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Second Life & 3D Metaverses: A Wiki

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Given the current hype surrounding the Second Life virtual world, the time seems right to pull together the wide array of materials available on the internet to enable you, the reader, to form your own view about it.

  • Is the hype justified?
  • What's all the fuss about?
  • Where is it all heading?
  • What will it mean, if anything, for the future of the internet?
  • Who is in SL, and what are they up to?
  • ...and no doubt you have many other questions to add to this list

Hopefully this wiki will go some way to answering those questions and spur you on to go and find out more for yourself. See you in-world!

Where to go from here

Here is a high-level list of areas covered by this wiki.
Basics of Second Life

Participants in Second Life

Second Life Reference Material

The Wider Metaverse

Examples of Second Life construction
ABN Amro
Saijo City
PA Consulting

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