NBYWA 5: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 2

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NBYWA 5: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 2
Promotion National Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Date July 14, 2011
Venue N/A
Location Chesterfield, Michigan
NBYWA Supershow chronology
NBYWA 5: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 2
NBYWA 4: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 1 THW 23/NBYWA 6: Revival (planned)

NBYWA 5: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 2 was a backyard wrestling supershow event operated by the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance that took place on July 14, 2011 in Chesterfield, Michigan. The event will be the fifth NBYWA supershow.



In January 2011, Skull Jr. decided to extend his time as a backyard wrestler and subsequently thought of scheduling a supershow in the summer. After his shows NBYWA 2 and NBYWA 3 weren't going out well, Skull announced a supershow, split in multiple parts. He scheduled NBYWA 4 (Part 1) on July 12 and NBYWA 5 (Part 2) on July 14. The reason, Skull said, why there was a day inbetween, unlike most supershows, was because he wanted to give wrestlers a day's break between shows so that they'd be in better condition on the second show. On June 15, Skull vacated the NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship to make it available for a tournament to be held at the two shows. Also, after starting an inter-promotional feud, wrestlers from the federation XCrew Wrestling Entertainment made it clear they would try to face off at the show. Skull then put most of them in the tournament, giving a non-NBYWA federation to gain possession of an NBYWA title. Dice, the XCrew Heavyweight Champion however, was scheduled against Skull Jr. in the main event of both shows for his title after he offered to defend it. Eventually the possible wrestlers from XCrew and Higher Passion Wrestling said they weren't able to make the shows and Skull booked an all-MWA event once more. On July 12, the show didn't go as planned and was conducted instead in a promo by Skull. He announced the results of the show by having the matches decided in a coin-toss (besides the main event, which was decided by forfeit) and took a shot on HPW's Sean Steel, who had been giving him problems for a couple of months. Much like the first show, NBYWA 5 didn't happen as planned and the matches were decided by Skull Jr. in a promo.

Participating Wrestlers

  • Skull Jr. (representing Total Hardcore Wrestling and Michigan Wrestling Association).
  • Karnage (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
  • RPK (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
  • "The Underdog" Alec Rutledge (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
  • Ghoul (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
  • Cope Cabana (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).


  • Cope Cabana (MWA) and "The Underdog" Alec Rutledge (MWA) drew a no-contest.
  • NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship Tournament, FINALS: RPK (MWA) and Karnage (MWA) drew to a no-contest and the match was re-scheduled.
  • MAIN EVENT: Skull Jr. (C, THW/MWA) defeated Ghoul (MWA) to retain the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship.

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