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Development in SL can be classed in 3 broad headings

  • Professional companies (often as an arm of a wider creative media company)
  • Contractors
  • Individuals (working alone or in small teams)

Below you will find details of some of these. Please add to this list.

Professional Companies

Possibly the largest of the professional site development companies, based in California. Thier clients include: General Motors, Toyota, Intel, Microsoft, CNET, Wired, Popular Science and many more. It was founded by Reuben Steiger and President Christian Lassonde. Prior to founding Millions of Us, Steiger ran Business Development for Linden Lab, creator of Second Life. Lassonde was Linden Lab’s Director of Product Management. Company contact details:

Millions of Us, Inc.
80 Liberty Ship Way, Suite 5
Sausalito, CA, 94965
Phone: 415-324-5901
Fax: 415-324-5902

Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep is another US-based virtual worlds developer. Their clients include: Sony BMG, Sundance Channel,Nissan, Reuters, MTV. Text 100, Major League Baseball and New Media Consortium. They also own and run SLBoutique, described as "Second Life's premier online commerce website. Every virtual item your avatar could ever want is for sale here, from wings to business casual to the shiniest car on the block. SLBoutique also sparked national news recently with the decision to sell real computer hardware and other items for virtual currency.". Their website provides only email contact information.

Rivers Run Red
RRR is the UK's leading Second Life development company (among other things). Their clients include: BBC Radio 1, Duran Duran, PA Consulting, ING bank, ABN Amro bank, Philips Digital Design, Channel 4 Radio. They have also been involved in one-off activites, such as providing a 3D space for animating prototypes of Marvin The Paranoid Android, in the prelude to the making of the movie, "Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Company contact details:

Unit 1.06
Tea Building
Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JJ
phone: + 44 (020) 7739 7505

Clicks and Links
Based in Manchester, UK and formerly known as 21CC (21st Century Communities), Clicks and Links is a company that "transforms businesses in the public and private sector through innovative and leading edge technology". With regard to SL, they say they "can create your world for you, helping you to build your island and create avatars". They are working with One Manchester and Urbis(Museum of Urban Living) on a set of islands that form part of the UK government's Digital Challenge. Contact details:

Clicks and Links Ltd
The Old School House
Thirsk Street
Ardwick Green
M12 6PN
phone: +44 161 273 5252

Based in Los Angeles, Centric describe themselves thus: "We're creative geniuses, futurists, technology developers, recovering gamers, science fiction writers, cinematographers, and media geeks, combined with bulldog accounts people to keep us in line. In Second Life, we'll help you create your strategy, build your presence, develop unique technology . . . and many other interesting things!". Centric launched Second Talk, "an easy to use voice communication system for Second Life. Second Talk virtual headsets automatically scan for other Second Talk users nearby, and offer instant voice chat for groups of up to 10 users through Skype." Contact details: or


Scope Cleaver
Scope is a contract designer and architect, responsible for the excellent GNWC building, the TELUS store, the ITW office and the VICS conference centre. His specialty is ultra-modern buildings. Although he prefers to be contacted in-world via IM or notecard, he can be contacted at:


To be honest - there's really more individual developers than can be accommodated in this wiki! Go and find some for yourself, and update the wiki with the best.

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