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Second Life has a cluster of islands targetted at universities, colleges and libraries. The rate at which these institutions are entering the SL Metaverse is astonishing, aided in part by relatively generous land dispositions from Linden Labs.

One island cluster, perhaps the largest in Second Life, belongs to the New Media Consortium and currently (Jan 07) comprises over 30 islands, although most of these are under construction. Aside from providing a large work area for NMC members and guests, the island complex also houses leading universities like MIT, Princetonand Cornell. Latterly, an IBM island has also appeared in the NMC cluster, presumably as part of a joint initiative between the two organisations.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list as at mid-Jan, 2007. Please note that, at this time, some sites are under construction.

Universities & Colleges

This list is taken from simteach wiki:

NOTE: Schools are not likely to be represented in the main part of Second Life as it has an "over-18s only" policy that Linden Labs try to apply as rigorously as possible. There is a separate "teen grid" for under-18s.

In addition - the following organisations are represented:

  • The International Society for Technology in Education
  • Eduserv (UK)
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