the US Title, the two brothers started feuding over the belt, with Skull claiming he never got his rematch. Tension between them began to grow and eventually the rematch was booked for "WrestleBlast 4" on March 25. Skull was defeated in the opening match for the US Title, but went on to retain the World Title in the main event, even after interference from Snipe. The next day, another US Title match between the two happened, in what was the longest match in Old Fed history at 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 5 seconds. Snipe won. The feud started to fade afterwards, but slightly made a comeback the next month. On April 18, Skull Jr. defeated Sunomi to win the Intercontinental Championship, and on the 20th, he lost the belt to Snipe. However, on April 27, he and his friend Mace (later known in THW as JG Knight, and who by then had done some work for the Old Fed) created Undisputed Championship Wrestling (UCW), and scheduled it's first event for June 21, 2005. On April 30 at "Karma", Snipe successfully defended the Undisputed Title against Skull Jr., and he was fired after the event, due to not notifying Skull Jr. about it like Sunomi did before rWc so they could work it all out together. The three Old Fed Titles Snipe had at the time (Undisputed, Intercontinental, and United States) were vacated. Snipe was at this time the HWL Heavyweight Champion, and Sunomi didn't want to vacate the Title. So on the same day, the HWL/Old Fed split the joint-booking deal and went on their separate ways.

Summer And Fall (2005)

May and June started out good enough for the Old Fed, but as UCW (which merged with HWL on July 1 to make UCW/HWL) kept doing it's events, people started seeing them as opposed to seeing the oppisite. This caused the majority of Old Fed wrestlers wanting comission from Skull Jr., which they all did recieve. Eventually though the amount requested by these wrestlers was too much for Skull Jr., and proceeded to fire them all from the Old Fed on August 20, holding the last Daily Event on this day too. Between this time, Skull had announced a new fed to replace the one he was running already (Total Hardcore Action, which was changed to Total Hardcore Wrestling by the end of the year), re-hired Snipe and hired some of the UCW/HWL roster, vacated the World Title, and won three US Titles (the last of these was the last reign of the belt's history), three Heavyweight Titles (it became once again vacated on July 23), and had became the Intercontinental Champion the day before firing these wrestlers. This falling out of Old Fed mainstays led to Skull Jr., Snipe, Mace, and Sunomi making a talent exchange agreement, where the whole UCW/HWL roster would be performing at Old Fed events. After failing to do weekly Wednesday events from August until October, Skull Jr. would schedule events sporadically, sometimes being two weeks apart.

Winter And Beginning Of The End (2005-2006)

The first Old Fed supercard since August 19, "Thanksgiving", featured Skull Jr. successfully defending the Intercontinental Championship against Sunomi. Like the year previous, the Undisputed Champion was barely being booked to defend the Title, leaving the Old Fed almost without a top-class Championship. On December 9, a match was booked between Skull Jr. and Mace for the returning Heavyweight Championship. Mace won. On December 18, Skull Jr. won the Cruiserweight Title, due to the weight limit not yet being set for the belt. He vacated the belt on December 28 after setting a weight limit. On December 26 at "Final Battle", Skull Jr. won the Heavyweight Title in a rematch against Mace (which he kept until it was vacated on July 15, 2007). He lost the 1-on-1 Super Rumble on January 14, 2006 against Sunomi for a #1 contender's match at "WrestleBlast 5". Sunomi chose to face Mace for the Undisputed Title. On January 31, Skull Jr. announced that the Old Fed's last event would be held on July 25. On February 6, he lost the Intercontinental Title to UCW/HWL wrestler Blade. On February 12, he and Snipe became the first Old Fed World Tag Team Champions. He won the Intercontinental Title back on the 22nd, but lost it back to Blade the day after. Skull Jr. was also the HWL Maniac Champion at the time, and booked a triple threat unification match against Blade and another UCW mainstay Twitch at "WrestleBlast". He also booked a Heavyweight Title defense against Cobra for the event, and a World Tag Team Title match with Snipe as the two defending Champions against the team of A-Craze and 2K (also UCW wrestlers). On March 18, Skull Jr. lost a "last chance" match against Mace for the Old Fed Undisputed Championship, rendering him unable to walk in "WrestleBlast" as the defending Champion against Sunomi. He did, however, make a stipulation on the Mace-Sunomi Last Man Standing Match where if both wrestlers tied, he could enter a triple threat Hardcore Match against them. The same day, Snipe, Mace, Sunomi, and Skull Jr. agreed on unifying all three of their fed's Undisputed Titles at UCW/HWL's "Ring Of Honor" supercard on April 21, and the deal stated that besides from all previous scheduled defenses, the Titles could not be defended without unanimous approval. At "WrestleBlast 5" on March 24, his record was 3-1. He retained the Old Fed World Tag Team and Heavyweight Titles and the HWL Maniac Title, and also won the Old Fed Intercontinental Championship. He was allowed to enter an Undisputed Championship match after Sunomi and Mace tied, however Mace was able to retain his belt. On March 31, the Old Fed and HWL joint-booked one last time for a match between Skull Jr. and Sunomi for the vacant HWL Heavyweight Championship. Skull Jr. won.

Old Fed's Last Days (2006)

Skull Jr. started doing weekly Saturday events starting on April 1. On April 19, Skull Jr. defeated Mace for the Undisputed Championship at "Karma". Snipe and Sunomi were upset about this, even though the match was agreed upon, because the "Ring Of Honor" event was scheduled to take place two days afterward. So the next day a rematch between the two was scheduled and Mace won the belt back, and after Snipe won the unification match at "Ring Of Honor", the Title became vacant. On May 20, Skull Jr. won a 4-man Battle Royal to win the vacant World Championship. Due to the success for the weekly Saturday events, Skull Jr. decided to hold bi-weekly events on Wednesdays, starting on May 24, 2006. On that day Skull Jr. defeated Sunomi and Snipe to win his fifth Undisputed Championship. He lost the Intercontinental Championship to Sunomi on June 2. Between June 3 and June 24 (the same day he vacated the Undisputed Title and awarded both halves of the World Tag Team Titles to himself), Skull Jr. and Mace traded the World Title four times, two reigns each for both wrestlers. Skull kept the belt until losing it to Sunomi on August 26. The last bi-weekly Wednesday show was held on June 21. On July 1, Skull Jr. and Sunomi faced eachother at the last weekly Saturday show for the Heavyweight Title, where the ending of the match became slightly controversial. Snipe hit Skull over the head with the Title belt, and Sunomi pinned him 1-2-3. However, the decision was reversed, with Skull leaving as victor by disqualification. Sunomi quit afterwards, leaving the Intercontinental Title vacant, and changing the main event of the "Independence Day 6" supercard on July 4 from what was supposed to be Skull Jr. VS Sunomi for the World Championship to Skull Jr. VS Mace for the World Championship. Skull Jr. won the match. He hired Sunomi back to the Old Fed on July 18, just a week in time for the last event to take place. A Triple Threat Match between himself, Sunomi, and Cobra for the World Title. Skull Jr. won, and that was the end for the "Old Federation".

Playground Wrestling Federation (2002)

Anonymous had entered the Playground Wrestling Federation (PGWF) on July 23, 2002, at their last event. He won a battle royal in the main event to become the last PGWF Heavyweight Champion.

Trampoline Wrestling Federations 1, 2, And 3 (2002-2004)

Debut And Quick Rise To Gold (2002)

Anonymous would make occasional appearances at the Trampoline Wrestling Federation (TWF). He made his debut on August 15, 2002, losing a one-on-one match. The next week, he won a #1 Contender's Match for the TWF World Heavyweight Championship, upsetting TWF mainstays Killer, Spyke, and The Dude. On August 29, Anonymous won the TWF World Heavyweight Title, once again upsetting the mainstay and defending Champion White Trash. Anonymous kept the belt until September 24, losing it to Spyke. He won the rematch and the belt back on September 30. After retaining the belt against the likes of Spyke, White Trash, Killer, The Dude, Nife, and Trev, he lost the Title once more on November 16 against Officer Jones. Afterwards, Anonymous lost the rematch and took a hiatus from TWF. The original Trampoline Wrestling Federation closed in early December 2002, however, TWF 2, now being operated by Trev, opened only a week later. The owner of the original TWF was White Trash.

Return And Champ Once More (2003)

On March 28, 2003, Anonymous was introduced to TWF 2 as the Mystery Contender to The Magician for the TWF World Heavyweight Championship. Anonymous won the match. On April 15, Anonymous lost his Title to The Magician in a rematch. The Magician lost the belt to The Dude on April 29. The same day, Anonymous became the #1 Contender to the Title. On May 13, Anonymous won back the TWF World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match between him, The Magician, and The Dude. He lost the belt to Killer on June 5, lost the rematch, and once again took a hiatus. Trev gave TWF 2 to Officer Jones sometime in Summer 2003, and the fed was renamed TWF 3.

Last Match For Old Time's Sake (2004)

Anonymous returned once more to TWF 3's last show, "Goodbye", on February 1, 2004. He defeated Nife and Spyke in a Triple Threat Match in the second match of the card, but failed to capture what would've been a record-breaking fifth TWF World Heavyweight Championship in the main event Battle Royal. He made the final two, being eliminated by the new, and last Champion, The Dude. There was never another carnation of the Trampoline Wrestling Federation.

Forest Kids' Wrestling (2003)

Anonymous made a one-time appearance at school-based federation Forest Kids' Wrestling (FKW) on March 17, 2003. He lost to Reckless Robby in a Best 2/3 Falls Match.

Elmwood Kids' Wrestling Federation Services (2003-2004)

Debut And Feud With Dana (2003)

Anonymous joined another school-based fed, called Elmwood Kids' Wrestling Federation Services (EKWFS), at the request of his friend and owner of the fed, Dylan. On September 17, 2003, he debuted and won the EKWFS Intercontinental Title from defending Champion Dana. Throughout September and October, Anonymous and Dana feuded over the belt, Dana always coming up short.

Contention And World Champion (2003)

On November 21, Anonymous became the #1 contender to the EKWFS World Championship. He got his match against defending Champion Big Tony (who had held the belt since May of that year) on November 25, but lost. Dylan scheduled a rematch for December 3, and once again, Anonymous lost. Anonymous became the #1 contender again on December 8, and won the World Title from Big Tony on December 11. Anonymous won the rematch on December 17, with his Old Fed Heavyweight Championship also on the line.

EKWFS' Last Days (2004)

Since Anonymous and a few rookies debuted in the start of the 2003-04 season, EKWFS grew in popularity throughout the school. So much so that the Recess Security couldn't break events up anymore due to the large crowds of students watching. It was then announced on January 14 that Anonymous would be leaving the school for another. Dylan then decided that EKWFS had run it's course, and scheduled Anonymous' last day with the school, January 21, to be EKWFS' last event. Dylan had contacted a student named Nathaniel, who bullied both him and Anonymous, about facing Anonymous at the last show, and Nathaniel agreed. On January 21, Anonymous defeated Nathaniel to retain both the EKWFS World and Intercontinental Championships. After the event, Dylan gave permission to Anonymous to keep both physical belts he held as a gift.

Undisputed Championship Wrestling/Hardcore Wrestling League (2004-2006)

rWc Starts (2004)

Anonymous debuted at rWc in it's first event on July 13, 2004. He was in the main event, losing to Sunomi to determine the first rWc Champion. He became the first rWc Intercontinental Champion on July 17. He lost the belt a week later at the first "Saturday Night Anarchy". Over the next two weeks, he feuded with Sunomi over the rWc Championship. On August 7, he offered to take a two week suspension from rWc if he lost to Sunomi in the main event, Sunomi defending the rWc Championship and rWc Intercontinental Title (which he had won a week earlier). Anonymous lost, and it was the last match he wrestled under his former name. Over the two weeks, Sunomi lost the rWc Intercontinental Title, and Skull Jr. and the defending Champion signed a contract to unify the rWc and Old Fed Intercontinental Titles at the Old Fed Daily Event later that night. He won.

Return And rWc Champion (2004)

Skull Jr. returned to rWc on August 22 at "Heatwave", delivering a promo about Snipe and losing the Old Fed Intercontinental Championship to him earlier in the day, and demanded a match for the Undisputed Title. Snipe agreed to it, but Sunomi didn't like the terms. Sunomi then made the main event a Triple Threat Unification Match for the Old Fed Undisputed Title and rWc Title. The three brothers wrestled to a no-contest. Skull and Sunomi traded victories over the next three "Anarchy"'s. At rWc's September supercard, "Changing Of The Season", Sunomi defeated Skull in a match for the rWc Championship, however, two days later at the Old Fed supercard "Ultimate Tournament 2004", Skull Jr. won the tournament and a match for the rWc Championship. He retained the belt the next week, but lost it back to Sunomi the week after.

Trying To Regain The Belt, "Old Fed"/rWc Feud, And Joint-Booking (2004)

Over the next couple of weeks, Skull tried to regain the rWc Championship from Sunomi and failed. On October 9, Skull Jr. had entered a #1 Contender's tournament and reached the finals, but failed. Because he made it to the finals, he and his opponent were matched up for the Old Fed Intercontinental Championship in Round 1 of the World Title tournament at the Old Fed's "Powerhouse" event. He and Sunomi agreed to do a five-week long stretch of Wednesday "rWc VS Old Fed" events for control over the competing fed's Saturday event for two weeks from December 11 - 18. "Saturday Night Anarchy" was canceled during the five weeks, and so was the Old Fed "Wednesday Daily Event". On the "Anarchy" before all this started, Skull Jr. became the #1 contender to the rWc Championship in the main event of the final "Head-To-Head" by beating the Champion Sunomi, giving the Old Fed a 3-2 victory in a "preview series". rWc won the "Head-To-Head" 13-12, and control over the Old Fed's "Saturday Daily Event". On December 11, Skull Jr. once again became #1 contender to the rWc Title by successfully defending his World Title against Sunomi, both hands tied behind his back. He won the rWc Title later that night. After that night's "Anarchy", rWc changed it's name to Hardcore Wrestling League (HWL). On December 17, Skull and Sunomi agreed to joint-book events together and brand them with both fed's names. He lost the renamed HWL Heavyweight Championship back to Sunomi at the last "Anarchy" on December 18, and a brawl between HWL and Old Fed supporters ensued. HWL as an independently-run federation remained dormant until April 30, 2005. The first joint-booked event was the 2004 "Final Battle", which took place on December 21, with Sunomi beating Skull Jr. in a unification match for the Old Fed World Title and HWL Heavyweight Title.

HWL Return, UCW Debut, And Rest Of The Year (2005)

HWL and the Old Fed split their relationship on April 30, 2005, due to Sunomi not wanting to vacate Snipe's HWL Heavyweight Championship. HWL returned to independent action on May 18, introducing a new logo and creating a policy of "hardcore rules only" (which was abandoned by the end of the year). Skull Jr. lost his match that day against Mace. HWL's independent run only lasted that one event, as they merged with Undisputed Championship Wrestling (UCW, owned by Snipe and Mace) on July 1. UCW had debuted on June 21, and Skull Jr. won their Mid-Western Championship on June 24. He lost the belt on July 1, and became the first HWL Maniac Champion on July 8. He also became the HWL's first Hardcore Champion on July 15. Skull became a Tri-Champion on August 11, winning the HWL Tag Team Titles with Snipe, defeating defending Champs Sunomi and Mace. This wouldn't last, as Skull and Snipe lost the Tag Titles back to Sunomi and Mace on August 18, and Skull lost the Hardcore Title to Sunomi on August 23. Skull Jr. spent the rest of 2005 focused on keeping the Maniac Title, and winning either the UCW or HWL Undisputed Titles, a mission he could only partly accomplish.

New Season And Quitting (2006)

The 2006 UCW/HWL season began on March 16, going on a losing streak in the UCW halves of the events and a winning streak in the HWL halves of the events. On March 19, he, Snipe, Sunomi, and Mace all agreed on unifying their respective fed's Undisputed Titles on April 21 at supercard "Ring of Honor" to create the UCW Ultimate Universal Championship. The agreement also stated that the Undisputed Titles couldn't be defended in the meantime (besides already scheduled defenses before the agreement was made) without unanimous approval. Skull retained the Maniac Title at the Old Fed's "WrestleBlast 5". On March 31, Skull Jr. won the vacant HWL Heavyweight Championship, defeating Sunomi at the one-time return of HWL and the Old Fed joint-booking, "Supremacy", becoming once again a dual Champion. He almost became a Tri-Champion in UCW/HWL again, when he and Bolt defeated Mace and Blade in a match for the UCW Tag Team Championship, Snipe however re-started the match and the end result was oppisite, and again when Blade announced his list of candidates to replace him in "Ring of Honor" as the new UCW All-American Champion due to his injuries (Blade eventually chose himself). On April 19, Skull defeated Mace for the Old Fed Undisputed Championship at "Karma", a match all four owners approved. The decision though was only approved by Mace and Skull. Snipe and Sunomi were upset as they now had to re-book the main event of "Ring of Honor". So on April 20, the day before the event, Mace won the belt back. Skull Jr. no-showed "Ring of Honor" in his scheduled match against Twitch, and he was replaced by D-Lane. Afterwards, Skull would only make sporadic appearances at UCW/HWL events. He lost the Maniac Title to Blade on May 18 at HWL supercard "Mind Trap". On June 13, after a UCW event as the roster was preparing for the following HWL show, Skull got in a backstage conflict with the cousin of wrestler A-Craze and a friend of theirs. He quit afterwards, and his HWL Heavyweight Championship was defunct as a result. Skull then planned for his new fed THW (Total Hardcore Wrestling) to compete with the fed (the original plan was to partner up with them), and UCW/HWL eventually closed on November 10, 2006 (the fed held it's very last event on October 29). Skull also retained the THW Championship against Sunomi at two "rWc Reunion" events, entitled "Back Again" and "Battle Of The Century!" in November 2007 and February 2008, respectively, however these events were unofficial one-timers.

United Wrestling Championship (2004-2006)

Skull Jr. announced the creation of a new federation, called United Wrestling Championship (UWC), on September 17, 2004, after becoming the first Old Fed World Champion. He stated that UWC would be a monthly special, usually on Wednesday (though a few events have taken place on other days, the fed's premiere took place on a Thursday, two events took place on a Friday in 2005, and two on a Saturday, once in December 2005 and another in January 2006 to coincide with the Old Fed's "Super Rumble" event), and the matches would only be contested if a championship was on the line. The first event took place on October 28, 2004. The federation in 2005 came into conflict with UCW after they wanted to change their name to "Undisputed Wrestling Championship", however UCW would eventually choose to stay the same. The federation's events served as a monthly doubleheader (and sometimes tripleheader if an Old Fed supercard was going on the same day) to the Old Fed Daily Event. The federation didn't have it's own championships. On June 1, 2006, Skull announced that UWC would hold it's last event on June 21. He also revealed that he didn't want UWC to be the Old Fed's successor as the main federation of his, as opposed to Total Hardcore Wrestling (THW), because he wanted something new and not "more of the same". However, THW did book most of their matches with titles on the line, just as UWC did.

Total Hardcore Wrestling (2006-2008)

THW's Debut (2006)

After the Old Federation's last event, Skull Jr. spent most of his time trying to see what could work for THW's premiere on August 19. He then booked a match, himself VS Sunomi for the Old Fed World Title in a 30-minute Iron Man Match. Sunomi walked out after five minutes and Skull was declared the winner, 1-0. The next day he won the vacant Old Fed Intercontinental Title. He lost the belt on August 26 to Sunomi, but won it back on September 2 (also retaining both halves of the Old Fed World Tag Team Titles). On September 4, at THW's first supercard, "Labor Day", he lost the belt in a Triple Threat Match to JG Knight (known in UCW/HWL as Mace). Sunomi was the other competitor. On September 9 he awarded the other half of the Old Fed World Tag Team Titles to Sunomi. Skull once again won the belt back on September 16, retained it at "King Of The Hill" in a twelve-man tournament (two chances per six competitors), and lost it again to JG Knight on September 30. After the match, he announced that JG, Sunomi, and himself would be competing in a Triple Threat Match to determine the first THW Champion at "Halloween Chaos" a month later.

THW Champion, Feud With Sunomi, and New Year (2006-2007)

Skull Jr. won the Old Fed World Title back on October 7. On October 21, Skull lost the Old Fed Intercontinental Title to Sunomi in THW's first and only Ladder Match. He failed to win it back the next week. JG Knight was unable to perform at "Halloween Chaos" due to being ill, so Skull and Sunomi had to wrestle eachother one-on-one. On October 30, Skull and Sunomi wrestled a 15-minute Fog Match (it was an Iron Man Match, but with a machine blowing fog around the room) and defeated him, 5-4 to become the very first THW Champion. Sunomi defeated him twice on November 18, once to retain the Old Fed Intercontinental Title and to win both halves of their Old Fed World Tag Team Titles in a Lights Out Match, and the second to win the Old Fed World Title. Sunomi also won the THW Championship from Skull at "Thanksgiving" on November 24, though this reign was short lived. The next day on "THW Saturday", Skull won the belt back from Sunomi. Sunomi had resigned from THW the same day. Skull gave all the belts Sunomi had to himself afterwards, a decision he regretted later on. Sunomi however was hired back to THW on December 2. Skull and defending Champion Snipe wrestled to a no-contest in a match for the UCW Undisputed Title on December 9, the next day Skull lost the Old Fed Intercontinental Title again to Sunomi. Skull became the first THW Intercontinental Champion on December 16, and won the first annual Winter Tournament (winning back the Old Fed Intercontinental Title on the way) for the vacant Old Fed Undisputed Title. Skull defeated Snipe to retain his Old Fed World Title at the last event of the year on December 26. On January 9, 2007, Skull awarded Sunomi the Old Fed Light Heavyweight Title. He also won the Old Fed World Tag Team Titles with Snipe (defeating JG Knight and Sunomi) after he decided it wouldn't be right to hold both halves of the Titles on January 13. Skull awarded himself the Old Fed European Championship on January 24. He lost the Old Fed Undisputed Title to JG though on January 15. He also lost the THW Intercontinental Title on January 26 to Sunomi, winning it back the next day.

Tag Team Feud With Sunomi And JG Knight (2007)

Though Sunomi and JG Knight feuded over the Old Fed Light Heavyweight Championship, they began to show a mutual respect for eachother. Skull Jr. and Snipe also had a friendly match at "St. Valentine's Day" for the THW Title. Skull won. Skull and Sunomi then started another feud over the Old Fed Hardcore Title, trading it many times. JG Knight began to get involved in the matches, causing Sunomi to win the belt back, had he lost it before. Snipe also started interfering on Skull's behalf. Skull retained the THW Title against Sunomi and JG Knight a couple of times. He lost the Old Fed European Title to Snake on April 1. On April 10, he and Snipe lost the Old Fed World Tag Team Titles to JG Knight and Sunomi, who were defending their Old Fed Undisputed and Hardcore Titles, respectively. This was the start of the "2007 Unification Series", where two or more belts would be unified regularly and the winning Champion decided which belt became inactive, a new Title would be made, or just one belt would become inactive without a choice (a process which would start again the next year). JG and Sunomi decided to de-activate the Old Fed World Tag Team Titles. The feud died down quickly afterwards.

Family Feud (2007)

Skull Jr. and Sunomi traded around the Old Fed Hardcore Title again, but not as frequently as before. On April 29, Skull defeated Snake to re-capture the Old Fed European Title (the belt he decided to get rid of a few days later), with the THW Intercontinental Title also on the line. On May 5, Skull won back the Old Fed Hardcore Title. On May 10, Skull retained his THW Title against Sunomi, JG Knight, Snipe, and Snake in an Elimination Match. On May 12, Sunomi attacked Skull in the hallway before their scheduled match, and their sister, Kristen, pinned the unconscious Skull to win the Old Fed Hardcore Title via 24/7 rule. Skull however became the first THW Hardcore Champion later that night. Skull then spent his time trying to keep the THW Hardcore Title and THW Title. On May 30, JG won the Old Fed Intercontinental Title from Skull. He won the Hardcore Title back on June 9, but lost it to Sunomi seconds afterwards. Snipe then got in on the action, and a match was booked for June 11. Sunomi would defend the Old Fed Hardcore Title against Skull, Snipe, and Kristen in an Elimination Match, the runner-up would get their hair buzz-cut. Snipe won, and Skull was the runner-up. Skull walked out with the Old Fed Hardcore Title on June 16, after winning it from Snipe, losing it to Sunomi, and winning it back again in the same day. The feud ended after the exchange.

Summer (2007)

On June 27, Skull Jr. won the Old Fed Intercontinental Title back from JG Knight, injuring his back after a chokeslam through some wood. This caused the match between JG and Sunomi for the Old Fed Light Heavyweight Title on July 1 to be stopped mid-way, and the belt vacated. Sunomi won it two days later, in a match against Guy In A Box Man (who had debuted on February 24). However, on July 4, Skull defeated him in an open-weight match to unify the Old Fed Intercontinental and Light Heavyweight Titles. Skull chose the belt he won to be de-activated, since he didn't want to hold a Title he could only have once (due to the set weight limit of 200 pounds). Skull then spent his time defending the THW Hardcore Title. On July 15, Skull vacated his Old Fed World, Heavyweight, and Hardcore Championships. Skull however won the vacant Old Fed World Title on July 28 in a 4-Way Elimination Match against Sunomi, JG Knight, and Snipe, with the runner-up (Sunomi) getting the Old Fed Intercontinental Title. Sunomi and JG would become the new Old Fed Hardcore and Heavyweight Champions, respectively. Skull and Sunomi unified the THW and Old Fed Intercontinental Titles to make the THW Supercontinental Championship on August 11. Skull won. One week later, Skull lost the THW Championship to Sunomi, a day before their scheduled match for the belt at "Anniversary". Sunomi successfully retained the Title at that event. Skull and Sunomi then started trading the Old Fed Hardcore Championship. At "Labor Day 2" on September 3, Skull came in the THW Supercontinental Champion. He won the Old Fed Hardcore Title, lost the Supercontinental Title, and then lost the Old Fed Hardcore Title in the same event. Skull won both belts back on September 8. Skull also retained the THW Hardcore Title against JG Knight in THW's only Steel Cage Match on September 15. He lost the Supercontinental Title to Sunomi on September 22, and at "Halo 3" on September 25, won the Old Fed Heavyweight Title from JG in a unification match, also for the Old Fed World Title.

Triple Threat Feud (2007)

Sunomi won the Old Fed Hardcore Title back from Skull Jr. on September 26. On September 29, Skull de-activated the Old Fed Heavyweight Title. Sunomi also retained his THW Championship against Snipe that day, and the two were booked to a match on October 29 at "Halloween Chaos" to unify the Old Fed World and THW Championships. Until then, the only three belts that could be defended were the THW Supercontinental and Hardcore Titles, and the Old Fed Hardcore Title. As the upcoming match started a feud between the two brothers, JG Knight also entered the fray, wanting both Hardcore Championships in the fed. The Old Fed Hardcore Title changed hands five times on October 6, with Skull earning three reigns, JG and Sunomi earning one. Skull walked out with the belt that night. JG won the THW Hardcore Title from Skull on October 13, and also won the Old Fed Hardcore Title via 24/7 Rule. JG retained both belts the next week, and Sunomi was upset, losing the Supercontinental Title to new wrestler The Demon. On October 27, Skull won the THW Hardcore Title in a match to unify both of the Hardcore Titles, with the Old Fed Hardcore Title becoming defunct immediately afterwards (JG Knight is considered the last Champion). Skull also won his third THW Title from Sunomi in the Unification Match on October 29. Unlike most unification matches throughout 2007, the Old Fed World Title stayed active throughout the rest of THW's run, as opposed to becoming inactive.

UCW/HWL Feud And Announcing THW's Close (2007-2008)

On November 10, Skull Jr. defeated his two brothers to retain his THW Title and Old Fed World Title, and also to win the UCW Undisputed Championship, to create the Unified World Championship. Snipe and Sunomi didn't like this, and on November 12 they made a deal with Skull to only recognise him as the UCW Undisputed Champion under THW, after the threat of bringing UCW/HWL back and destroying THW. However, on November 14, the two owners backed out on their deal and (kayfabe) bought 50% of THW. Skull then created a new Title from his own win on the 10th, and unveiled it to be the brand-new THW Undisputed Championship on November 28. Another belt, the THW International World Championship, debuted the same day and Skull won it in a Triple Threat Match against JG Knight and Snake, giving him all four World Titles in the whole of THW (a feat once again accomplished, albeit only for a couple of hours, on February 12, 2008). Skull at this point realised that THW's end would be coming soon, due to problems with the roster and the Internet. On December 5, he and Snipe won the newly created THW Tag Team Titles in an Elimination Match. Skull lost the THW Title to JG Knight on December 31, after Snipe and Sunomi interfered on behalf of their tag team partners, which was against the rules. Due to this, the THW Title was vacated by Snake and Sunomi on January 5, 2008, and an Elimination Match between Skull, JG, Snipe, and Sunomi on January 31 would determine the new Champion. Skull won back the 50% of THW taken from him on January 30 by retaining the THW International World Title against Sunomi. It was on January 31 that Skull announced that THW's end would come on July 5. The same day, Snipe won the vacated THW Title, but was challenged by The Demon for the belt shortly afterwards and lost.

Various Short Feuds And THW's End (2008)

After a successful defense against Skull and Snipe on February 9, The Demon lost the THW Title to Skull on February 12 (once again becoming the holder of all four World Titles). This started a feud between the two, resulting in The Demon causing Skull to lose the Old Fed World Title to JG Knight later in the day. Skull then retained his THW Title, Undisputed and International World Titles against various competitors, despite interference from The Demon. On March 5, though, The Demon caused Skull to lose the THW Title to Sunomi. The physical belt was replaced the next day by a brand new one, and the Title was re-named the THW World Heavyweight Championship. On March 7, Skull won the belt back by defeating Sunomi in a Parking Lot Brawl, but lost the Hardcore Title to The Demon the next day. He also lost the THW Undisputed Title to Snipe on March 11, a match nicknamed "Battle Of The Tag Team Champions". On March 14, Skull defeated The Demon to win the Supercontinental Title. Skull lost the World Heavyweight Title to former UCW/HWL wrestler Blade on March 17, after his original opponent Sunomi got ambushed backstage. Skull and Snipe also lost the THW Tag Team Titles to JG Knight and Sunomi, in a Triple Threat Match on March 19, also involving Snake and The Demon. On March 26, Skull lost the Supercontinental Title back to The Demon, and the feud between them was more tame afterwards, with The Demon slowly making a face turn. On March 30, Skull won the World Heavyweight Title back from Blade, lost it on April 3 to JG Knight, and won it back again on April 5. The Demon and Guy In A Box Man won the THW Tag Team Titles from JG and Sunomi on April 8, and Sunomi won the THW Undisputed Title from JG on April 12. Skull and Sunomi were then named as partners to take on The Demon and Guy In A Box Man at "Spring Beating" on April 17 to start the "2008 Unification Series" in a match for the THW Tag Team, Undisputed, and Hardcore Titles. Skull won the Hardcore Title early from The Demon on April 15. He and Sunomi won the THW Tag Team Titles from The Demon and Guy In A Box Man at "Spring Beating", and chose to de-activate the Tag Team Titles on April 19. Skull retained his World Titles soon afterwards and won the Old Fed World Title against defending Champion Sunomi on April 30, however lost the THW International World Championship against the same opponent on May 6. Skull won the Undisputed Title from JG Knight on May 8 in a Unification Match, also to retain the Hardcore Title. He decided to de-activate the Undisputed Title on May 10. He also retained the Hardcore Championship in another Unification Match on May 12 against Sunomi, the Supercontinental Champion. Like the time previous, Skull de-activated the belt he won. Skull once again retained the World Titles he had a couple times, and lost the Hardcore Title to JG Knight on May 19 (which started another few trade-offs between the two, Sunomi, and The Demon eventually). On May 23, Skull lost the Old Fed World Title to Sunomi, and won the THW International World Title from JG on June 2 (losing it a week later back to JG). Between then he had won the Hardcore Title, and lost the belt to Sunomi on June 4. On June 11, Skull retained the World Heavyweight Title against Sunomi, JG, Snipe, and Snake in a King Of The Mountain match, and won the Hardcore Title back on June 14. JG and Sunomi retained their THW International World and Old Fed World Titles, respectively, to get booked in the July 5 Three-Belt Unification Match on June 16. Skull lost the Hardcore Title to JG on June 18, and the World Heavyweight Title to Sunomi on June 20, unable to make an appearance in the Unification Match at THW's last event. On June 23, Skull was last eliminated by The Demon in an Elimination Match to determine the last THW Hardcore Champion. The belt was unified with the International World Title on June 25 against JG Knight's International World Title (neither belt was on the line, so technically it wasn't a Unification Match, it was rather a match to honor the Hardcore Title). Because of JG's behavior in the match, Skull informed him that he would be removed as Sunomi's opponent in the July 5 match, and would have to earn it back in a Title defense against Skull himself on June 28. On the 28th, Skull won the International World Title, being booked into the Unification Match. However on July 5 there were far too many technical problems to run the planned event, and the decision was made to bump it to a week later. On July 12, Skull defeated Sunomi in a Best 2/3 Rounds Match to unify the THW World Heavyweight, Old Fed World, and THW International World Championships after gaining the lead late in the 15-Minute Round 3 Iron Man Match, winning 6-4. THW ended on a high note, as the brothers embraced, gave eachother a hug, and raised eachother's hands as they walked back indoors on the warm Summer evening.

Internet Heat (2007-2009)

THW got it's own website and joined the Global Backyard Wrestling News on July 24, 2007. Since Skull Jr.'s family was too poor to afford a camcorder to record THW's events, the fed wasn't taken seriously by others who had videos. The only videos that were able to be recorded were 20-to-40 second promos taken from a low-quality cellphone camera. Skull usually did promos about the THW storylines he was in, but on December 27, delivered and uploaded a promo about GBYWN founder Cam. UYW wrestler Twist didn't like it, and a small argument ensued. It was resolved in early January 2008. After THW ended, Skull and WZW wrestler Jake Adams discussed having a match together, and Skull advertised it on GBYWN's forums. This started a verbal feud between himself, RLSW wrestlers Drake Cannon and Erik Scott, and CBYW's BSnow. Once again, it was resolved shortly after it had begun. On November 29, Skull and HCW wrestler RPK competed in a horrible 2/3 Rounds Match to determine the first GBYWN Michigan Heavyweight Champion. Skull blames the two different wrestling styles they had as one of a few reasons why the match was bad. Unfortunately it was Skull's first match on camera, and was automatically called out on it. Skull thought nothing of it for a little while. On January 10, 2009, he and RPK (along with AC) wrestled a good King Of The Mountain Match, while in a blizzard, which was completely ignored. It wasn't until Skull announced the re-development of the GBYWN Video Game that he had had enough of the criticism (most of which were against GBYWN's rules, leading Skull to believe that Cam was biased towards more popular federations and wrestlers, a belief he doesn't have today). Due to restrictions in the software, the game would've only been able to have a roster of eight, and 16-to-32-bit graphics and sound. This started another verbal feud, between all the wrestlers he argued with before, and some new ones, including Perfection, Ryan RAGE, and more. Mark Martel and Cheese Kid were two of the very few showing support for Skull. On January 21, Skull announced he would quit using GBYWN's forums, and started the small community National Backyard Wrestling Alliance the next day. No verbal conflict has come about since.

Guest Appearances And NBYWA (2008-Present)

Hybrid Championship Wrestling (2008-2009)


Skull Jr. in his usual wrestling attire.

On November 29, 2008, Skull Jr. and HCW wrestler RPK wrestled a bad 2/3 Rounds Match to determine the first GBYWN Michigan Heavyweight Champion, which RPK won. On January 10, 2009, Skull beat RPK one-on-one in a match, thought to be for the Michigan Heavyweight Title. However, RPK had the belt design switched with another and was still deemed Champion. The same day, he faced off against RPK and AC in a King Of The Mountain Match in a floury of snow. RPK retained his Title. GBYWN de-activated the Michigan Heavyweight Title on January 19, and Skull adopted it when NBYWA was founded, re-naming it the NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship, with RPK keeping the Title. A third match (with the stipulation of loser retires) was scheduled on March 17, but Skull was too sick to wrestle, then again on April 24, and RPK was too sick, again on July 12, but RPK no-showed, and finally again on August 21. RPK defended his International Heavyweight Title, while Skull defended the THW World Heavyweight and Undisputed Titles. RPK won the match. Skull was supposed to join HCW on September 16, but hadn't gotten any sort of contact from RPK or anyone else from the fed about it. On October 6, Skull stripped RPK of the THW Titles and removed him from recognition as Champion at any point due to this, making Skull once again the very last THW World Heavyweight and Undisputed Champions (though he does credit RPK with two THW World Heavyweight Title defenses, as he defended the title two times in a three-belt unification tournament while still the official champion). HCW got rid of the NBYWA International Heavyweight Title on November 15, and Skull awarded the belt to Mike Mello of V For Victory, another NBYWA federation, the next day. HCW was removed from NBYWA on December 31, but was re-added in January 2010 after a discussion with RPK revealed that the whole situation was a misunderstanding.

Non-Wrestling Roles (2008-Present)

In November 2008, Skull asked Cam of GBYWN permission to become a member of the GBYWN Board of Directors, to which Cam approved. Skull was removed from the Board when he quit using GBYWN's forums on January 21, 2009. After NBYWA started, Skull Jr. became focused on how to run his new community. HCW was added to the site on it's first day of operations (January 22, 2009). Absolute Championship Wrestling was added on January 24, and V For Victory, Indiana Championship Wrestling, Ultimate British Wrestling, Extreme Hardcore Wrestling, Intensity Wrestling All-Stars, National Wrestling Organization, Underground Wrestling Entertainment, and TKO Wrestling followed along eventually. The first NBYWA World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships were to be first determined at the HCW/VFV supershow, "When Worlds Collide" from August 13-15. However, the show wasn't a succsess, nobody but the HCW wrestlers performed at it (as the others were unable to come), and it was only for one day as opposed to three. Because of this, Skull awarded The Pen Name of ICW the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship on September 28, and gave UWE the right to determine the NBYWA World Tag Team Champions sometime between early and mid October. He has also scheduled many supershows under the NBYWA name. On August 8, 2011, Skull became an administrator on the BYW Rulz forum.

THW Reunion (2009)

In early April 2009, Skull Jr. announced that he wanted to get the old gang back together for a final THW event on July 12. However, all of the roster, besides Sunomi, decided not to go. So Skull and Sunomi had a final rematch on July 12, once again a Best 2/3 Falls for the THW World Heavyweight, Old Fed World, and THW International World Titles. Sunomi won in Round 1 by submission, Skull won in Round 2 by submission, and Skull won in the deciding round to ultimately win the match, 2-1. Both wrestlers congratulated eachother in a similar way to the year before.

Retirement Tour (2010-Present)


Skull with the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship belt during his appearance at Higher Passion Wrestling on September 3, 2011.

On May 12, 2010, the ninth anniversary of his backyard wrestling career, Skull Jr. announced that he wanted to retire the next year, and also wanted to go to feds he's dreamed of wrestling in. This has been titled the "2010-11 Skull Jr. Retirement Tour". Skull's last match was announced to be against RPK of HCW on May 12, 2011, the tenth anniversary of his BYW career. On September 5, 2010, Skull won the vacant NBYWA World and International Heavyweight Championships, giving him his 55th World Title in backyard wrestling. On September 19, plans started for a new federation to be founded, which Skull joined as a temporary roster member. The name of the federation is the Michigan Wrestling Association (named by Skull himself). On January 8, 2011, Skull announced he wanted instead to retire on August 19 (THW's fifth anniversary) at the Michigan Wrestling Association supershow "Crossfire". Skull and RPK wrestled a two-round hardcore match at "NBYWA 2: Rivals" on April 23. The first round was for the MWA Hardcore Championship, which Skull retained. The second round was for the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship, which Skull lost due to interference by Karnage. On May 21, Sean "The Promise" Steel, "Big Daddy" Paul Steel, and James "Grimm" Blackwell representing the faction TNT of Higher Passion Wrestling, another NBYWA federation, called out Skull Jr. and invited whoever the NBYWA World Champion was at any point in the near future to come down to an HPW show and have the title be defended. Skull Jr. responded on June 15, inviting them instead to come to his upcoming supershows "NBYWA 4 & 5: Mid-Summer Showdown". He also addressed a call-out from Mike Knox, a hardcore wrestler from another NBYWA federation, Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling, and inquired about a clean match. Skull also invoked his rematch clause for NBYWA 3 (which eventually didn't happen), and vacated his NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship to make it available for a tournament at the supershows. On June 21, Sean Steel claimed the NBYWA World Title, which Skull and NBYWA denied the next day. On June 26, Skull was defeated by RPK in a triple threat match for the MWA World Title, which Karnage was also involved in. On July 3, Skull was awarded the NBYWA World Title by the NBYWA Board of Directors, due to his #1 contendership after RPK was taken out of action for about two weeks. On July 12, Skull became the victor of a match by forfeit at an NBYWA supershow, this time against "The Underdog" Alec Rutledge. He retained the NBYWA World Title in that match. At the next supershow two days later, things went down the same as they did with NBYWA 4, and Skull was declared the winner of a title match again by forfeit. He also announced in his promo the re-launch of THW, resuming the role of the federation's World Champion, and announced he was quitting MWA due to the lack of events. He also announced he was holding off retirement for another year. On August 8, 2011, Skull was promoted to administrator on the BYW Rulz forum. On August 14, 2011, Skull confirmed his and RPK's appearance at HPW's "Homecoming" and "Hell-O-Ween" events on September 3 and October 1, 2011, respectively. Before "Homecoming", "NBYWA 6" was held, in which Skull lost his THW World Title to RPK, after interference by James Blackwell. At "Homecoming", Skull lost the NBYWA World Title to Sean Steel in a match that also involved Blackwell and with the HPW and TPBYWA World Titles also on the line. Skull was beat down by the Masters of the Backyard (MOB) almost immediately after. Skull returned to Ohio for "HPW/NBYWA 7: Hell-O-Ween" on October 1 and defeated Steel to win the NBYWA and TPBYWA World Titles. Originally, the match was scheduled only with the NBYWA World Title on the line, but Skull convinced Steel to put the TPBYWA on the line, feeling that a victory over Steel wouldn't be "complete" without that belt on the line. He promised Steel after the match that he'd decide what happens to both belts the week afterward. However, the decision would not come until December 18, immediately following HCW's "Snow Storm" event. Skull chose to keep the NBYWA World Title, but drop the TPBYWA World Title. Unfortunately, shortly after the show, Skull suffered a fracture in his right hand and had to vacate the NBYWA World Title on January 1, 2012. He scheduled a tournament on February 12, with himself and RPK for the THW World Heavyweight Championship in round 1. The tournament was then delayed for April. On February 9, with the help of Sunomi, the two brothers started the reform of the NBYWA. A new logo was made and new policies were created. The reform was started in order to expand the NBYWA. On March 23, Skull was named an honorary member of HPW's Management due to his helping with the federation's BYWpedia pages and all other pages related to them. On April 2, Skull's administration on BYW Rulz was at least temporarily stripped along with every other admin on the forum besides it's creator, Shawn Selby. Selby did this so that he could see who were best fit to be administrators. Two days later on April 4, his administrative powers were restored along with the others'. In late April, the NBYWA World Title tournament was delayed to May 27. The tournament idea was canceled on June 11, and instead it was announced that at the MWA's last event a match would be held to crown a new NBYWA and THW World Heavyweight Champion. The event happened on September 16. On January 1, 2013, Skull joined the group SCARS, a group which defends less popular federations and wrestlers. In the announcement video, he called out Rad Hazard, citing a comment made from him about the NBYWA on Facebook.

Michigan Wrestling Association (2010-2011, 2012)

First Stint (2010-2011)

On September 19, 2010, shortly after he won his first NBYWA World Title, Skull Jr. and Karnage founded the Michigan Wrestling Association. The federation was named by Skull himself. He debuted with the federation in it's first event on November 14, losing in a triple threat elimination match to crown the first MWA World Champion. On December 27, Skull became the first MWA Hardcore Champion. On January 9, 2011, he lost the NBYWA International Heavyweight Title. He won it back in a rematch on January 23. After the show, MWA took a hiatus and announced it's return for Spring 2011. On June 25, Skull surrendered the MWA Hardcore Title to receive a shot at the MWA World Title. He lost the shot the next day to RPK, the Champion, at "NBYWA 3: Grudge", which was co-promoted by MWA. On July 14, fed up with the lack of events, Skull quit the federation and re-started Total Hardcore Wrestling.

Second Stint (2012)

On May 31, 2012, Skull returned to the roster of MWA after acquiring ownership of it from Karnage. On June 11, Skull announced the federation would be closing with it's final event on July 29. In it he planned to have matches to crown a new THW and NBYWA World Champion, and a new MWA Hardcore Champion on the card. He also announced a match pitting MWA World Champion RPK against the first champion Alec Rutledge for the title. On the card he was scheduled to take on The Demon for the THW & NBYWA World Titles, the main event stayed the same, but no plans for the MWA Hardcore Title were announced. On September 3, Skull overhauled the show due to some appearance concerns. An THW, MWA, and NBYWA World Title Unification Match was scheduled between Skull and RPK. On September 16 at the final "MWA IMPACT", Skull defeated RPK by forfeit, winning all three Titles. RPK was fired by Skull afterward, but was superkicked by him. RPK then delivered a shoot promo, promising him a living hell week in and week out. Skull's reign as MWA World Heavyweight Champion lasted until December 31, 2012, after which it became defunct.

Total Hardcore Wrestling Return (2011-Present)

Re-Starting The Federation (2011-Present)

On July 14, 2011, Skull Jr. re-launched THW and resumed his eighth reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Though an event has yet to take place, it has been planned many times. A co-promoted supershow, "THW 23/NBYWA 6: Revival", was planned but canceled. On September 3 at "NBYWA 6", Skull was defeated by RPK in a match for the THW World Title. This was the first time a THW title was defended outside of Michigan. In early April, Skull made a talent-exchange deal with the owners of All-Out Championship Wrestling, meaning the rosters of the two feds are the same. This also allows the federation to book each other's championships. On April 13, Skull vacated the THW World Title, due to RPK taking the belt. The original belt was temporarily used because of this, and RPK was fired from THW. On September 16, Skull won the THW World Championship, as well as the MWA and NBYWA World Titles. On September 30, Day 2 of THW 23/NBYWA 8, Skull lost the THW World Title to Donovan Bagwell. After the match, Skull gave a speech and presented Donovan with the belt. RPK made his way in, and Skull was beat down by the two. On October 3, THW and AOCW split their agreement, leaving the THW World Title vacant again since Donovan's home federation is AOCW.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Twist Of Fate
  • Jacknife Powerbomb
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Crippler Crossface
  • Signature Moves
  • Chokeslam
  • Sharpshooter
  • Side-Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Uppercut
  • Bulldog
  • Leg Drop
  • Chop
  • Nicknames
  • "The Lone Wolf" (THW, April 5 - July 12, 2008)
  • Entrance Themes
  • "What Is A Juggalo?" by the Insane Clown Posse (2007)
  • "Chicken Huntin'" by the Insane Clown Posse (2007-2008)
  • "nWo Wolfpac Theme" by World Championship Wrestling (2008)
  • "Halls Of Illusions" by the Insane Clown Posse (2008-2010)
  • "Punch You In The Jeans" by The Lonely Island (2010-2011)
  • "Good Ol' Stupidity" by The Neon Banana Experience (2011-present)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • BYW Rulz
    • Member of the Administration (August 2011 - April 2012, April 2012 - Present)
  • "Old Federation" and Total Hardcore Wrestling
    • THW World Heavyweight Championship (9 times)
    • THW Hardcore Championship (5 times)
    • Old Fed World Championship (16 times)
    • THW International World Championship (3 times)
    • Old Fed United States Championship (5 times)
    • Old Fed Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
    • Old Fed World Tag Team Championship (5 times)
    • Old Fed Undisputed Championship (6 times)
    • Old Fed European Championship (2 times)
    • Old Fed Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    • THW Intercontinental Championship (2 times)
    • Old Fed Intercontinental Championship (11 times)
    • Old Fed Heavyweight Championship (10 times)
    • Old Fed Hardcore Championship (14 times, 2006-07 version)
    • THW Tag Team Championship (2 times)
    • THW Undisputed Championship (2 times)
    • THW Supercontinental Championship (4 times)
    • 2004 Super Rumble Winner
    • 2004 Ultimate Tournament Winner
  • Undisputed Championship Wrestling/Hardcore Wrestling League
    • HWL Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
    • HWL Maniac Championship (1 time)
    • HWL Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • HWL Hardcore Championship (1 time)
    • HWL Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
    • UCW Mid-Western Championship (1 time)
  • Playground Wrestling Federation
    • PGWF Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Trampoline Wrestling Federations 1, 2, and 3
    • TWF World Heavyweight Championship (4 times)
  • Elmwood Kids' Wrestling Federation Services
    • EKWFS World Championship (1 time)
    • EKWFS Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
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