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Real World (or "RL" - Real Life) businesses started to appear in Second Life around mid-2006. While there may be many reasons for their involvement, it is certainly true that one driver for the first wave was PR. These first arrivals sparked off (or rode the tide of) a media frenzy, that has resulted in a huge increase in the number of user accounts, and more importantly, online users.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list as at mid-Jan, 2007. Please note that, at this time, some sites are under construction, however, many more exist and wait to be identified and added to this list.



Follow the above link for details.


  • Vodafone
  • Telus
  • younevercall (a mobile phone sales channel) are offering free virtual mobile phones to use in Second Life. This is not a unique offering, but what is new and different here is that the multichannel selling route provides benefits to Second Life users - who get 1000L$ cashback if they buy a real phone thorough the website. The service also allows you to send SMS from Second Life to a real life phone for only 25$L (about 5p).
  • Comcast
  • Pulver (internet telephony and VOIP)
  • Argali (white and yellow pages)

Information Technology

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Sun
  • Intel
  • Dell
  • PA Consulting
  • Depo Consulting
  • Amazon Web Services (coming soon)
  • Autodesk
  • Softlab


  • Sears
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • American Apparel

Media and Entertainment

  • NBC
  • Fox Atomic
  • Reuters
  • CNET
  • Wired
  • Popular Science
  • The Register (the irony! This UK online technology paper has been critical of "Sadville" from early on, but now has a stringer inworld)
  • MTV
  • BBC Radio 1
  • Channel 4 Radio
  • Penguin Books
  • Sundance Channel
  • Endemol (Big Brother)
  • Regina Spektor

Marketing and Creative

  • AKQA
  • Abramelin Studios (who??)
  • Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty
  • Leo Burnett
  • Crayon Marketing
  • Dieste Harmel
  • Square One Research (market research)
  • DNB Media (Netherlands)
  • Text 100 Global PR Company
  • Mediacom - described as:
    • "responsible for planning and buying the advertising for some of the world’s biggest companies – among them Procter & Gamble, Shell, Glaxo Smithkline, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nokia, Masterfoods, VW and Universal."


  • ING (bank)
  • ABN Amro (bank)
  • Capozzi Winery
  • 4 Unlimited (no idea what this is - but it looks like a large-scale launch due soon)
  • Gabetti Propery Solutions (due Apr'07?)
  • Starwood Hotels
  • Cumbria Tourist Board (UK)
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