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This page is given over to second life developer tools of all sorts.


Linden's Second Life APIs


  • Second Talk brings Skype voip to SL. Currently (Jan 07) in beta. According to the documentation, whenever you're in range of others wearing the Second Talk headset (and presumably not anywhere set no-script), you'll be prompted to see if you want to talk to them. You'll need a skype account to make this all work, and instructions on plugging your skype details into the headset are provided with the instruction card. Second Talk are looking into integrating with the open source client. It will support up to 10 users in voice chat.
  • Vivox another voice chat system in SL, available as one-to-one calls or as a mic'd environment with up to 5 participants. It also allows calls from SL to RL (Real Life).
  • Teamspeak is a widely-used network VOIP application used by many in MMORPGs. It does not have a direct integration with Second Life, but can be used alongside it to provide a voice network.


  • SL Chatbot - component based on the A.L.I.C.E foundations AIML, and is designed to carry on relatively intricate conversations with avatars. Its most useful function may be that of "greeter".

Video Capture

  • DTV, a product marketed by Electric Sheep, provides an interface for viewing Second Life via quicktime through a regular web browser session. A PC logged into Second Lige sends its video output to a second PC which publishes the video stream through quicktime.

Video Streaming

  • is a back-end database to store media URLs for use in the Second Life metaverse in conjunction with the FreeView player. It is free to use for anyone with a FreeView player in world. FreeView is free, open source.
  • FreeView is a free to copy, open-source Streaming Video viewer. Its features include: Full parcel media controls for video streams, web-based movie listing, a picture viewer mode with an image browser and loop function, notecard-based bookmarks, and more!


Offline Development Tools

  • Daz
  • Photoshop
  • Paintshop Pro
  • QAvimator

Developer Resources

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