Unbelievable Youth Wrestling

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Unbelievable Yard Wrestling
Acronym UYW
Established 2007
Key people Twist (owner)
Style Backyard wrestling
Athletic and Technical Wrestling
Wrestling base Professional Ring
Location Buffalo, New York
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Unbelievable Youth Wrestling (UYW) is a backyard wrestling organization out of Buffalo, New York which had been created by backyard wrestler Twist in July 2007. UYW started as a pre-teen federation using a trampoline to perform their wrestling events with the inclusion of storylines. After awhile, Twist made a purchase of a professional wrestling ring which debuted in mid-2008.

The federation has worked out collaborations with ETTW to featuring their talent on its shows. Their biggest event, Battle for the Belt has recently been stage for that interpromotional agreement.



On July 5, 2007, New York resident Twist and his group of friends had decided on making a backyard wrestling federation of their own and began their episodic series of youth trampoline wrestling known as Unbeliable Youth Wrestling (UYW). Music video format was implemented henceforth the first show, taking a distinct style in panning a line of their roster (done for awhile until a different intro was made) before going on to recapping the events. The inaugural show featured three matches: Kill Chaos versus Alec Vango, Drew Flame versus Black Panther and capped off with the main event between Razor Sharp and Twist. A second episode was also held the same day.

The alliance of Fire Pit (lead by Randy Flame of members, Drew Flame, Khaos and Shock) was one of UYW's first prominent storylines. Drew and Randy who were tag partners as the Flame Brothers expanded their crew to overtake UYW and made initial impact by attacking debutant Master Medina. A feud between Dred and Sharp also erupted, and Aaron Solomon eventually enforced his role as General Manager.

In 2008, UYW augmented the standards of the federation with a professional wrestling ring and since have been putting on high quality events. ETTW talent also attend their shows as well.


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous Champion
UYW Championship Ryan Black October 5, 2009 Twist
UYW City Nation Championship N/A N/A N/A
UYW Insane Hardcore Championship N/A N/A N/A


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