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Who is Jonixlord?

He's a laugher. He's a lover...He's a man who doesn't know how to start off his page.

Jonixlord: A brief glance

Jonixlord is a relatively new bunny, only starting in May of 2006. Often goes by "Jonix."

He prides himself on his one-of-a-kind location and his fandom of the webcomic, Dr. McNinja.

Jonixlord participates almost exclusively in EGS Mayhem, only posting in the EGS main board on story threads.

Often says "Huzzah!"

If you ever want to sit back and have a laugh at someone else's expense, look him up.

The Name and Future Comic Plans

Jonix is a comic company Jonixlord (Nick) and his friend (John) made in the 8th grade. John is an excellent writer and Nick is a kinda okay artist. Jonix is working on a webcomic called Zombie Attack which will appear almost exclusively on Deviant art

The Avatar

It's a ninja with a hole for his moustache cut into it. His name is Dan McNinja.

Jonix's RP characters

Steel Spork Inn: Allen/Alley Mort

Bleach RP: Mandon Altora

Omega League Battle Tournament RP: John

Edge of the Abyss : City of Twilight: Trave...*shrug*

Heroes and Villains RP(Departed): Trave Del Fuego

Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store: Reed "JJ" Maverski

Frink!: Victoria "Sparky" Paustrick

Jonix spotting

  • Jonixlord is going to appear in the Heroes of Mayhem fanfic as the Jonix the Blind Sorceror, and Lord of Spirit. He is not evil, but possessed.
  • He appears in Ed Bunny, PI as Jonathan Xavier Lourde, the Mayhem City Prison's warden.

[Will be updated as time progresses]

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