NBYWA 3: Grudge

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NBYWA 3: Grudge
Promotion National Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Date June 26, 2011
Venue Spindler Park
Location Easpointe, Michigan
NBYWA Supershow chronology
NBYWA 3: Grudge
NBYWA 2: Rivals NBYWA 4: Mid-Summer Showdown Part 1

NBYWA 3: Grudge is a backyard wrestling supershow event operated by the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance that took place on June 26, 2011 in Eastpointe, Michigan. The event was the third NBYWA supershow.



On May 12, 2010, Skull Jr. announced he was going to retire exactly one year later, at an event that would celebrate his tenth year of backyard wrestling. He had already talked to RPK of HCW about doing a retirement match on that date in 2011 and RPK agreed. Skull Jr. already had two supershows scheduled, one announced and the other unannounced and decided to make this event a supershow, too. He meant to announce the two shows after his first, "THW 22/NBYWA 1: A New Beginning" on September 5, but because his first show wasn't going as he liked, he announced the two other supershows on September 1. On September 19, he and Karnage founded the Michigan Wrestling Association, which soon became an NBYWA member. Skull joined the fed as a temporary roster member to fill in the void between these shows. On January 8, 2011, Skull announced he was going to wait to retire until later in the summer of 2011 and this show was subsequently renamed from "NBYWA 3: Retirement" to "NBYWA 3: Decade". On January 18, 2011, a logo for the show was revealed. On May 10, 2011, the show had to be moved due to scheduling problems. It was renamed "NBYWA 3: Grudge". On June 26, the show finally happened. RPK retained his MWA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Skull and Karnage in a triple threat match.

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